Monday, June 02, 2008

More fun than a Barrel of Monkeys!!!

Today was a exceptionally fun Anniversary day. We first had DD take our picture together. It was not the best photo ever took, but it was ok. I notice when she is taking pictures, we are always looking down. LOL!!! That does not help the neck to look any slimmer.

Then we took DD over to my Moms house so that we could go out for our Anniversary lunch. I picked Red Lobster. I love the Coconut Shrimp there and so that's what I wanted for my lunch. After lunch we decided to spend the day driving around the area Lake parks. We are on a mission to find the most perfect place to camp. What we mostly discovered is that everyone else is also on the same mission. Most of the great campsites are booked till around September. Hard to believe. All that was really left was primitive sites or sites no where near the lake. Ok, I have discovered after this past weekend, that primitive camping is not for me. I need electricity and bathrooms. Going to the bathroom in the woods is not my cup of tea. I worried the whole time I was going to get poison ivy on my behind or a snake was going to reach up and get me. Also I discovered the woods are full of spiders. ICK!!! I will share that photo with you later. Anyways, I want to camp, but I must have the luxuries of home with me. I do not mind the tent, as long as I can blow up my air mattress. The ground is way to hard for this tired, old, fat, body. Also carrying everything a 1/4 to 1/2 mile into the woods is for the birds. So I told my beloved that we are going to visit every camp site in the metroplex till I find one that I can drive up and unload. One on the water and one with electricity and bathrooms a few steps away. So today we spent the day doing just that. We started our journey at one really nice, but pretty much full park and ended it at 5 other parks and 5 hours later. What we found..... was the most awesome park ever. It was a little more expensive than we would have liked it to be, but we have a site on the lake, bathrooms a step away, electricity and water, fire pit and table and a cute little shelter to boot. The park also has a playground area, fishing, swimming area, hiking, and a store. All of this for 120.00 the entire weekend. Split this with our camp buds and that means only 60.00 per family. Is that not awesome?? I am so tickled. The best part is that its about halfway between each of our houses. So that means they are not driving as far to meet up with us. I am so excited.
So then after our day of searching, we had a small dinner at my favorite greek restaurant and then we were home. What a fun day. Here is a couple more Anniversary gifts that my DH bought me. Now I know most of you women are going to go OK!!! But I cannot tell you how tickled I am to receive these gifts.

Yes, its my new pink fishing rod and reel and my new Bass Pro fishing cap. All I need is my hook which I guess I will earn when I catch my first big fish. I am so excited. I have tried a lot of hobbies in my day, but I have never given fishing a fair chance. So its time now to try something totally out of my box. My DH says that if I like fishing and I want to continue then he will buy me a pink fishing box and lures. Yes they have pink lures. All kinds of pink lures. They even have pink plastic worms. Is that not the coolest thing ever?? So now all I need is my fishing license and I will be good to go. We plan to go and buy that this coming weekend so that I will have it by our camp trip. I cannot wait to take my new rod and reel out and give it a try.

Ok, I promised to share some pictures of spiders from this past weekend. So here is my great spider pictures

I know they seem small and harmless, but to me there is nothing worse than running into a web at night and not know where the spider went. You cannot help but throw your head around like you are doing some sort of tribal dance. Its really quite freaky. Anyway, these little guys were everywhere this weekend. Along with 2 snakes that we actually saw. One slithering in front of us along the path and the other slithering into our camp area over my blanket I had laying on the ground. We decided after this weekend, that we better go buy us a snack bite kit. Anyways other than these little freaky guys, we had a very great weekend. DD and I went out on Friday and got us a camp site. Later my DH and a couple of our friends joined us for a picnic and fishing. We stayed till about 2:00 a.m. We then left and came home for the night. The snake truly freaked me out. We got up early the next morning and drove back out for more fishing and relaxing. Then after it got too hot, we came back home for a shower and dinner. After dark, we drove back out and did a little more fishing until around 1:30 a.m. I was just not able to stay the night once I saw the snakes. That is one of the main reasons I decided that primitive camping is not for me. I must have drive up, brush free camp sites. LOL!!!! I am sure though with the parks as full as they are, I will have no choice to do primitive if I want to camp this summer. So I am not saying I want do primitive, I will just say that I would rather not do primitive. Only if there is absolutely no other choice for camping, then I will do primitive. Here are some more pleasant pictures of our weekend. Spiders and snakes definitely did not ruin our fun!!! DD and her pooch relaxing and waiting for dad!!!
posing in the woods
and stopping to enjoy the flowers along the way!!
He is saying as I take this picture " I cannot believe we are doing this again"

DD's made the first catch of the day and her first fish from a lake.
Fishing with her daddy!!
another one bites the hook!!! All in all, they (as in everyone that came) caught nine over the weekend. Only 2 of them were keepers. It was still lots of fun.
Beautiful sunset over the lake!!
Enjoying a little late night swim in the cool lake water.
Resting and relaxing beside the waters!!!
I love this picture. It looks like something you would see in a fishing magazine. I took this while trying to catch up with the little spider that I saw crawling on the hat. Notice the toes in the corner. That is a very unusual site. My DH never takes his shoes off.

Night fishing is the best!!! Especially with good friends!!!
Just kicked back waiting for the fish to jump on the hook. I kept chanting
"Fishy Fishy in the lake, please jump on our hooks for Pete's sake" My DD thought that was funny!!! Anything to make her laugh!!!

Thats all folks!!! Tune in later for more Beanie Adventures!!!

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