Thursday, December 04, 2008

Empanada Maker and Apple Turnovers

A couple of days ago I had a Tupperware party. One of the things I received as a gift was this cute little Empanada Maker. I just totally fell in love with this little thing as soon as I saw it. I knew the potential for making something yummy for the tummy was huge. So last night I cubed up some green apples, coated them with cinnamon and sugar. I then rolled out some Pillsbury Pie Crust, took my little Empanada Maker and cut out 10 circles. Then I put each circle into my maker and filled it with Apple mixture. Sealed it shut, then put some egg white, sugar and cinnamon on top. I buttered my stone and then laid each pie onto the stone. I baked them on 325 until they looked golden brown. I put whip cream on top of each one and served them to my family. They were totally delighted. It was such a fast dessert, and not one crumb was wasted. Even my son who is not a big sweet eater, ate 2. I do believe this is one of my favorite little baking tools that Tupperware has. Of course it is on of many in a very long list. Now I am off to find some more Empanada recipes. I am almost sure the Internet is full of them. Here are some pictures below of my Apple Turnovers.

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Diane said...

Great recipe! I found your blog on a search for recipes for this empanada maker. I bought the set as a gift for someone and wanted to include a few recipes. I like the idea of using pre-made pie dough.
Happy New Year!