Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Junk in my Trunk!!!

Ok, I have been thrifty shopping and I have to show you my latest finds. I was so excited to get these items at such cheap prices.

These are leather lamp shades. They only cost me 10.00 for both of them. I am in the process of redecorating my living room and wanted to add a splash of western to it. These shades added the perfect touch that I needed. Oh and easy to clean they will be. Thank you to whoever decided to get rid of these wonderful shades.

I am also redecorating my spare bedroom. I wanted to make it more old world/antique looking in honor of one of my friends who comes to stay with me often. I found this awesome glass lamp and shade for 6.99. It is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect fit. This is a shoe rack. At first I thought it was a towel rack for drying wet towels, but the lady said it was a shoe rack. Well now its a ribbon rack. I am really thrilled to find this, because now my ribbon is all out where I can see it. I really thought I had more ribbon than this. Guess I need to go do some more shopping. (wink,wink)

I have one more thing to share, I found the most beautiful headboard and foot board on the curb in my neighborhood. I know you are looking at this picture and thinking "Beautiful?" Well in my eyes it is beautiful because I am already looking past the flaws and looking at its potential. I really can see the beauty in old things. I guess its kind of a gift I have. I really cannot wait to redo it and put it in my spare room. Its going to be a gorgeous piece and probably one of my most ultimate finds thus far. I plan to paint it either dark brown or black. "Paint?" Yes, paint!! I am all about painting furniture these days. Its amazing what a little paint and varnish can do and its so easy!!! I will send out pictures as soon as it is finished.

I truly love other peoples junk!!!

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elizabeth said...

LOVE the leather lampshades!!!

And you crack me up with your curb shopping! I do indeed this bed will be gorgeous when you're done - they always are. :)