Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tree of many colors!!

This is the tree in my front yard. I have not been out this year to take photos of this tree, so I used one from a few years back. This is a Mulberry tree. If you are familiar with these trees, than you know every summer I am busy stepping on and racking up mulberry balls. They are litterly a pain in my side, my rear, and mostly my feet. However, this is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. Every single summer it is full of beautiful leaves and it shades my entire front yard. Its such a joy to sit in my swing under this tree. Then in the fall, those leaves turn to beautiful yellows, oranges and greens. At this particular point, all of my pains turn to happiness. I just love looking up into this tree and really enjoying its fall colors. I really am thankful to God for this tree. Of course you can also see in the photo, that there is tons of leaves to be cleaned. We usually get about 20 bags of leaves from this tree every year. I leave them on the ground as long as I can, because I just love the colors all over my yard. Its what I consider part of my Fall Decor. But eventually these leaves will need to be cleaned up, making way for those painful balls that will come in the summer. We as a family make clean up day of this tree a fun family event. We usually do this the end of November, the same weekend we decorate for Christmas. We rack and play in the leaves, and then we decorate the house with lights. This tree I must say has brought to our family, some very wonderful memories of time spent together, much more joy, than pain for sure. I really do hope this tree is around for a very,very long time.

Awwwww, I am finally free!!! Our last day of CHEC was yesterday. No more stressing about papercraft projects. I did have a great time with the class, loved each of my students tremendously, and I loved being a teacher. It was a awesome experience. I just did not like having to prepare for the class each week. It was pretty stressful to prepare for 20 projects. I usually found myself waiting till the last minute and then spending 2 days rushing to get them done by Monday. Yes I know, if I planned better and used my time better, I would not have had so much stress. I would have enjoyed the class much better. The problem with that is, I am not the type that can plan or use time wisely. This is something about me that I am slowly learning to except. I just need to learn my limitations and not take on such things as teaching a papercraft class. I need something much easier, like a game class, or something where there is little preparations involved. LOL!!! Anyways, just glad that I am done and now I can focus on some things I want to do for myself. I want to get my scrapbook stuff organized and plan some pages and I want to make some raggedy dolls. That's what I will be doing in the months ahead.

Did I mention to you that I am a Senior Angel. This is a organization that my friend Elizabeth shared with me. She always finds the best websites for us. I am totally loving this organization. One of the things I am not allowed to do is share information about my Senior, but I can share the fact that already, I feel like I am doing something so good for someone out there in the world. We all need things in our lives that make us feel good about ourselves. This is the kind of things that do that. Giving and helping others, always makes you feel good. Hopefully this place will be around when I become a Senior. Lets not talk about how close in the future that is getting to be. Go check out the website and sign up for a Senior. You will love it as I already do!!!

Today, I plan to gather my Raggedy stuff and clean a bit in my scrapbook room. I guess I best getter done!! Have a great day!!

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elizabeth said...

Beautiful tree!

I'm so glad you're thinking of raggedies again. Yours are so very nice. :)