Saturday, February 09, 2008

What a Week!!!

Woooooweeee, what a week!!! I have spent most of it at the hospital. My MIL is real sick again. Way back a few post, I talked about her being sick. Well we are back in bad shape, but even worse. We are not sure what to expect. She has been in ICU for 4 days with a infection that started in her lungs and now is moving over the body. Besides having her 80 year old age against her, she has congestive heart and emfazema from smoking for 56 years. She quit 10 years ago, but it was too late. So she is a very sick lady to begin with and now she has a infection to fight. We love her very much, especially my 8 year old Daughter. They are like 2 peas in a pod. So it will be very sad to loose her. So please lots of Prayers that she will pull through this and have many more years with us.

As for me, I have had a very sore,sore throat, cough, cough and more cough. Oh and don't forget the cough, cough, pee, pee. I really do hate having a weak bladder. I love my kids very much, but they left me with a weak bladder and that part I am not very happy about. So every time I cough, I have to squeeze those legs together and hope for the best. Its just no fun!!! But my children sure are adorable!!! I guess they were worth the sacrifice of a little ole weak bladder. (rolling my eyes)

Speaking of kids, my Daughter and my Son, whom does not even live with us, is sick with the same sore throat and cough. My husband is fighting it, but it seems to be getting him down as well. With trying to be at the hospital with his mother and fighting whatever this is, he is just worn out. I thought it was a really bad allergy attack, but I talked to my friend Dawn and she said her Daughter was also sick with the same symptoms. So now I am not sure. Something is in the air.

I did want to give you a WW update. I am now at 6.4 pounds. The last few weeks have been small losses. .2 and .6 and even though they were still a loss, nothing really to brag about. So at my last meeting, my leader talked about the 1 and 2 point snacks and how carb loaded they could be. So she challenged us to not eat as many carb points and get more veggies and protein points. So I did and it worked. I lost 2 pounds this week. I wonder what it would have been like if I had, had a chance to exerise. One of these days I may have time for that. I am sure it would go faster if I did, but for now I am happy with my 1 pound a week.

I did not have a lot of time, nor did I feel like doing much in the way of crafts or scrapbooking this week, but I did manage to stamp a little. I needed to make some little Valentine goodies for friends, so I got my new Stampin Up Valentine set, which I love and made 35 of these little darlings.
My Stampin Up Demostrator Denise , showed us how to make these cute little treat thingy majigers!!! Sorry I do not know what they are called, but they are fun to make. You take a strip of paper 6 x 1 1/2 and score it at 3 1/2 and then again at 2 1/2. Then you fold it up and add adhesive to the top to keep the sides together and closed. Stamp the stamp of choice (hopefully this cute little tag from the above set) on white cardstock and then cut it out either using a tag punch or cutting with sissors about 1/8 around the edge and then add it to red cardstock and use a little bit bigger tag punch or again with your sissors cut again about 1/8 around the edge. Stick it to the folded piece. Punch two holes with your Crop-a-dile or hole punch along the top of your image(see photo below) and then add your ribbon. Then just add your chocolate on the inside.

There you have it. A cute little Valentines for your friends.

Well I am off to sleep land. You must know I am not feeling well when I go to bed at 10:30 on a Saturday night. Please, Please send up those prayers for my sweet MIL!!!! I will keep you posted of her conditon.

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