Saturday, June 21, 2008

Card RAK and Challenge

When I opened my mail today, I received a wonderful surprise. A fellow Bella RAK from CinderellaBella. This is EmmaBella. Isn't she just the cutest Bella. I can never get enough of the Bella's . They are the funnest stamps ever. Thank you so much Sista CinderellaBella for the awesome card. LOVE IT!!!

Last night I completed my card challenge for last week. The challenge was a card sketch which is below. I found this card sketch on Lucy creates and offers up some of the best sketches ever to play with. Thank you Lucy for all the wonderful page and card sketches that you create for us to use. I love them all.

This is my card below
What I really enjoyed about this card was all the layers that I did. The yellow checks is popped up with mounting tape and then the striped paper is popped up with double mounting tape and then the middle sunshine is popped up. So much fun to layer the paper. I love card challenges cause they really make you think outside the box. Sketches are one of my favorite. cause they give you just enough idea to get you started and your creation is always satisfactory. I guess you could say I am also a sketchaholic amongst all the other things I enjoy obsessing about .


elizabeth said...

That card is unbelievably awesome! So cool how you used the suns - I would NEVER have come up with that on my own!!!

Lucy Chesna said...

this is awesome..great card and thanks for using the rocked with the my sketch world sketch