Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bookmarks and Explosion Box Fun

Awwwww, how I love to play in my scrapbook room. My house is a wreck, but then "WHO CARES" I am having fun!!! This week I have made several little goodies to share with you. One is some bookmarks that I made. These are called Bookmark envelopes. I got the pattern here at its called Bookmark Envy. I turned it into a cutting file on my Cricut, which took me quite sometime to do. I want even share with you how long that took, but the good news is, it worked and now I am able to cut enough of these cute little bookmarks to share with my homeschool class I will be teaching this fall. So here are a couple of examples. I am going with the black one for my class, cause I think it is more suitable for the kids I am teaching. Both were fun to make though.

Next.... I finally did it!!! I made a explosion box. I have been wanting to make one of these forever and ever. That will give you a idea of how long its been around, and that I am probably one of the few left on earth that have not made one of these. This project takes a lot of cutting time and lots of paper, but it is sooooooo worth it when you are done. Just adorable as can be. This one I did in kind of Old World colors, because its for a friend, who just redecorated her living room in old world stuff. I am hoping this will fit right in with her decor. If not, than she can stick it in a closet. LOL!!! Either way, its hers. Here is a few pages to give you a idea. Very fun project!!!

One more thing before I leave you today. I wanted to share my newest Rag doll. I call her "Skinny Minnie" I found her at the thrift store this weekend. Funny thing about her is that she is a doll from a lady that I have been buying from for several years. I know this because of her signature mark on the chest of the doll. Is that not cool!! To find one of her dolls at a thrift store amongst a bunch of other treasures is a treasure itself. WAY COOL!!!


elizabeth said...

I simply CANNOT believe you found one of your dolls at a thrift store! Oh my stars you are one lucky girly!!!! I'll bet you about died when you saw it!!!!

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

I love the explosion box and you didn't have to take a class with your friend in order to make it! Woo Hoo. Great find on your doll that is too awesome.