Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stationary Box

Ok, I promised you something great this week and here goes. I first learned of this cute little box from my friends in my stamp group, when I had gone to a awesome book class, which I have not finished yet, but plan to finish soon, and will be showing you when I getter done. Anyways, the minute I saw this cute little box, I knew I had to make one too. So I came home and searched high and low on the Internet for the directions. I am happy to say that I found them here and I am also happy to say that I made one and absolutely had the best time doing it. It does take some time to make (2 days), but once your done, you have something very awesome. Here is my adorable little Stationary Box.
I used:
K&Company paper K Margo series, (my favorite paper of all times)
SU and TAC stamps,
SU scallop punch,
SU circle punch,
prima flowers

This little box contains 6 greeting cards, 5 Thank you note cards, 5 gift tags, address book, pocket to hold stamps, and a matching pen. Is this not the best project ever!!! Oh my gosh, I love this cute little thing. Now I have no idea what I will do with my box, but I already want to make another. I am thinking this would be something cool to make for Christmas gifts or maybe even sell in a craft show. Hope you like what you see and make one for yourself. Fun! Fun! I do love making things from paper!!!

BEST Stuffed Peppers!!

I must share my dinner experience from last night. I decided after reading my friends post about her daughters Stuffed Pepper recipe, I just had to make them myself. Its been years since I had Stuffed Peppers and all because the rest of my family would not eat them. Well I found out that their taste have changed. Not only did they eat them, but my DH went back for seconds. I was so tickled. I did use ketchup instead of tomato sauce. I thought by doing this, I would have better success in getting them to eat it since they are all ketchup addicts. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly and it is a very, very good recipe. I totally recommend you to jump over there on that blog and jot it down for a future meal. YUM! YUM! Thanks Lynn for finding such a great recipe.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yummy Foods

Ok, I have 2 recipes to share. I found both ideas on the Internet and read the ingredients, but like most things I cook, I just do my own thing. I am a taste person. I add and taste and add more if it needs it.

This is awesome stuff and very easy to make!!!

Crockpot Apple Butter

15 apples any variety (I actually mixed several kinds to use them before they ruined)

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

2 or 3 dashes of cinnamon or to your taste

2 or 3 dashes of nutmeg or to your taste

brown sugar 1/2

sugar 1/2

peel apples and cut into cubes

place in crockpot and pour over apple cider vinegar. Let cook until tender. Mash up the apples with a fork and then add in Cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and sugar. Cover and cook for 8 hours.

Cheesy Broccoli Quiche

8 eggs beat

1 large bundle of broccoli floret steamed to tender

1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese

1 cup of 2% grated cheddar cheese

1 low fat kabosa turkey sausage link cooked in skillet and then chopped into small cubes

2 shakes of salt

2 shakes of pepper

2 shakes of garlic powder

Mix all ingredients into a large bowl in order listed and pour into a preheated baking dish sprayed with cooking spray

Bake at 325 until it no longer jiggles in the center and is brown around the edges, which is around 30 minutes. Cover with 1 cup of 2% cheese and then cook until cheese has melted.

I, of course served this with some toast and apple butter and there was no complaints. Just gobble, gobble, gobble!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Juicing for Life

I have been off and on some sort of weight loss diet for the last couple of years (actually for the last 15 years), but really more on, than off, the last couple of years. Anyways all diets do for me is cause depression. I will loose 10 pounds only to gain 5 pounds back the first time I eat something bad. Its the craziest, most aggravating and frustrating situation I can think of for myself. To work so hard, only to fail so quickly. Soooo what I have decided is that I never plan to do a weight loss diet ever again. NEVER!!! Shwwww just saying those words is uplifting. I feel a instant burden off of my shoulders. There is just way to many things in life to worry about, than some fad diet that only gives you a temporary high and usually cost a fortune. So with that said, I am going back to what our Grandmothers, mothers, and in my case Father, always told me when I was a kid and that is to "Eat your Vegetables" I have been thinking about this idea for a very, very long time. My Mother who is very tall and thin, who has always ate her fruits and veggies has tried to get me to think about this many times and all I would say to her is "Yuk" I am not drinking that nasty stuff. She bought a juicer years ago and one day when I was at her house, she juiced everything vegetable/fruit in her refrig. Nothing taste good. I frowned at it all. Her words, which have stuck in my mind every since, were "If it taste good, its not good for you" When are we ever going to start listening to our Mothers? Years later, I can finally agree with her. There are many things that I should be eating that taste bad and many things I should not be eating that taste good. I guess it takes becoming older to appreciate those things that taste bad. Either that or you just become desperate to feel young again. So after reading a article in one of my magazines, which then lead me to several hours of reading on the Internet and then talking with my Mom, I finally decided it sounded like something I needed to try. She really was glad to hear of my decision and of course loved being able to say "I told you this already" Yea, Yea I know, sorry it took so long for the light to click on in my head!!!
So first thing first, I needed a juicer in order to get started. Now there are many juicers in the world, and so I am sure you are asking me why I picked this particular one.

