Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Raggedy fun weekend!!!

This weekend was awesome. I went to my friends house for 3 days of awesome girlfriend time, yummy food, and drum roll please................... Raggedy doll making!!! Yes, you heard me correctly. I spent the entire weekend working on a pattern that I bought quite a while back from my most favorite Raggedy friend De. She has so many wonderful, adorable patterns for you to purchase. Go take a look if you would like to find the cutest Raggedy dolls and patterns ever. Here are my finished dolls. I made these for my friends birthday. They really do not look a lot like the pattern picture. I have never been good to follow a pattern exactly. I do think they are cute though, and I hope she liked them. Now to get started on another set. I kinda got attached and now need to make me a set. " I Got You Babe" Lizzie Ann and her Man!!!

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elizabeth said...

I love, love, LOVE them! I didn't find a bench at GR last night, but I know I'll find one. So right now they are sitting amongst their other raggedy friends and their chatter about kept me up all night! You know how it is when new friends join a group - everybody has to get to know each other and they were quite excited. :)

THANK YOU - you truly are one of a kind.