Thursday, December 18, 2008

Photo Light Box part 2

Here we are again day 2 of finishing up my light box. Let me start by saying that this has been a very fun project, that has given me much pleasure. The pictures I took of my cards turned out great. So before I show you my cards, I will first finish up my instructions on completing the light box.

I ended my post last night with the idea that I might paint the inside to cover my seams. Well, that was a lame idea. The paint just fell into the groves. I would have needed to caulk it first. LOL!!! I do believe caulk would have been a bit heavy for my box, so with a little brain power, I decided to just run the same strips of paper on the inside as I did on the outside. I cut my paper 2x12 and then scored it at 1". This made it easier to fold in half. I then placed a strip of paper on all sides, top and bottom. It worked perfectly. No more seams and it seemed to make it more sturdier. Then I added my pattern paper on the outside with more strips of paper on each side. That's it!!! Project completed and now I have this fabulous box to use for my blog pictures. Ok, so now to show you the difference in using a box like this and not. Earlier this week I posted a Christmas card I had made. Here is the card I posted. I took this picture on my dining room table.
Now here is the same card with the picture taken in my light box
What a difference. You can see way more detail on the card taken in the light box. I just took my little Ott light and put it as close to my box as possible and then turned it towards the inside of my box. It was so bright, that my flash did not even come on. Awesome!!! Now I can see why photographers get so excited about this sort of stuff. I am very pleased with my results. It took a little time to make, but I do believe it was well worth it. Now I just need to practice taking my pictures at different angles so that I get the best view. Hope you enjoyed my project and are encourgaged to make your own box.

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