Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer fun!!!

Swimming and blue snowcones in the summer. What could be better and more fun!!

Such a silly girl!!!
The summer is going so quickly. I want it to slow down. Seems like I blinked and 2 weeks passed me by. Last week we had VBS. It was a really fun time for all of us and really good to be with all of my church friends. Its been a while since I did something fun with all of them.

This week I have had something every night. Monday I met a friend at our nearby mall and we did some mall walking. We walked about 30 minutes, which was 2 trips around. The joys of walking with a friend. I have walked so long by myself, that I forgot how nice it was to walk with a friend. Time just flys by. We also discovered that mall walking can be quite exciting. We witnessed a fight between 4 upper age boys. Drinks flying, shirts being ripped off, lots of cursing. Lets just say the testosterone was at very high levels. Boys will be boys!!! Anyways, we plan to meet every Monday evening when possible. Lets hope its not quite that exciting next time. After our walk, we jotted over to Starbucks to hang out for a few hours and do some relaxing and crocheting. We decided we were going to make granny squares. We thought that would be a nice reward to just sit and relax and crochet after a good walk. We thought it would be a easy project. Of course neither of us knew what we were doing and it did not help when a lady came over and destracted us with Melaleuca sales talk. Got us all off track. After 2 hours we really had nothing to show for our time, but we did have fun trying. Oh well, isn't fun what its really all about anyway. I cannot wait till this Monday. I figured out the granny square once I got home and now I am ready to make some squares. Here is my very first granny square. It took me about 20 minutes to make it. That includes my time to learn it and actually finish. I think now I could probably make one in about 10 minutes as long as we do not have any sales distractions. This is the colors of my DD's room. I figure the bright colors would make it fun and possibly I will be able to make enough of these to actually make her a afghan for her bed. That would be cool.

Tuesday, we went to the water park. Fun in the Sun!! Wednesday we went out to dinner and some craft shopping. Good family fun!! Thursday we went to see the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" Awesome movie fun!!! I was actually dreading going, cause I just figured it was another one of those kid movies like "Spy Kids" We did not get to see it in 3D, which for me is great, cause I really do not like 3D. I hate things flying at me. DD was a little disappointed though. Once the movie started, it was good from start to finish and it really did not matter that it was not 3D. She totally love it and so did DH and I. It should have gotten better ratings than a C. I would defiantely go see it at the theater. The big screen made it all the more exciting to watch.

So what else have I done lately. Well lots actually. I took a class with my Stamp group and we made this awesome book, which I cannot wait to share with you. I will show pictures of it when I get it completed. You will love it!!!

I have made several crafts for the kiddos for this fall. Its been a challenge to find things easy enough to get done in a hour class time. I finally gave up the search and decided that it may just have to take us 2 class times to complete a project. If we get it done in 1 class, than awesome. If not, than we will get it done the next week. I am not going to spend my summer stressing over these projects. I want them to be good projects and so we will just see how it goes.

One is a Starbook Its not quite finished, because I have not figured out yet how I want them to decorate the inside. With a friends help, I am thinking maybe Christmas foam decorations. Either that or stickers. Its very cute though and I think they will enjoy making it. I found the tutorial at

This is a great website for craft ideas. I have found lots of cool things on this site. One of those being a tutorial on now to make bows from magazine pages.
They are so cool. I cannot wait to make these for Christmas. My family will be tickled. I am always making my gift wrap and tags. Now I can add bows to the mix. LOL!!!

The second is a picture cube. Oh how fun this was. I really need to make a second one cause I made some boo boo's on this one. Probably not any you will notice from the picture, but very noticeable up close. I made this one for myself. Pictures of my friends on my birthday. That would be the best day ever and one I never want to forget!!! So what perfect way to always remember. I got this pattern off of the HGTV website There is also a video you can watch which helped me a lot. if this link does not take you to the video, then just do a search for photo cube. There is a part 1 and 2 to this video. So I do plan to make more of these. They are just too fun and too cute. The stamp set is one that I purchased at the Stamp Convention. I totally love this little stamp set. Was perfect for the cube.

Next is the CD holder. This I made for a friend. I wanted to use another one of my new stamps I got at Convention and this seemed like the perfect thing to use it on. I will defiantly have to make another that will be a little more kid friendly for the kids. Again this was a fun project and very easy. I found this tutorial at Dawn's Stampin Studio. She has the most awesome tutorials on video. I think I said that before, but it does not hurt to say it again.

This is my second Carousel Purse book. I just love making these. I had to make myself one. I really love how this one turned out. Each one is so different depending on the paper you use. I used a Velcro closure on this purse. That was really better than the snaps I used last time.

Ok, Ok, I know this post was long, but when a busy person like myself does not post for 2 weeks, she has lots to talk about. So hopefully I did not bore you too much and you are able to learn some new ideas and fun things to make. Tune in next week for more fun projects. My list of things I want to do for the summer is still very long. You will love what I have planned next. See ya next post!!!

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