Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Happy Birthday to Me and Abraham Lincoln!!! I use to think that was so cool to have the same birthday as a US President. LOL!!! I am now the big 45. Its hard to believe I am already halfway through my 40's. So I guess I can now say I am in my MID 40's when someone ask. My friend Stacey brought me some flowers, cupcakes and a card. That was very sweet of her and really one of the highlights of my day. That and my friend Elizabeth calling and singing Happy Birthday to me, the many Happy Birthday emails I received throughout the day, my son and mother calling and my Carmel Frapp that my DH brought me. Does not get better than that. I am very blessed!!! My DD and I have been very sick the last few days with SOMETHING. I am not sure it was the FLU, but it was probably just as bad. I was thinking for me it was more like severe sinus infection, but it could have been Flu. We had achiness, coughing, severe sore throat, low grade fever, nausa, head and chest congestion, sneezing. Just plain miserable. Thank you Lord!!! we are on the upside now that the fever has gone. Its amazing at how much better you feel when the fever goes. My saving grace through this was all the awesome prayers from my friends and family(THANK YOU),my adorable sweet husband (THANK YOU), salt water, EmergenC, Tylenol Sore Throat, Halls Fruit Breezers and this wonderful Tea that some lady gave to us in the chineese resturant(THANK YOU). Drinking this warm tea made my throat feel so good. I am now hooked. I do not know who she was, but I would love to give her a huge hug for introducing me to this wonderful Tea.
My MIL is now out of ICU and resting comfortably in a private room. However, she is not doing a whole lot better yet. She kind of comes in and out of reality right now. The doctor insist its because of the infection and we just have to wait. It could be 10 days before we see a improvment. So we will continue to wait.

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