Friday, June 20, 2008

Pretty Pinwheel

Just a quick bloggarooney!!! I wanted to share this cute little project I made last night. My reason for making this is that I am teaching a paper craft class in the fall to our Co-op home school group and I am looking for 10 plus project ideas. I found this idea on blog site and thought it was adorable. I did not have the Pinwheel kit that she used on the first one, but I used her straw idea. It worked out beautifully. However, I did figure out that it is much too difficult for the kids, so I did order the Pinwheel kits that she suggested. They were cheap enough and look way easier. So when those come in, I will just have to make another example. They are so fun to make. Also I wanted to add that I took the pinwheel pattern that she had and turned it into a cutting file so that I could cut them on my Cricut. That will make it way quicker to get these adorable little pinwheels cut for the kids. Thanks to and for making such awesome programs that work well with the Cricut. It sure could have not been done without them. Totally recommend!!!

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