Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fair Fun and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

First I just want to say HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my sweet son!!!! He is 21 on August 21!!! Totally cool!!! He will never be able to say that every again!!! We gave him 150.00 towards building him a new computer, which he stayed up most of the night doing last night. Today he was off work and slept most of the day. I think that is a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Relaxing a little!!! Explains the tired look on his face in the picture above. We also got him some new dress shirts and a bill fold. Things he needed of course. I also fixed him homemade Lasagna and Chocolate cream pie for dinner. Things he did not need!!! but his two favorite foods in all the world. He really does hate when I take pictures of him, especially when he is about to eat a big ole piece of pie!!! Don't worry about the diet today my dear. Eat and be Merry!!! I LOVE and CHERISH YOU DEARLY MY SON!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Words of wisdom from Mom...."Enjoy your youth while you still have it, and don't drink too much!!! Or drive!!!"
Ok, now for the fair!!! One of my most favorite things about the Summer is when the Fair comes to town. I usually like to start out with a parade, and then several visits throughout the 2 weeks, to see all the fair events. The rodeo being my favorite. This year I did not get to see the parade, but I did manage to make it to the fair at least once. What a grand time we had. We first started out looking at all the Blue Ribbon exhibits. Lots of beautiful handmade items, which defiantly deserved a blue ribbon. Then we ventured over to our favorite place, which is the Petting Zoo. I have finally decided that if I ever become a farmer, I will definitely become a Pig Farmer. I just love little Pot Belly pigs. Precilla and Porky were the highlight of the Zoo!!!

Then of course you had the other little critters that were also very cute!!

Most of them were only interested in the food you had in your hands. They were your best friends as long as you were feeding them. Then if you did not have any food, they would just be content at eating your clothes. LOL!!!! I finally decided it was time to move on to more fair adventures while I still had my shirt on my back!!
Next was a little Carnival ride fun. We purchased my DD a bracelet which gave her access to ride any ride, as many times as she wanted. She was so excited. She was bebopping all over the place as my DH and I tried to keep up. After testing all the rides, her most favorite was the swing ride. It was this very huge sombrero looking ride with swings attached at the top.
It really was one of the most fantastic rides that they had. Such beautiful art work all around it. Reminded me a lot of the Merry Go Round except with swings. So as they buckled her in the first time, she looked a little scared. But after 7 times on this ride, she begin to relax and even lift her hands in the air and swing her legs and even tried to twist the seat. I was a little concerned when this started. Such a brave girl.

Then there was the Ferris Wheel which I rode with her. Its my favorite of all rides at the fair and one of the few that I will agree to ride. I must admit though, that once we reached the top, I was feeling a little dizzy. As a person who is scared of heights, this is a huge thing for me to do!!! I just try to focus straight ahead and not down.
I am not sure what this ride was called, but it should have been called the Neck Stiffener!!! It started out very slow, but then quickly sped up, throwing my DD to one side, from where she could not move. LOL!!! My DH and I stood and watched and we laughed so hard at the expressions on her face, that I nearly peed my pants. I just knew that once she got off, that would be it for the fast rides.

Well I was wrong. Even though her head was a little crooked on her neck, that ride just made her want more and more. I was amazed at all the rides that she was actually willing to try by herself. She is definitely a theme park enthusiast!!!

So after the glass house, which was so funny to watch,

we headed to the rodeo!!! Oh how I love the rodeo. It was calf roping and bronco riding for 21 and under night. It was also a huge muddy mess!!! ICK!!!!
We did not get to stay for the entire time, because DD was bugging to go ride more rides. I was ok with that, cause really Bull riding is my favorite and there was none of that going on. In fact I must say that the rodeo was a little disappointing to me.

Before riding more rides, we needed some good ole fair food nourishment. We had nachos, funnel cake, and what you do not see, sausage on a stick. YUM!!! YUM!!! I just could not bring myself to take a picture of this huge sausage on a stick. I am not sure it was because it was so big and ugly, or because I could not bare to be reminded later of the greasy guilt that I took part in eating. Either way, it was still very good!!!! Yes she talked me into another ride. This one made me a bit dizzy. It spun backwards and forwards as it traveled around a track at a very fast speed. We giggled and laughed the entire time.
I totally loved this little ride. The perfect little girls ride!!!
She found a friend to sit and have Tea with. So sweet!!!

We then went for some Cotton Candy. What fair could possibly be complete without Cotton Candy. We departed the fair at 11:00 p.m., 5 hours after we first arrived. We were pooped!!!

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Lovin Hello Kitty said...

I'm pooped following you guys around! LOL looks like Kadie had a blast and you too! Happy Birthday Kody