Monday, August 11, 2008

Lucy Moments

The Lucy moments in my life just totally amaze me. Ok so here goes....

I start to wash the dishes in my sink. I clean it out and start to run the water. Ok, so everytime I run water, I must go to the bathroom. Its a given. So since I just started running the water, surely I can get to the bathroom and get done and back before it fills. Ok, so that could happen "If" it was not totally a A.D.D. person doing it. So I go to the bathroom and then guess what? if you know me a little bit...You know whats next.... I decide to get dressed to go walking tonight. I figure I might as well get a jump on it while I was thinking about it. So I am tootling along and then suddenly I hear water running. "OH MY GOSH" I forgot I was running water in the sink. SHHHZZZZZ!!! So now I have completely flooded my kitchen floor, lower cabinets and drawers!!! Thats one way to clean your cabinets and floor. I am such a dorkafus!!! Ok, so I had to write this and now I will finish cleaning up my huge mess!!!

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