Saturday, August 09, 2008

Just a thought!!!

I found this article on the internet as I was surfing and since it is something that I struggle with in my life, I just wanted to share.

Have you ever wondered where your friends are? Have you ever wondered what happened to your friendship? I used to have delusions about friendship. When I was younger, I thought all my friends back then could still be my friends until the day I die. I would say I was blessed with so many friends. I was able to build friendships from all the offices and organizations that I've been. Now that I'm in my 30's, I can count my true friends in my fingers.
Would you judge me that I am not a friend keeper, or would you agree with me that as we grow older, we're no longer concerned with the number of friends that we have, but with the quality of friendship that we build. It matters not who came first, but who stayed until the end.
Upon reflecting the friends that I have and once had and the friendships that we built through the years, I've realized quite a number of things. Let me list down ten of those realizations. I realized:
1. That betrayal of trust is the number one reason that breaks the friendship.

2. That sometimes friendship falls apart for no major reason at all. You just simply outgrow each other.
3. That distance is not a hindrance to a friendship if you really love and treasure each other.
4. That you can have more than one best friends.
5. That when you're down in the dumps, a word, a smile, and a hand from your friend can bring you back to life.
6. That common values and interests between friends make the bond stronger.
7. That a true friend will always be happy and proud of your accomplishments and will always share with your joys as well as your sorrows.
8. That a true friend will never be tired of saying a prayer or two for you.
9. That even in friendship, it takes two to tango. Both must exert the effort to keep in touch and update with each other's lives.
10. That when you made mistakes and make a fool of yourself, a friend will not walk out on you. A true friend will be with you and will support you while you're in the process of picking up your broken pieces.
I have realized a lot more, but the best realization that I will forever be thankful for is that in this time and age that we seldom find true friends, God blessed me with genuine ones.

I am blessed and so thankful to be able to say at 45 that I do have some really genuine girlfriends. I use to say if I could get past menopause and have one really great friend, I would be the happiest person in the world. I think the odds are looking good so far and I might actually have more than one!!! Thank you God for always being there to lift me up when I am feeling down!!!


elizabeth said...

OK, I read through this and kept thinking you'd lost your mind because um...*cough* are no longer in your 30's. Then I went back and reread it and saw what it really says.

"Here's your sign" Elizabeth.... ;)

But seriously - so very true....

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

That is so true as a young girl I thought the same then time moves by and things change, we stop calling, we stop writing, we move away and always in the back of my mind I wonder what some of them are doing today, are they married, do they have kids, are they happy, do they know God and are truly blessed. I know that I am truly blessed.