Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Whats up with ME!!!!

Hello Blog friends, Yes I am still alive. Its been a crazy March for me. I am very glad April is here. Every since my beloved MIL passed, we have just been in a whirl wind. I really cannot say for sure what I have been doing, but I just know I have felt very busy. One of the things going on right now is that my SIL fell and broke her right leg and right arm. It was the strangest story ever in how she did that. She had just gotten back from a motorcycle trip with her girlfriends. When she parked her bike in the driveway, she noticed a dead chicken in the yard. She is a farm lady and has chickens, lots of dogs, cats, cows ect... Anyway, she went out and picked up the chicken and started looking for the dog that she figured was the cause. She found her in the garage. So with this chicken in one hand, she began swinging it towards the dog. Mostly she was trying to scold her with the chicken to make a point. Well instead she scared the dog and she come flying out from under some stuff in the garage and somehow ran into my SIL's leg and her ankle popped and then she went flying to the ground on her shoulder. She broke her ankle in 2 places and shoved her arm bone into her shoulder ball socket and cracked it. So now she is in a cast arm and leg. What a mess she is in. This is a women who is one of the busiest people I know. She really did not have time for this sort of injury. She has a long recovery ahead. I have gone to her house for the last 2 weeks off and on and helping her do some of her daily chores. I have discovered that I am defiantly a CITY GIRL!!!! No Green Acres for me!!! So with that said, I hope that she mends very quickly and is back on her feet soon. Only she has the love of all of her animals to care for them the way they need caring.

This week before going to her house, I wanted to take to her my MIL's(her mother) memory book that the Funeral Home gave to us at the Funeral. I wanted to add some stuff in the book so that it would be complete. I would like to share with you some pictures of what I did to the book.

You will notice I did not journal on the pages. I figure there was enough said. She was a awesome lady and the pictures and pages just say all that needs to be said. I really do hope that some day my SIL finds joy within these pages. Joy knowing that her Mother was the most awesome Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Great, Great Grandmother and Mother-n-Law.

Now my plan is to make my D little D a Nana healing book. She has been so broken hearted and I thought maybe having book of Nana to sit and look at would bring her healing and closure. Something we can sit down together and look through and talk about the past 8 years. I decided that I wanted her book to be mostly pictures of her Nana since she was born. Those are the days that she will remember the most and that would bring her the most loving memories. I plan to get started on this very soon. Then after that, I plan to start my family album. I have been working for years on my children's books, but I think now its time to start working on my family album. I want to include my grandparents, my parents, his grand parents, and parents and our friends and family events. Lots of things I want to do and hopefully I will be able to make some progress in the next few months.

Next Saturday I have another craft show. I have mostly all the stuff from the last one. I do hope to sell most of it this time. If not, than I will save it for the fall. No matter, it will be a fun day with my friends. Any day with friends is a great day!!!

After that, I should be able to start blogging more. So please do not give up on me. Keep coming back to visit and see whats up with ME!!!


Karen said...

Your album is beautiful! Those pictures are incredible. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your DD!!

Shelley - My Scrappin' Mimi said...

Dear Jeanie,
How lovely and wonderful this life tribute is! I know it's the first of 3, but you are definetly on track and I'm so proud of this project which I know was filled with love, devotion, and miles of heartstrings.
Hugs, Shelley

Stacey said...

What a wonderful job you did with the memmory book!!! What a beautiful way to memoralize someone. It is just gorgeous and it was a great idea to do this and dress this book up. I'm sure that in time all of the family will really appreciate it.

Love ya',