Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Book Review

Ok, I finished reading the book "The Shack" Here are my thoughts!!!
I thought it was a great book!! I am not a huge book reader and usually it takes much longer for me to finish a book, however this book did keep me intrigued and it only took about a month to complete it. That's amazing for me!! I did have to keep telling myself as I was reading, that this was a fiction and that the things in it really did not happen.
As I was reading the book I kept asking myself "How does this book relate to me?" Well at the end it was finally revealed to me that it was about forgiveness. Forgiving someone who has hurt you. Of course the character in the book was hurt in a much deeper way than probably myself, but then who is to say that one persons pain is less than another. I loved how the book talked about forgiveness and letting go of hurt. How forgiving someone that hurt you, does not mean you have to have a relationship with that person or trust them. You can forgive them so that you do not carry the burden of pain and by doing so find happiness. Anyways, it did help me to realize that I do need to forgive those that hurt me and that I do need to move on. It helped me to realize that all things happen for the best. That even though I truly miss the lost friendships, I can forgive and move forward to better, more healthier friendships. I defiantly believe that anyone that reads this book will walk away from it a changed person.

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elizabeth said...

Hey can I borrow this from you? It's on my list to read of course since everybody's talking about it!

And can I just say....'bout time you finally updated this thing - LOL!