Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Tribute to my MIL

My heart is heavy!!! It saddens me to tell you that my sweet MIL has passed away from this earth and although she is in a much better place from which we are most thankful for, we are left here in a very sad state of heart and mind. She died last Thursday at 1:00 p.m. after a 2 1/2 week illness from a infection that started in her lungs and then spread rapidly throughout her body. Even with 3 antibotics, she was just too frail and weak to fight it off. We had her funeral yesterday(Monday the 25th). She is now resting peacefully with Jesus!!! I would like to share some of the pictures from the slide show that we had at her service. Anna Doris

September 27, 1927-February 21, 2008

She was a real looker!!! A very classy lady. As long as I knew her, she loved flowers and bows in her hair. Even when her hair was short, she still wore them. Dresses, clip-on earrings, watches, necklaces, purses, and high heel shoes. I remember spending hours at JC Penny and Sears shopping for them all. If she bought a new dress, she bought a new purse, accessories and shoes. Everything had to match perfectly. Her favorite colors were Red, Pink, and Yellow. The Brighter, the Better. She was always trying to dress me up too. She hated that I was not a frilly kind of girl and that all I wore was the color black and t-shirts, jeans and tennyshoes. There were many times that she bought me dresses in hopes that I would change and wear them. On occasion, just to make her happy, I would!!! Because of her, I now own my very own, very bright, yellow flowered dress!!! Maybe one day, I will be as classy as her.
Her and my FIL on their wedding day February 6, 1945. 63 years ago!!! Her and my children on Easter a few years ago. She always went out and bought my children Easter outfits and shoes. She wanted them to look their best on this special day!!! Dresses, frilly socks, new shoes, and nice shirts. She would have liked my Son to wear a suit, but that was not going to happen. The best she could get him to do was a nice shirt. She would have been very proud of him at her service yesturday. He was so handsome in his suit and tie. He did it just for his Nana!!!
She also bought dozens of plastic eggs and filled them with change and 1.00 bills that she had saved up. My kids loved hunting Nana's Easter eggs. They will really miss her this Easter. She always made that day very special. ALWAYS!!!!

Her most favorite thing to do was to sit in her swing on her front porch. She would swing for hours when the weather was nice. Sometimes she would just sit and drink coffee, and watch the birds. Other times she would sit and crochet or read. Of course here in this picture, she is sitting in my swing. which is identical to hers, and smiling really big, cause her son was sitting with her. My husband is 1 out of 3 children. He is her baby boy, and she adored every inch of him. He just said today, one of the things he will miss most, is her sitting on her front porch on her swing. I am sure there will be lots of things he will miss about his Mother. She left us with lots of wonderful memories that we will cherish and spend talking about for many years to come. We will never forget her.

The last pictures I took of her were this past Christmas(2007). She had left us to go stay with my SIL (her daughter) for a while right before Thanksgiving. She was so happy to see us when we went to visit her at Christmas. We almost did not go. I am so thankful we did, or we would have not gotten these precious pictures and last Christmas memories of her. My DD loved her Nana and said she was her best friend. She really was a wonderful Nana. We will miss her so much!!!
Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!!!!!


PattieJ said...

Jeanie, I am so sorry for your loss:( (((HUGS))) What beautiful memories you have of her... sounds like she was a beautiful person. I lost my MIL a few years back and I miss her so much. I was closer to her then my own Mom. Reading your post has me crying and I never even met your MIL....


Lulu said...

oh how very sad..I am sorry..Its always so sad to lose a loved one..