Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Ok, here is my Centerpiece Scrapbook Album. It was totally fun to make and looked way better in person than in the pictures I have seen here and there. My friend Jimmie from http://jimmieharris.blogspot.com/ sent me the template to make this little book from http://www.kodak.com/global/images/mul/corp/TrustedGuide/furryfriends.pdf
Since there was no measurements on the template, I kind of had to do my own. So I do plan to share my tutorial with all of you as soon as I am finished creating it. So please check back with me in a few days or so for instructions.

While I have been inside creating my little centerpiece, my DH has been outside doing a little creating of his own centerpiece. A while back, we bought these picnic table ends at a estate sale. Well he finally got out there and built me a picnic table with them. I am totally thrilled that he finally got it done. Now the fact that it is too darn hot outside to enjoy it, is another story. However, come this fall, we will be able to BBQ and eat in style. He is such a creative man when it comes to wood. Just give him a piece of wood and he can build just about anything. See below my new outside centerpiece. He still needs to add some stain and water protection and it will be complete.
Ok, now to go look for something else to make. I am still thinking I need to make the Spring card. Maybe I will clear my area and give it a try. TTFN


elizabeth said...

Girlfriend you are so creative! Love the book and love both the centerpieces (again, very creative). :)

Jimmie said...

Girl, you put us to shame. This is absolutely wonderful. So awesome and can't wait to see all the things the camera doesn't pick up -- LOVE IT!!!!
Thank you for giving me credit - that was generous. Jimmie

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

these are darling and Kelvin is wonderful when it comes to making things! Can't wait to have a BBQ on the new table! LOL