Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long story, huge Lesson learned!!!

Ok, remember a few post back when my husband and I spent the entire day looking for the perfect campsite?? Well guess what?? It turned out not to be so perfect after all. The park itself was beautiful and the campsites were awesome, but the staff that works there has much problems. The place is http://www.hiddencovepark.com/. The reason I am sharing this address is because I want everyone to know my bad experience with them. So lets just call this a little Camping Park review.

So it started with us finding this place at the end of the day. As we went in the gates of the Park, we ask if we could just drive around and look at the place. The lady seemed nice enough and said that we would have to give her 10.00 and that if we were in and out in 30 minutes that we would get the 10.00 back. So we rushed in and looked around and we were so excited to find a place with water, electricity and plumbing. We were in there probably 15 minutes top and came back to make our reservations. The place that the lady sent us turned out to be the wrong area. We had to have a RV to be able to camp in those spots. So the second lady sent us back in and said we had a extra 30 minutes. So then we find another perfect spot. We went ahead and reserved a campsite with a shelter. Adorable little shelters. Again we were probably only in there 15 minutes. We got our spot reserved and our deposit paid. We almost left without our 10.00 and when we ask, the lady ask if we had a receipt and we looked at her strangely as we shook our heads no and then she said ok here is your 10.00. So we were happy little campers and left there with a really good feeling.. So then that night, I lay in bed thinking about those Shelters and how many people we may have join us and if they were too hot to sleep in ect... So I called my fellow camping bud and we talked and decided that perhaps we needed to go back out and look it over. We probably should get a couple of tent sites where we can have 4 tents and 16 people. So when she came down on Friday, we drove out to the camp grounds. Again, the lady said we had to pay her the 10.00 to go in and look even though we had reserved a spot. So we went in and drove around and I showed my friend the tent sites and then the site I had reserved. We both agreed that the tent site would suit our needs better. So back to the office we went. It took us only about 20 minutes. So she stays in the car and I go in. There is 2 other people in front of me. So after about 13 minutes we finally get our sites switched to the new tent sites. So a total of 38 minutes from when I drive through the gate till I drive out. Only 20 minutes in the park itself. So we get home that night and I realize (hitting hand on forehead) that I forgot to get my 10.00 back. I thought oh well, I will call in the morning and just have them apply it to my camp total.
The next morning, my husband calls the camp ground and explains the situation to the lady who took my 10.00. She says, too bad, its the next day and the money has already been counted. He without a fuss hung up the phone. I was puzzled as to why she could not add that to my camp fee. So my friend calls back out for me, as me, cause she is such a good diplomatic person when it comes to business stuff. She ask to speak to a manager and leaves her name and number for a manager or owner to call her back. So a few hours went by and the same lady calls her back. My friend starts to explain to her why she wanted to speak with a manager or owner and that we just would like to apply the 10.00 to our already reserved campsite. The lady becomes very rude with her. I could hear her loud voice across the room. They went back and forth with my friend remaining very calm, but still she refused to apply the 10.00 to our camp fee. She refused to let us talk to a manager or owner. She said they stood behind whatever decision she made about this and her decision was that she was not going to give back nor apply that 10.00 to anything. My friend accused her of stealing the 10.00 and threatened her with the sheriff department. The lady then offers her the phone number to the sheriffs department. At this point there is nothing much else that could be said. She was not concerned in pleasing the customer or making things right. Just a very rude women. Very,very rude!!! When my friend got off the phone with her, she was so angry. I think she said she had never been so angry at someone before. She was so upset that this lady caused her to loose her cool and that she refused to let her talk to the owner. So she and I discussed our decision in staying the the campsite and she just left it up to me. I told her that if they were that petty over 10.00 and did not care about good customer service and that rude to their customers, that they truly did not deserve our business. However, I did agree to sleep on it that night as not to make any hasty decisions and ruin the entire fun of others by being so hasty. When I woke up the next day I felt very unexcited about going camping at this place. It really did upset me for that lady to be so rude to us and to steal our 10.00. It might not been much to her or the campsite, but it was a lot to us. Besides it was not just about 10.00. It was a moral issue that bothered me the most. By the end of the day I had finally come to the decision that I wanted nothing else to do with them. I was not going to be happy going to that place. So my sweet husband and I got in the car and went back out looking for a new place and having to deal with HER again. We met up with some of our other camping friends and we spent the evening driving around our local state park together. We had a great time looking at all the places we wanted to defiantly camp at in the future. All of them being electric/water ones, which were already taken at this time. In order to get those spots you have to reserve several weeks in advance. However, we did end up finding a wonderful, wonderful primitive site, not near as primitive as the past sites we had stayed in. This one was actually 10 giant steps to the parking lot and right on the lake water. There was water nearby and bathrooms and then even nicer bathrooms with showers, playground, swimming area all in near walking distance. These sites are located on the peak of the park where the beach area and picnic sites were also located. Also near by was a store. So I was again a very HAPPY CAMPER!!! A very excited HAPPY CAMPER!!! We reserved a couple of spots and now are making our plans to go camping this weekend. We actually have plans to leave on Thursday morning, but I am busy talking my husband into leaving Wednesday night if we get everything together in time. I am just dying to try out my new pink Rod and Reel.
Oh and we did call back out to the Hidden Cove place and ask for our deposit back. She said it would be Wednesday before she could put that back on our card. So we shall see. It is 50.00 deposit, but we loose another 10.00 for canceling. Figures!! So we are ok with that as long as we never have to deal with them again. So hopefully all we have lost is 20.00 in the process, but learned a huge lesson. We will stick with state parks and leave the private parks alone. So my advice to you from this experience with this place is if you ever decide to go to this park, get a receipt for the 10.00 you pay to go in and look and whatever you do, do not forget to get your 10.00 back before you leave the park. You can kiss it goodbye if you do. Other than that, you will probably have a great time. Its really a very nice looking park from the few times I was able to go in and look.

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