Well that's easy. Who is one of the most healthiest person on this planet that you can think of??? Think way back when we were kids, this man was on TV exercising and telling the world how important it was to eat healthy. He even at 60, wanted to prove how good of shape he was in by swimming from Alcatraz to Fisherman's Wharf, shackled and towing a 1000 pound boat. I was very impressed when reading this info on his website. I wonder how many adults at the time took him serious. Well I do not have a clue about other adults, but my parents watched him on TV all the time and they must have listened, cause I can remember eating some really nasty vegtables as a kid. I can remember all the lectures at the dinner table about how important it was to eat vegtables. I can remeber hiding the spinich under my plate till my dad left the table. I was always the one who had to clear the table, so it worked great. Just slip it off ever so quickly when he was not looking. Anyways, back to my question, So who is he..... ok, I will tell you.... Jack LaLanne, thats who.

He is 94 years old and still to this day he is busy telling the world why he has lived to be 94 and still looks like he is 64. He is still as active today, as he was 30 years ago. His wife is the same way. His secret??? He eats/drinks his fruits and vegetables every day and he exercises. Simple as that. He has never done any type of Weight Loss diet. He has never had too. So naturally after reading his website and being totally impressed with his information, I decided to go with his juicer. The one I purchased is a little pricey, but I wanted stainless steel instead of plastic. He does have a variety of juicers and prices to choose from and the best part is that he will let you pay them out on your credit card. That's awesome!!! He also has a really great personal website with some of his favorite recipes, exercises and healthy tips. Great website to spend some time reading.

So now that I have ordered my juicer, I knew I needed to get educated quick. Today I went to Barns and Noble and found a book to help start me on the right track. I want to be completely ready when my Juicer is delivered to me.

This seems like a really good book, because it tells you what juice mix to make for most any aliment you have. There were tons of ailments that juicing helps relieve. I was amazed while reading. Guess what?? Obesity is one of those aliments. Oh how I hate those words. Just sounds horrible. But that is what they call over weight people now. UGGGG!!! So with juicing, continuing to eat the healthier foods like fiber and grains that I already eat, and walking 30 minutes a day, I should be able to repair my body in no time. Once I am repaired and have more energy and feel better, I should be able to drop some weight with no problem and keep up with my busy 9 year old. That's my goal. I want to feel better, so I can enjoy my life more. I want to be happy, healthy and worry free of any weight or age relate aliments. I want to be a good example of what I preach and my words be more than just words to my family and friends. I want to eat to live, rather than live to eat. I want to be forever young like Jack LaLanne.

This week while waiting for my juicer, I plan to start eating the vegetables and fruits whole and start walking on a regular basis. I actually started the walking several weeks ago, but not on a regular basis. So this week I will at least walk 3 times this week. Definitely Monday, Tuesday and probably Thursday. I am only doing 30 minutes. I am not going to worry about how far I walk, but focus on 30 minutes. That is all that is required to benefit my health and so in order not to over do it or get burned out like times before, I am just going to stick with 30 minutes. After a few weeks of juicing, I may add additional days and eventually work up walking every day for 30 minutes. I never plan to walk longer than that though. I may eventually add some floor exercising and stretching and maybe do some rebounding on my trampoline for some added aerobics. Then again, I may just walk. Time will tell. I will certainly keep you posted throughout my journey!!!

Oh and after forcing my husband and son to listen to me read my new book, they both plan to join me in this new journey. They have some reservations and of course limits to how much they will drink, but they too are looking to feel better by this fall when they plan to play softball. I am so excited that my husband will be playing softball again and that my son will be playing with him. Kind of one of those dreams he has always had. His son playing his most favorite sport with him. It will be fun to watch. I think once they see how good they will feel, they will drink more and eat less of the bad foods. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer fun!!!

Swimming and blue snowcones in the summer. What could be better and more fun!!

