Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh What Fun!!!

This weekend was a grand weekend. Scrapbooking, Fishing, and Card making. What more could a girl ask for!!!

Saturday we went Fishing. Oh how I am starting to really love this new hobby of mine. Soooo relaxing to sit out by the Lake. This time we made it very easy on ourselves. We went to the area Fishing Barge in the early evening after things cooled off a bit and stayed till weeee hours of the morning. When I say weeeee, I mean weeee hours. We got home around 4:30 a.m. LOL!!! Yes, I know that was very late, but we were just having such a great time. We did not catch anything that was considered a keeper, but we did catch lots of small fish that were a huge challenge to get on the hook. Those would be called Brim and Crappie. They were smart little boogers I tell you. You had to be quick as lightening to get them out of the water. Mostly they just ate all of my worms. A couple of our friends came and joined us for a few hours. It was good to spend some time with them. The weather was perfect. In fact, we actually got a little chilly sitting outside on the barge. The moon was awesome as it looked like it rose from the lake and then entered the sky. The people there were friendly and I enjoyed visiting with them. I totally loved it and cannot wait to go back. We use to go to this place back in the early years of our marriage when my DH fished, more than he played Softball. Then Softball totally took over his life and everything else just went by the wayside. I do not remember it being as near the fun for me then, as it was this time. For some reason fishing has just taken over my heart and all I want to do is more of it. I just cannot explain. I think its just something that is totally relaxing for me. I do not have to do a lot of thinking or moving. LOL!!! I like both of those ideas. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite photos of the things we seen and the fun we had at the Barge. Sunday I promised my family a day of relaxing at home. We have been on the go so much this past month and we just needed to stay home and relax. The Sabbath is the perfect day for that and that is exactly what we did. DH was able to catch up on some quality movie time, while I did some fun cardmaking. I have bookmarked so many cool cards that I want to make and so I decided today to just go in and pick one to do. Here is the card I made I went with a Bella stamp because for one I just love my Bellas, but mostly because I wanted to accomplish a few things in the process. I needed to mail a card back to a Sista Bella to thank her for a R.A.K. she sent me and I needed to mail a friend a card just because she has been having a bit of a hard time lately. I wanted her to know she was in my thoughts. So with those things in mind, I decided on making The Big Buckle Card. Oh was that ever the perfect fun card to do. I totally loved it. I found the instructions on Kim's blog at She has a video on her blog on the left hand side of her page Big Buckle Card. Click on that link,watch it and then make you a card. Its a great tutorial and you will absolutely love the results of your card. Thank you Kim for making this video tutorial and sharing the idea. I loved it!!!


elizabeth said...

WooHoo - look at you go USING a Bella stamp! I love, love them and don't think I've ever inked one up - how sad is that? Some day...

The duck family is just darling. :)

Kim Burmeister said...

Wow! AWESOME! I like your card a lot. I hope you don't mind I link it within the next couple of weeks for "From Your Side of the Table".