Monday, August 11, 2008

Lets Talk Food!!!

First, I just want to say that in my opinion there is nothing better for the palette than a good ole slice of fresh cold Cantaloupe. I truly crave this fruit and am very thankful for every bite I get of it!!! I guess that is what makes the summer so special for me. My favorite of all Cantaloupes is the Peco's Cantaloupe. Right here in our own little state of Texas we grow some of the sweetest cantaloupe you can eat. I look forward to its arrival every August in the grocery store. Today I went up to our local vegetable/fruit market and bought a few. I cannot wait to wrap my mouth around a piece of this fruit. It needs to chill of course first. YUM! YUM! It will be perfect for dinner tonight.

I wanted to update you on my juicing experience. I am now starting week 2 of my juicing. First I want to share a picture of my juicer and tell you how much I love it.

In my previous post I told you I bought the Jack LaLanne juicier. I just want to say that so far I think it "Totally Rocks". Its amazing to watch the juice pour out of the veggies and fruits. It leaves the pulp dry and flaky because it extracts ALL of the juice. I definitely recommend this juicer if you decide to ever purchase one.

Ok so my week one experience day to day.... warning.. this may contain a little TMI, but feel its necessary to explain the experience.

First let me start with the fact that before my juicer arrived, I ate lots of vegetables and fruit the week before. I wanted to try and get my system use to these types of foods before I started drinking the juice. Ok so its Thursday morning bright and early, and guess who arrives? Aunt Flo... Lately she has been bringing with her Uncle Back Ache, Cousin Bloaty, Cousin Extreme, Cousin Headache, and her sister Bitchy!!! I had plans of scrapbooking with friends over the weekend and so I was not happy she showed up without calling first. Usually she calls at least a week in advance, but never does she tell me the exact time she plans to arrive. However this time she never called. She just arrived. I thought that was very strange. So I send a email to my friend and I tell her that I would probably not be able to make it. Usually my second day of her visit I am so sick and tired of her being here. Litterly sick and litterly tired. Sleep most of the day, headachy, extreme flowing. However, when I awoke on Friday, I was not feeling any of these things. I was very puzzled. More so, because the flow was so normal. Anyways, I go about my day as nothing was happening. My juicer arrived before noon and I was thrilled and I immediately juiced some fruit. OH SO YUMMY!!! The real fruit juice taste nothing like the store bought. I juiced a apple, strawberry's, and a carrot. Then later in the day I had a veggie juice. I juiced a carrot, celery, apple, tomato, and a zucchini. I will just say this much again, fresh veggie juice taste nothing like store bought. So here is the good part. By 6:00 I was feeling great. So I called my friend and off I went to her house to scrapbook. I was up way past 2:00 and figured I had done myself no good by staying up so late with Aunt Flo. I figured Saturday was going to be horrible. So I got up a little groggy and did my fruit juice. I did some stuff around the house and then around noon I did my veggie juice. I was out of here and back at my friends house by 1:00 and feeling very good. Again I stayed up till around 2:00. I was not at all tired. Sunday I woke up pretty late and so I just had my veggie juice. The most remarkable thing was by the end of the day Aunt Flo and her compadres had packed up and left. Totally gone!!! Usually she stays about 5 days and is a tyrant most of the time. I guess she did not like all of the fruits and veggies I was feeding her and decided to go somewhere else. Thank goodness cause I really wanted to be able to walk on Monday. Ok, so now here we are at Monday which is where I feel like I really started my regular routine of juicing. Now I am only juicing during the day and having a decent dinner at night.

Monday--felt great and lots of energy. The veggie juice is really tough to drink. I juiced some broccoli, tomatoe, celery, carrots and a apple. Not sure I will get use to the taste. Walked with my friend.