Such a silly girl!!!
The summer is going so quickly. I want it to slow down. Seems like I blinked and 2 weeks passed me by. Last week we had VBS. It was a really fun time for all of us and really good to be with all of my church friends. Its been a while since I did something fun with all of them.

This week I have had something every night. Monday I met a friend at our nearby mall and we did some mall walking. We walked about 30 minutes, which was 2 trips around. The joys of walking with a friend. I have walked so long by myself, that I forgot how nice it was to walk with a friend. Time just flys by. We also discovered that mall walking can be quite exciting. We witnessed a fight between 4 upper age boys. Drinks flying, shirts being ripped off, lots of cursing. Lets just say the testosterone was at very high levels. Boys will be boys!!! Anyways, we plan to meet every Monday evening when possible. Lets hope its not quite that exciting next time. After our walk, we jotted over to Starbucks to hang out for a few hours and do some relaxing and crocheting. We decided we were going to make granny squares. We thought that would be a nice reward to just sit and relax and crochet after a good walk. We thought it would be a easy project. Of course neither of us knew what we were doing and it did not help when a lady came over and destracted us with Melaleuca sales talk. Got us all off track. After 2 hours we really had nothing to show for our time, but we did have fun trying. Oh well, isn't fun what its really all about anyway. I cannot wait till this Monday. I figured out the granny square once I got home and now I am ready to make some squares. Here is my very first granny square. It took me about 20 minutes to make it. That includes my time to learn it and actually finish. I think now I could probably make one in about 10 minutes as long as we do not have any sales distractions. This is the colors of my DD's room. I figure the bright colors would make it fun and possibly I will be able to make enough of these to actually make her a afghan for her bed. That would be cool.

Tuesday, we went to the water park. Fun in the Sun!! Wednesday we went out to dinner and some craft shopping. Good family fun!! Thursday we went to see the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" Awesome movie fun!!! I was actually dreading going, cause I just figured it was another one of those kid movies like "Spy Kids" We did not get to see it in 3D, which for me is great, cause I really do not like 3D. I hate things flying at me. DD was a little disappointed though. Once the movie started, it was good from start to finish and it really did not matter that it was not 3D. She totally love it and so did DH and I. It should have gotten better ratings than a C. I would defiantely go see it at the theater. The big screen made it all the more exciting to watch.

So what else have I done lately. Well lots actually. I took a class with my Stamp group and we made this awesome book, which I cannot wait to share with you. I will show pictures of it when I get it completed. You will love it!!!

I have made several crafts for the kiddos for this fall. Its been a challenge to find things easy enough to get done in a hour class time. I finally gave up the search and decided that it may just have to take us 2 class times to complete a project. If we get it done in 1 class, than awesome. If not, than we will get it done the next week. I am not going to spend my summer stressing over these projects. I want them to be good projects and so we will just see how it goes.

One is a Starbook Its not quite finished, because I have not figured out yet how I want them to decorate the inside. With a friends help, I am thinking maybe Christmas foam decorations. Either that or stickers. Its very cute though and I think they will enjoy making it. I found the tutorial at

This is a great website for craft ideas. I have found lots of cool things on this site. One of those being a tutorial on now to make bows from magazine pages.
They are so cool. I cannot wait to make these for Christmas. My family will be tickled. I am always making my gift wrap and tags. Now I can add bows to the mix. LOL!!!

The second is a picture cube. Oh how fun this was. I really need to make a second one cause I made some boo boo's on this one. Probably not any you will notice from the picture, but very noticeable up close. I made this one for myself. Pictures of my friends on my birthday. That would be the best day ever and one I never want to forget!!! So what perfect way to always remember. I got this pattern off of the HGTV website There is also a video you can watch which helped me a lot. if this link does not take you to the video, then just do a search for photo cube. There is a part 1 and 2 to this video. So I do plan to make more of these. They are just too fun and too cute. The stamp set is one that I purchased at the Stamp Convention. I totally love this little stamp set. Was perfect for the cube.

Next is the CD holder. This I made for a friend. I wanted to use another one of my new stamps I got at Convention and this seemed like the perfect thing to use it on. I will defiantly have to make another that will be a little more kid friendly for the kids. Again this was a fun project and very easy. I found this tutorial at Dawn's Stampin Studio. She has the most awesome tutorials on video. I think I said that before, but it does not hurt to say it again.

This is my second Carousel Purse book. I just love making these. I had to make myself one. I really love how this one turned out. Each one is so different depending on the paper you use. I used a Velcro closure on this purse. That was really better than the snaps I used last time.

