Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood

This week I decided to make my little girls Halloween costume. She was last minute in deciding that she wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood, and because I could not find anything that was all ready premade or cute enough for my baby girl, I decided I had to give sewing a shot. I found this cute pattern in the McCalls pattern book. Now I am by no means a seamstress, but because I did take homemaking in school and have done some assisted sewing projects over the years, including 2 other costumes, a few baby outfits and some doll clothes, I was able to get through this with very few mistakes and no help from anyone (patting myself on the back proudly). The pattern was much easier than I expected, which I am so thankful for. If I had not been in such a hurry to finish, I might not have had any mistakes. The mistakes happened on the piece I least expected, the bodice. I really expected the cape to be hard, but it was very simple. The bodice had lots of elastic and binding and that was something I had not done before. So with some struggles, some seams being ripped out and even starting completely over on the bodice piece once, I made it through and finished in record time. Today we put together her basket and now she is ready to do some trick-treating. These are the times we shall remember the most!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Snowman card

Today I was scanning some of my favorite blogs and ran across this cute little snowman card tutorial Oh so cute. I just had to make him. You can find the tutorial at Its easy peasy!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dreaded Tattoo!!

Well my Son finally did what he has been wanting to do since he was 17. He got a Tattoo, despite my many attempts to talk him out of it. When he first came to me with the idea, I told him "NO WAY" and he said well one of these days I will get one and I said well certainly not till you are 21 and no longer my responsibility. I thought maybe if I made him wait, it would give me more time to change his mind or for him to see how ugly they are. Well none of that worked. He turned 21 in August and immediately started saving his money. Yesterday, Sunday of all days, he went and got it done. What was I to say at this point. So here are pictures of his new body art. You will have no idea what this is. It is graffiti that he drew himself that spells out Token Ring. When you look at it one way, it says Token and then when you read it backwards it says Ring. Even after much explanation, I am still having trouble seeing it. I can make out the Ring part, but the Token part is hard to see. I have never been good at reading graffiti though. Token Ring is the name of his Counter Strike team (video game) that he has played now for 5 years. He plays in tournaments with his friends online and different places. They have played together for many years and he says the reason he wanted this tattoo was to always remember the best part of his teenage years. Who can argue with that. I just wish he would have just let me scrapbook the memories instead of tattooing them on his body!!!

All I got to say is OUCH!!! He said it was very painful, but worth it!! LOL!!! Kids, Gotta love'um even when they do the dumb things.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy Fall!!!

The front porch is finally decorated for Fall. I have my Pumpkins and Scarecrows out and ready to greet all the little Trick-o-Treaties. While I was outside decorating, two of the cutest little boys and their Mom stopped by to see what I was doing. They looked to be about 3 or so and not sure if they were twins, but they looked close. They begin to tell me in the cutest little voices that Halloween was only 2 more weeks and that they were going to be Batman and Superman. So very cute. Anyways here is a picture of my porch. Its pretty much the same as last year, but I added a few more pumpkins and some lights. Happy Fall!!!

My Book Review

Ok, I finished reading the book "The Shack" Here are my thoughts!!!
I thought it was a great book!! I am not a huge book reader and usually it takes much longer for me to finish a book, however this book did keep me intrigued and it only took about a month to complete it. That's amazing for me!! I did have to keep telling myself as I was reading, that this was a fiction and that the things in it really did not happen.
As I was reading the book I kept asking myself "How does this book relate to me?" Well at the end it was finally revealed to me that it was about forgiveness. Forgiving someone who has hurt you. Of course the character in the book was hurt in a much deeper way than probably myself, but then who is to say that one persons pain is less than another. I loved how the book talked about forgiveness and letting go of hurt. How forgiving someone that hurt you, does not mean you have to have a relationship with that person or trust them. You can forgive them so that you do not carry the burden of pain and by doing so find happiness. Anyways, it did help me to realize that I do need to forgive those that hurt me and that I do need to move on. It helped me to realize that all things happen for the best. That even though I truly miss the lost friendships, I can forgive and move forward to better, more healthier friendships. I defiantly believe that anyone that reads this book will walk away from it a changed person.