Monday, April 21, 2008

Picture perfect Weekend!!!

What a great weekend we had. Boy did we need that too!!!
It started with Friday night. I met 5 of my friends at our local scrapbook store for a little girlfriend time. We had a really great time laughing and talking. Its been a while since we were all together like that. It was nice to catch up on life happenings. I managed to get one layout done in my Nana album. Its going to be a beautiful album when I am done. I just love the colors of paper I am using.
So Saturday we were suppose to wake up and do some remodeling work around the house. My living room is in bad need of painting. First before we started painting, my DH had to scrap the icky popcorn off the ceiling. I have hated that look since I have lived here for the last 9 years. I am happy to say that now all the popcorn from my ceilings have now been removed. He also had to sand a wall that we had added in our living room. We had planned on going to get the paint and start painting, but we kind of ran into a snag. A few years ago we had put in a wall to seperate 2 rooms. After sanding, the wall we added is not blending as well as we had expected with the wall that was already there. So now we are not sure what to do. While asking the advice of a friend, he said, that if we do not get the two areas to blend, than there is no way we can paint the wall brown as I had hoped. The dark color will show all the imperfections. He said it would be better to go with a light color. Well I do not want a light color. I want a dark color. (stomping my feet) What do we do??? He said we need to apply more goop and do more sanding. My DH says he thinks if we just buy some texture, it will cover. I am just shaking my head at the two of them. I am not sure to trust either one of their ideas. LOL!!! Need more advice.... DADDY???? LOL!!!! Soooooooo with that said, we decided to chunk the whole idea of Saturday remodeling, and take our sweet dog to the dog park. What a fun event that was. I was amazed at how all the dogs were out there playing together. Like children. We did realize though once we got there, that we needed his dog tags. Makes perfect since. DRRRRRR!!! So we were not able to enter the dog area. We decided just to take him around the back side of the park and let him play in the pond area. Oh boy did he like that. Like a duck in water. He had a blast chasing the ball out into the water and bringing it back. After several throws, he was very tired doggy. He is only a few years old, but he is very out of shape. Lots of panting. Here are some pictures I took.
On the way home, I looked back at him and he was just sitting and looking out the window very quitely. Not the hyper dog he usually is. He just looked so happy and content.

So after our dog park event, we collapsed on the couch for a while and watched the movie Nim's Island. What a very cute movie. You can watch movies on your computer by going to one of these sites
There is no downloading or copying that you have to do and the best part is they are free. You just pick the movie you want to watch and you watch it. Some of the movies are better quality than others. Its kind of a hit and miss kind of thing. We love it though cause you can sometimes get lucky and see a movie before it even gets to the theater. Cool huh!!!
So then after the movie we got dressed and headed to some of our friends house. We all went out to eat at this place called the Bavarian Grill What a really cool place to eat. Lots of funness everywhere. You could just look around the room and just enjoy watching people laughing, singing, drinking beer, music, and even a train making its way around the restaurant. I could really learn to like this sort of German lifestyle. Here is the train that made a continuous run around the restaurant. Very cool. My DH trying to figure out what the heck to order. It was kind of hilarious actually, because he had (just guessing) a Asian waitress trying to explain to him German food. He could not read the menu, nor could he understand the waitress. LOL!!! She was very sweet and patient though. Nothing better than good German Tea!!! Right "R.D."!!!!!
Smile!!!Your on Candid Camera!!!Just waiting for the husband to decide what he wants to order. LOL!!!!

My son from another mother!!! I must say Shell's, we really do know how to produce handsome sons!!!
What I gathered from this experience, Germans eat lots of potatoes!!!There was probably 4 different kinds of potatoes to choose.
The appetizer was Potato Cakes.
The main course was sausage, potato salad and some sort of noodles. Mostly taste like macaroni and cheese without the cheese and a brown gravy. I think I was suppose to put the gravy on my noodles, but for some reason that just did not seem politically correct. So I left the gravy alone. Very different I should say. The smoked sausage was excellent!!! I think next time I will order the baked chicken and mashed potatoes that Kadie ordered. Now that was yummy!!! Very good place to eat and I totally recommend it if you are looking for something different.
No evening can be complete without Braums icecream.YUM! YUM! the cutest little chocolate face EVER!!!!

The evening ended with a awesome movie back at home. We all laid around the couches like beached whales. The movie was called We Own the Night Very good movie!! Kept you on the edge most of the times. Defiantly no sleeper movie!! Well for most of us anyway!! (wink,wink) I do Love Joaquin Phoenix
Thank you R.D., Shells, "A" and Bre for a wonderful fun evening around the town. You are the best!!!
Sunday was a lazy day!! I did not remove my bottom from the couch until 5:30 in the evening. Which then we got dressed to meet another fun couple at the Movie Tavern. We went to see the movie "Forbidden Kingdom". It was fair to middle. I am not a big fan of these types of movies, but this one packed some adventure and excitement. I was not bored anyway!!! The company was awesome though. I think Stac and I talked through most of the movie. Perhaps that is why it did not seem boring. They messed up her order and so we were planning our complaint stradegy at the end!!! LOL!!! One of these days maybe they will get the movie/dinner thing down. I have been going to this place for at least 2 years and still they cannot get it right. Oh well, it was a great time no matter. Thanks Stac, K, and D for joining us at the movies.

Now did we get any remodeling done to our house??? Well not much other than the few things I mentioned above. However, we did get my trash to treasure bed out and my DH did his magic in turning a very ugly, beatup water bed frame into a beautiful regular full or queen size bed frame. He cut the sides down to fit the mattress width and length and then raised the frame up from the floor some, then built a frame around the inside to hold the bed slates up. He said all he needs to do to make it queen is move the frame to the outside of the headboard. Then it will fit a queen size mattress. He also did some sanding. So now all is left is to prime and paint. This sort of stuff gets me very excited. He is soooooo good at doing this. I really do think we need to start a business doing this. Oh and I forgot to mention that I found some more treasures in our neighbor/friends trash. He has been cleaning out the garage to build a poker room for all the guys. I walked over yesterday to fetch my D.H. and while I was there, I found myself several treasures from his trash. I was tickled when he said I could have them. Now I must say its not near as thrilling when you have permission to take the trash. I love the drive up and load quickly thrill of curbside shopping. You know the trash and dash version!!! (silly me) Anyways, I will share those new treasures in my next post. So stay tuned for more of Jeanie Beanie's Trash to Treasures!!!! I may have to start me another blog on this subject!!!

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