Ok, Ok, I know this post was long, but when a busy person like myself does not post for 2 weeks, she has lots to talk about. So hopefully I did not bore you too much and you are able to learn some new ideas and fun things to make. Tune in next week for more fun projects. My list of things I want to do for the summer is still very long. You will love what I have planned next. See ya next post!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Spring and Explosion Card

Ok, I hardly never post 2 times in the same day, but I had to share my 2 cards that I found and made tonight from Split Coast Stampers. The first one is called the Spring Card. Here are the directions This was a very fun card. I love the way it just springs up at you when you pull it from the envelope. It also sits very nicely on the table. Would make a lovely card to display on your desk or shelf. The stamp I used was one of my stamps that my MIL gave me a while back. I think it was from Hobby Lobby or Michaels. This is the first time to use this stamp and it stamps out very pretty. Perfect card for this stamp.

The second card is called a Explosion Card. It was just as fun to make, but I really love how cute this one turned out. I found the idea on Split Coast, but the tutorial is located at Dawn's Stampin Studio at

She has some really wonderful video tutorials which I love. Its like having a teacher right here in my scrapbook room. I can start and stop the videos anytime. Love that!!!

I am thinking about showing the kiddos how to make these two cards. They seem very easy and I think if I get the paper cut and scored and all they have to do is stick it down, we could actually get them both made in the same class. I really think they would enjoy making them. Anyways, there you go. More fun!!! See ya soon!!!

p.s. notice I used my left over scraps from my Centerpiece book to make my explosion card. I love doing that!!! I could never get enough of this paper either. One of my favorite Basic Grey lines "Oh Baby Girl".


Ok, here is my Centerpiece Scrapbook Album. It was totally fun to make and looked way better in person than in the pictures I have seen here and there. My friend Jimmie from sent me the template to make this little book from
Since there was no measurements on the template, I kind of had to do my own. So I do plan to share my tutorial with all of you as soon as I am finished creating it. So please check back with me in a few days or so for instructions.

While I have been inside creating my little centerpiece, my DH has been outside doing a little creating of his own centerpiece. A while back, we bought these picnic table ends at a estate sale. Well he finally got out there and built me a picnic table with them. I am totally thrilled that he finally got it done. Now the fact that it is too darn hot outside to enjoy it, is another story. However, come this fall, we will be able to BBQ and eat in style. He is such a creative man when it comes to wood. Just give him a piece of wood and he can build just about anything. See below my new outside centerpiece. He still needs to add some stain and water protection and it will be complete.
Ok, now to go look for something else to make. I am still thinking I need to make the Spring card. Maybe I will clear my area and give it a try. TTFN

Thursday, July 03, 2008

More Explosions

Ok, While husband is playing poker tonight, I decided the kiddo's must learn how to make this explosion box. So I went looking for a smaller version of the one I did for my friend. I figured smaller would be easier for them to handle. So I found one that makes out to about a 3x3 size box. Here is the website Very cute!!! The directions say to cut the lid to a 6 1/4x 6 1/4 but that did not work for me. It was too large for my box. So I re-cut it at 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 and that worked much better. Makes me think maybe its a typo problem. I went with a Fall theme since it will be the fall when we work on them. So here is the one I did

I tried really hard to keep it as simple as I could. Just using stickers as my embellishments. With me having 17 students, there is no way I can afford to buy all the extras to really doll it up. So mostly paper, stickers and ribbon is all you will find on this little box. Hope they like making it as much as I do.

I also made a card to send to one of my homeschool friends. I needed to mail her some money for enrollment fees and thought I cannot just send her a check without a card. What kind of stamper does something like that. So not being able to find the perfect card out of the 100's I litterly have already made (really its mostly because I cannot let go of them), I decided to make her one. I used a idea that I learned at my Stampin Up club. This is a very simple, but cute card.

I tried to make it as close as the one we did in the club, because I loved it so much exactly as it was made. I did not have the exact stamps she used, so I found some of my own stamps from the Angel Company that worked well. I really have to say that I do love Stampin Up's punches and card ideas, but I love The Angel Company's stamps. So combining the 2, you can hardly go wrong.

Whats next on my agenda?? Well I plan to make another Carousel Note Purse for myself. I also plan to give one of those Spring cards a try that Split Coast sent out in the email this week. It looks fun!! So tune in next week for more goodies. Its the weekend which means FISHING, FISHING, and more FISHING!!!