Friday, June 06, 2008

Scrapbook Convention

Before my day gets going at a full swing, I wanted to do just a quick post about my experience at Scrapbook Convention yesterday.

This year we had to park in the North 40. They were doing construction to part of the parking lot and so everyone was pushed way, way, way out into the back parking lot. So our walk was similar to a marathon walk. It was not bad going in cause we were excited. But coming out was a whole different story. We were already tired from walking all day, so it was not a pleasant walk. The wind was gusting and making it that much harder. So that was the worst part of the day and I thought I would get that out first. The rest of the day was fantastic. There were lots of really cool products that I had not seen before. A lot more stamping products this time. I almost thought I was visiting Stamp Convention. I do believe that stamping is taking over the scrapbook world. I saw so many cute stamp sets. Inky Antics was there and I got to see all the cute women stamps in person. I adored each of them and of course wanted them all. Since it was too hard to pick, I just picked none. LOL!!! The day would have not been as perfect if I had not had a couple of my Sistah Chicks to hang out with. Thank you Sistah's for a fabulous fun day!!!

Here are a few photos of some of the stuff I bought.

These 3 pictures above are pictures of a bag that I got free for joining a monthly page kit club. Its a very nice bag. Its suede outside and has binder loops in the middle to attach your page kits as they come in the mail. I have always wanted to join a page kit club but nothing has ever appealed to me price wise. This was very appealing because it was something I could afford. The company is called . Very cute stuff.

The next 4 pictures above was stamp sets and a stamp pad that I got from was my favorite booth at the Convention. I absolutely loved every stamp set they had and their prices were unbeatable. They had so many different kinds and I had the hardest time choosing just one. So this was where I spent most of my money at. The lady that helped us was so super friendly too. I think that is what made it the most appealing.

The next 4 pictures are some T-shirts that I bought. There were so many great T-shirts this year. Again I was having a hard time choosing.

The next items above were some fun little things I picked up from Rusty Pickle and Heidi Swap.

I think I did very good with what I got and how much money I spent for the day. I did not come home thinking I really did blow the day buying useless scrapbook stuff. Ok, off to see the Wizard!!!!

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elizabeth said...

And look at how cute you look in your new shirt! Girl I am MISSING you!!!