Monday, June 09, 2008

My Day in Court

First, before I tell you about my day in Court, I wanted to share with you a card I made for a card challenge this past week. This card I found on Split Coast and thought it was sooooo cute.

Here is my version of the original. The challenge was to stay as close to original as possible.
Paper used is paper from one of the Hobby Lobby paper packs.
Scallop and oval circle is from my Mini Monograms Cricut Cartridge
Paper piercing is Mat Pack from Stampin Up
Word Window and Ticket Punch from Stampin Up
Lime Cross Grain ribbon
Black stamp pad
green stamp pad
Stamps from The Angel Company

I loved, loved making this card. Now I am ready for a new challenge.

Ok, so now here is my day in court story.....
I finally served my Jury Duty. I had been summoned in May, but because of homeschooling and my scrapbook retreat, I had to ask to be rescheduled. Today was my rescheduled date. So I get up there and guess what? I am selected. Everyone told me I would probably not get selected. Well out of 250 sum odd people, I was one of the 130 they needed for the day. I got very lucky and was on one of the misdemeanor cases and it was only suppose to last no more than a day and half. So here I go into the selection room for lots of questioning. I was one of the top 12 people they would decide from. So now not only was I selected to be interviewed, now I am one of the top 12 people out of 20 they had assigned to that case. I guess everyone needs their own special Jury Duty story...Now I have one to share. They only needed 6. The case was a DWI case. Apparently the man had more than his share of alcohol while driving. That's a guilty right off for me. LOL!!! I just do not tolerate driving and drinking. With my strong convictions on that subject, I really do need to be on the MADD. Well so I think I remained one of the top 12 for the prosecuting side, which was for the state, but when it was the defending sides time to ask the questions, I think I started falling to the lower 12. Two of the questions they ask me was.

1. If you had a thermometer, and you took your child's temperature, and the thermometer read 106 degrees, what would you do? Most of the people said get another thermometer and retake the childs temperature. Not me, I answered, get that child in a tub of ice as quick as possible. LOL!!! I am such a hick!!! Of course I would get another thermometer, but only after I put my kid on ice first. 106 is pretty high and really not something you take to long with.

2. If a Police Officer comes into the court room to testify, would you be able to treat him as equal as any other witness. The law says you must treat all people equal regardless of who they are. Most of the people said yes. Not me, I answered No. The reason is that he is not like any other person. He is a Police Officer. He is a professional who is highly trained in his field. He is sworn to uphold the law and tell the truth and protect the people. He is not like me and he is not like you. No matter how hard I tried, I know I would probably make a decision of guilt or innocents mostly based on his testimony. I would be on the laws side.

So with that said, I was probably not selected, because I over reacted with the thermometer question and froze my kid and I would not be able to treat a Police Officer the same as the next Tom, Dick, or Harry. OH WELL!!! I am done for 3 years now if I choose to be. I really am glad of that, cause it was just a bit nerve raking for my liking and I have lots of things I need to do this week to get ready for our big camping trip this weekend. I would much rather be fishing.

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