Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Clean Heart/Clean House!!!

Hey there fellow bloggers!!! Wow, time flys when your having fun!!! I have been having fun working on craft projects for my craft show this last few weeks. The show is March 8th and I will be doing it with my friend Dawn. We are so excited about this. I use to do crafts years ago, and was always by myself. It was fun, but I always prayed to the Lord for a friend to share the fun with. Then I met Dawn and she loves to do crafts. God is so good to me!!! Anyway here are some things I have been making. The first picture is 3 small altered clipboards. These were very fun and I plan to make more. I also plan to make some of the larger clipboards as well.
Next are 2 wooden plaques that I painted pink and then covered with the Nana's nursery paper. I love this paper. Since these were for baby girls, I left them kind of plain, because I wanted them to be simple, clean, and danty. I plan to cut out some letters and numbers with my Cricut, and offer to put a name or date on the plaque if they would like. I will also include a stand in the price. Price? I have no clue yet. I was thinking around 10.00 for the plaques and 8.00 for the clipboards, but I am still gathering advice about that. That is probably the hardest part. Trying to figure out what to charge.
I have finished my rag quilt, but I have not taken it to be washed yet. So once I get it washed, I promise to share a picture with you. It turned out beautiful and I really do not want to sell it. I have bought more fabric to start another. Thats it so far. I have so many ideas of things I want to make, but I have a feeling that time will get away from me and I want get near as much done as I would like.

Speaking of time, I have been spending this past 2 weeks preparing to do a 52 week devotional called A Clean Heart. I found this first on a blog, that I frequent often called Crafty Obsessions. Thank you Pattie for sharing this blog. After spending several days on the Clean Heart blog, I decided it was perfect for me. So, I went out and bought myself a pretty little pink binder and I have been printing and orgainzing all week. I am hoping and looking very forward to getting this started this coming Monday. This lady who created this Clean Heart blog, is a homeschool mom just like me. The difference being, she has about 5 more children than I do. So I figure if she can make this work for her, than surly, I will be able to make it work for me. There is a 52 week bible devotional. with scripture memorization ect.... I am so loving that part. There is a 8 week cleaning and orgainizing challenge for your home, with to do list, ect.... Boy, do I need that. So I am hoping after all is said and done, I will be a new women. My heart being clean and then my house. Anyways, if you are looking to clean your heart and home, I defiantely recommend you to check out her blog. I think you too will find what you are looking for and be as excited as I am to do it.
My WW report for last Saturday is...... that I lost .6 pounds. That is not a lot to brag about, but that brings my total to 4 pounds, which means I am right on track for my 1 pound a week. So I am happy. I am finding it very hard to fit exercise into my day. I am not one that is fond of exercising, so I just keep pushing it later into the day, till there is no time in the day left. I know if I would fit that in to my day, I would loose weight a lot faster. Thats just how my body works. It needs to move, in order to loose. I know this, but try to ignore it. So next week, when I start my Clean Heart, I plan to fit that in my daily schudule. That and many other things. So wish me luck, as I finish up this weeks preparation, for my NEW CLEAN HEART and CLEAN HOUSE!!!


Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing that link to the Clean Heart Devotional! I found your blog from Bowls-n-Annie's blog. - Kathy at

Jeanne said...

Diggin' those clipboards. Nice work!