Friday, September 12, 2008

The Shack

Ok, after posting last night, I started going down my bloglist and visiting some of my favorite blogs. Sometimes when I do this, I might visit someone else's favorite blogs, which is now why I have at least 60 blogs on my blogline. So anyways, I am going along and I run into this ladies blog that mentions that she has just finished this book called

Now normally I do not set my laptop down and run out and buy a book just because someone recommends it to read. I would most likely give it great thought and if I run into it at some point, then I might buy it. However, I put my laptop down and got my purse and ran to the nearest book store to buy this book. The reason for this is I have had so many people recommend this book. One of the ladies in my homeschool group comes up to me a few weeks ago at our meeting and hands the book to me and says "Have you read this book" I do not think anyone has ever done that to me before. So I took the book and read the back and it did sound like a really good book. So I wrote down the name of the book in my Remember Notebook and that was that. For the last 2 weeks every time I open my Remember Notebook, it is the first thing I notice and it is the only thing on that page. Now why I did not write anything else on that page is beyond me. Just weird. I skipped to the next page and that is where I started writing stuff. That page has only had that name of that book on it for 2 weeks now and everytime I open my Remember Notebook, there it is staring back at me. So then last night here I go to this blog and there it is staring back at me. YIKES!!! Kind of weird don't you think. So I did not hesitate another second. I got my shoes and purse and out the door I went. I got the book and came straight back home and begin reading it. I am now on chapter 3 and it already has me intrigued. I probably would have read more, but I am trying very hard to be in bed by 10:30. So anyway, this book is now my new read. I will have to put the SisterChicks to the side because I feel like I must read this book. Not sure why, but I must. Here is the blog where I ran into it last night. You can go and read her review. You might just have to run out and get the book too.

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