Tuesday-- out and about lots of energy. Tried a few different veggies. Added a piece of beet for blood cleansing benefits and some radishes. Just downing the veggie juice quickly. The taste is not pleasant. My DH had a mild case of indigestion and he thinks its from the radishes. Walked with my DH

Wednesday--out and about lots of energy. Juiced some different green veggies. Some cabbage Kale and lettice. The color was bright green I am guessing from the Kale and the taste is just GROSS!!!

Thursday--out and about lots of energy. Still taste gross no matter what veggie or fruit I add, but I notice that I can down it without gagging. Just down it as quick as I can and follow with lots of water. At least I am drinking more water.

Friday--- out and about and the taste is starting to grow on me. For some reason today it was not near as bad. Of course I was running low on veggies and only juiced a tomato, carrot, apple and some celery. So maybe that's why it taste better. No greens. I think the green stuff is what really makes it taste gross. However, I must juice them. They are good for me!!!

Saturday---I decided for the weekend I was going to not juice and see if there was a different in how I felt. For lunch I had a hamburger and a few fries. I really did not have the energy I had during the week. For dinner we had low fat hotdogs and chips. I ended up going no where on a Saturday and litterly stayed in my night gown and on the couch ALL day!!! So Sunday I get up and we go eat lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I have chips and queso and shrimp/chicken fajitas with no tortillas. Just eat the meat and dip it in avocado. Then we go home cause I am so tired and all I want to do is sit on the couch. Around 6:00 p.m. we make a run to the grocery store and we eat at Sonic. I only indulge in a junior burger and a strawberry creme slush. After eating that I just wanted to lay out on the hot pavement. I felt horrible. It was like instant ICK!!! We make it through the store and I restock on all the fruits and veggies. I only buy 3 days worth cause it goes bad so fast otherwise. The downfall as I see it so far is, you have to go grocery shopping more often. Ok so later I have a open face grilled cheese sandwich and then even later I have a bowl of cereal. I never eat this much food at night. So whats up??? There is a total difference in how I feel today, verses the days before. I think I will keep juicing.

Monday, starting my second week, I woke up feeling a little down, not to mention I woke up very late. Thats cause I stayed up very late watching a movie and eating cereal. I could not sleep after that. UGGGG!!!! So as of right now, I have had some veggie juice which I may add that I actually sipped instead of downing. It did not seem as gross. I am feeling ok right now. I little hungry than usual, but I figure thats because I ate so many carbs over the weekend. I may go find something nutritional to snack on. I have some squash I could steam, or maybe the cantaloupe is ready to eat!! Something to turn my day around. Lets hope the energy I had last week comes back again. I love having good energy!!! I will be walking with my friend tonight. I am excited about that!!! I wish we could do it more than once a week together. Tune in for more juicing updates.

These are some muffins I made on Friday with the pulp of the fruits I had juiced all week. I saved it in a baggie and stored in the freezer. This bag in the picture above was full of muffins on Friday. It made about 2 dozen large muffins. So you can see that my family totally loved them. They were very good. Very,very moist from 3 cups of fruit pulp(strawberry's, kiwis, oranges, apples, carrots, pomegranate, cantaloupe, and grapes. I added 3 very ripe bananas that were going bad and about 1 1/2 cups of walnuts. Other ingredients were approximately, cause I don't follow recipes exact... 2 cups whole wheat flour, 1 1/2 cups of sugar, 3 eggs, 2 teaspoons of vanilla, and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Totally awesome snack!!!

Ok, so this week I will try to get in my scrapbook room and make something for you. That's if I can sit still long enough!!!


elizabeth said...

1. I'd love some of that chilled cantelope RIGHT NOW!
2. I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT TONIGHT! UGH I cannot believe I did that because all weekend long I was thinking about it. :(

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

Oh My Gosh Girl can you talk! LOL that cantaloupe looked wonderful, how do you pick them? I heard if you smell the end and it smells sweet you will have a juicy sweet one and I have found that to be true most of the times. Had fun tonight making my circle!I need to get some other yarn and make it turn into a bag! hope you found your yarn. I can always look at the one in grapevine...