Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hump Day Weekly Update!!!

Ok, just a quick mid week post to let you know that all seems to be ok with WW. I am having a little problem getting all my points in for the day though. I never thought it would be hard to do, cause I love to eat. Anyways, when you are eating 1 and 2 point foods, its hard to get them all in. I think it will just take me a little time to get in the swing of eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually only eat 1 or 2 big meals and snack the rest of the day. Now I am not snacking as much and still not eating all 3 meals. My other problem is with water. I just cannot seem to get enough water in for the day. I really do not like drinking just plain water and every since I had my kidney surgery, I am not able to drink anything with Citric Acid. All the yummy diet drink mixes have Citric Acid. So its really hard for me to get my water in every day. I love Tea, but then there is the lovely caffeine that I am not suppose to have. So whats a girl to do??? Must find a way to drink water. That is my challenge.
Exercise has been going good. I have done Richard S. on Sunday, which nearly killed me. I have been so sore all week. I have walked 1 1/2 miles on Monday, took a break on Tuesday, and walked again tonight. Mostly uphill. It took us 45 minutes to do the 1 1/2 mile. I was shocked. It felt like we were walking fast, but obviously if it took us 45 minutes, we are moving like turtles. My husband says its because of all the hills. Perhaps it does slow us down a bit, but we really do need to get moving if we want to do any good. I guess I will not worry so much right now since it is our first week. Probably good to take it slow. If I move any faster, I really will get sore and then I want, want to do it at all. After all, the turtle did win the race!!!

Ok. so here is what I have been eating this week. Its been one of those weeks where I have not felt like doing a lot of cooking. Breakfast and lunches have mostly been yogurt smoothies,waffles and peanut butter sandwiches with soy milk. Most people that know me, know I hate peanut butter. But I am trying really hard to eat it for the nutrition value. I use the 35 calorie bread and I only do about 1 tablespoon of the peanut butter and spread it on very thin. So it only equals to 3 1/2 points. My soy milk is 2 points, so together I have 5 point lunch. Its really filling too. Dinner on Tuesday night, we had South Beach pizza and salad. With my low fat Catalina dressing it was a total of 9 points. I love these pizzas. They are made with whole grain breading. The veggie one is my favorite and probably the better out of the 3 they have, for nutrition.

For dinner tonight I had 3 hotdogs. I bet you are thinking 3 hotdogs is a lot. Well I was hungry and because they were only 3 points each, I indulged. I used the fat free hotdogs which are only 1 point each and are really good if you split them open and then cook them in a pan with cooking spray. I like to burn them. I used the 35 calorie bread which is only 1 point for 2 slices. My light mayo and mustard and light cheese were only 1 point, because I only used them sparingly and stayed way under serving size. So with them only being 3 points each, I decided to have 3 hotdogs. So that was a total of 9 points. I also had a hand full of potato chips. That was a extra 4 points. I had some extra points left over and so I thought it would help me use some of them.
For my sweet tooth and snacks, I have been eating jello fruit cups, fresh strawberries, peaches and cereal bars. All are no more than 2 points per serving. I try to eat at least 3 of these a day. No problem getting those foods down. I look forward to my snacks. I add just a little bit of whip cream to the fruit. It just makes it seem more special when you doll it up a bit with the whip cream. My favorite is the Jello Fruit Passions. There are only 2 in a package, but they are sooooo yummy and they are only 1 point for the little container that really is pretty big serving. I did realize tonight though that I am going to have to eat these in moderation, cause they do have citric acid. Darnit!!! They are sooo good though.
So that's it. That is what I have been eating this week so far. Tomorrow I plan to cook a roast in the crock pot and have baked potato and salad for dinner. I have already figured my points on the WW website and its 9 points for the total meal if you stay within serving size. I really do love their build a meal they have on the site. You can put in your ingredients and it tells you exactly what the points will be. I love that. cause then I can use food I already have in the house and make a meal. That is probably my favorite part of the website so far.

As for my hobbies, I have been putting in lots of thinking about it, but still have not started anything. I am feeling very overwhelmed this week for some reason. I will get it together though and amaze you with my talents. LOL!!!! Just keep checking back. TTFN


PattieJ said...

Well it sounds like you are doing great with the WW's! Now you are getting me excited about it enough to want to join up again. I will have to check out the Richard Simmons site you mentioned in your other post, I've never been there. I have "walk away the pounds" dvd's by leslie sandstone. course, I haven't used them since last year or longer. I need to get motivated to move ! Which I just can't seem to do. All of my hobbies, like sewing and crocheting involve just sitting there. lol.
Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

I am rootin for ya! Your menu makes my mouth water! I am just an ole eat on the run junk food junkie!