Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Grand Camping Trip

I did talk hubby into leaving for the lake on Wednesday. He is so good to me!!! We got to the lake around 7:00 p.m. We went to the campsite, which we thought was going to be the ultimate campsite, pictures above. The first picture is us setting up camp. The second picture is me standing in the parking lot looking towards the camp. That is what we thought made it the perfect campsite. It was close to our car. Well guess what??? It was not the perfect campsite, cause the next morning was all sun. We only had a tiny bit of shade from a very small tree that I knew would not hold up for long. There was no hiding from the Sun. Even the campsite next to us, which was the one we were saving for our friends, was completely sunny. As you can see in the pictures we also took our dogs. Well that did not work out either. Sabbath whined all night long and Gracie got sick and did her business inside the tent, along with throwing up twice. So we decided to take them home. They are not camper dogs for sure. While my husband was gone taking them back home, DD and I decided to scout out the place. We finally discovered a new campsite that would suit our needs much better. So when hubby returned we moved our campsite. That was a job, but after the move we realized it was worth it. Here is the new campsite. Lots of trees to hide in from the Sun. Right behind the picnic table was a nice shady spot and a entrance to the campsite behind us which was the one we were saving for friends. It was completely shady on that side in the morning time, so it gave us a place to spend the morning while the sun was blasting down on our side. Then we could switch sides in the evening.
We were also even closer to the parking lot. That was way better too!!!
We also had better view of the lake from this site and a water hydrant closer to camp.

So this was the perfect campsite and once we were finally settled in, we started having fun. So Thursday night we cooked steak and baked potato on the grill. That was the ultimate dinner. I brought my Laptop and we rented the movie "Untraceable" Not sure that was the best movie for watching in a almost empty campground. There was only one other camper in the primitive area we were in and they did not show up until Thursday night. Before that, there was no one. So we set up the chairs and gathered around my Laptop and enjoyed our thriller movie. Afterwards we decided to walk around the campsites and just check things out a bit before going to sleep. Just wanted to make sure we were safe. While walking around we did manage to gather up some firewood that other campers had left from the weekend before. That was a good thing since we barely had any wood. Once we decided everything was safe for sleeping we went to bed. The wind was blowing very strong and so the cool breeze just flowed into our tent. I think Daughter and I slept very good, but husband had some hard times sleeping. Friday morning started out with a awesome breakfast of toast, bacon and eggs. YUM!!!! Then we made a trip into town to Walmart for a few extra supplies ect.... Once we were back, we did a little fishing and then my Son and his girlfriend arrived. After setting up their tent, we had lunch and played a game of Upwards. My son was the grand winner by only a few points of me. I let him have his glory!!!

Then our other friends started arriving and setting up their tent ect....
Saturday, my mom and dad joined us for a little fishing. We hiked down to a campsite that was at the edge of the cove. It was a very nice fishing place. My hubby caught 24 small fish, "A" I think caught a couple, and our baby girl Bree, even caught 2 of her own. Way cool!!! As for me, all I could do was get tangled up and kinks in my line. I did manage to catch a nice size STICK!!! I also managed to put a worm on my hook. OOOWWAAA... that was gross at first, but after doing it a few times, I adjusted to the idea and became a real pro. I even learned to leave a wiggly end on the hook as to attract the fish or sticks in my case. LOL!!! There is much to be learned about fishing.
After our fishing, we went back to camp for some much needed lunch. We set around for a bit and relaxed. Some took naps while others went for some yummy ice cream and popsicles. I discovered that the lake store has the best popsicles ever. So tasty and refreshing. Later everyone wanted to go for a swim on the beach. I just played photographer. No swimming in the Lake for me. I have not come to terms with that idea yet.

So after swimming we all took showers and settled in for dinner. We had yummy hot dogs and sausages, baked beans and potato salad. It was delicious. R.D. and A decided they needed to do some more fishing while the rest of us stayed and relaxed by the fire. Hubby and I ended up retiring early, cause we were just exhausted from being there since Wednesday night. I really could not tell you what happen after that moment, cause I just passed out. I think I remember hearing that a few stayed up pretty late enjoying the night breeze and stars. The next thing I knew it was morning. We started breakfast while others went to the nearest store for coffee. After breakfast everyone was ready to break camp and go home. Heat, sunburns and bug bites had taken their toll on most of us. It took us about 2 hours to pack up. As we packed we discussed our next grand adventure and all decided to wait till fall.. As sad as that made me feel, I guess I would have to agree. The heat is just to much for tent camping. Oh how I wish I had a camper. I would be there every weekend if I did. I truly do love being out at the lake and in nature. I always have and always will. Thank you friends for all the fun times this weekend and for putting up with the heat and bug bites ect.... It is defiantly going in my scrapbook of best memories ever!!!! and I cannot wait for our next big camping trip. Here are a few more pictures I took over the weekend that I thought were worth sharing.


Lovin Hello Kitty said...

Well it looks like you guys had a grant time, sorry didn't make it, the heat was not agreeing with me at all. I believe the fall is the best time to camp. Can't wait to see the pages you create.

elizabeth said...

You are a better woman than I am for even trying to camp in Texas summer! I am way too prissy for that!!!