Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Clean Heart/Clean House!!!

Hey there fellow bloggers!!! Wow, time flys when your having fun!!! I have been having fun working on craft projects for my craft show this last few weeks. The show is March 8th and I will be doing it with my friend Dawn. We are so excited about this. I use to do crafts years ago, and was always by myself. It was fun, but I always prayed to the Lord for a friend to share the fun with. Then I met Dawn and she loves to do crafts. God is so good to me!!! Anyway here are some things I have been making. The first picture is 3 small altered clipboards. These were very fun and I plan to make more. I also plan to make some of the larger clipboards as well.
Next are 2 wooden plaques that I painted pink and then covered with the Nana's nursery paper. I love this paper. Since these were for baby girls, I left them kind of plain, because I wanted them to be simple, clean, and danty. I plan to cut out some letters and numbers with my Cricut, and offer to put a name or date on the plaque if they would like. I will also include a stand in the price. Price? I have no clue yet. I was thinking around 10.00 for the plaques and 8.00 for the clipboards, but I am still gathering advice about that. That is probably the hardest part. Trying to figure out what to charge.
I have finished my rag quilt, but I have not taken it to be washed yet. So once I get it washed, I promise to share a picture with you. It turned out beautiful and I really do not want to sell it. I have bought more fabric to start another. Thats it so far. I have so many ideas of things I want to make, but I have a feeling that time will get away from me and I want get near as much done as I would like.

Speaking of time, I have been spending this past 2 weeks preparing to do a 52 week devotional called A Clean Heart. I found this first on a blog, that I frequent often called Crafty Obsessions. Thank you Pattie for sharing this blog. After spending several days on the Clean Heart blog, I decided it was perfect for me. So, I went out and bought myself a pretty little pink binder and I have been printing and orgainzing all week. I am hoping and looking very forward to getting this started this coming Monday. This lady who created this Clean Heart blog, is a homeschool mom just like me. The difference being, she has about 5 more children than I do. So I figure if she can make this work for her, than surly, I will be able to make it work for me. There is a 52 week bible devotional. with scripture memorization ect.... I am so loving that part. There is a 8 week cleaning and orgainizing challenge for your home, with to do list, ect.... Boy, do I need that. So I am hoping after all is said and done, I will be a new women. My heart being clean and then my house. Anyways, if you are looking to clean your heart and home, I defiantely recommend you to check out her blog. I think you too will find what you are looking for and be as excited as I am to do it.
My WW report for last Saturday is...... that I lost .6 pounds. That is not a lot to brag about, but that brings my total to 4 pounds, which means I am right on track for my 1 pound a week. So I am happy. I am finding it very hard to fit exercise into my day. I am not one that is fond of exercising, so I just keep pushing it later into the day, till there is no time in the day left. I know if I would fit that in to my day, I would loose weight a lot faster. Thats just how my body works. It needs to move, in order to loose. I know this, but try to ignore it. So next week, when I start my Clean Heart, I plan to fit that in my daily schudule. That and many other things. So wish me luck, as I finish up this weeks preparation, for my NEW CLEAN HEART and CLEAN HOUSE!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Eye of the Tiger!!!!

This week with WW, I lost 1 pound. I know that does not sound like much, but actually I am very thrilled, cause I had thought I had not lost any weight. I had a few high point days last week and did not exercise as much as the week before, so I just had a feeling I had not lost a pound. So to loose 1 pound was great news. That means I am still on track for my 1 pound a week, bringing my grand total of 3.6 pounds lost in 2 weeks. I am ahead of the game. So as you can see, it really was a lot more than it sounds. Now I start a new week with new goals. This week I want to drink more water, exercise at least 3 days, eat more vegetables with my meals and loose another pound. I have some great recipe ideas I want to try. If they are fantastic than of course I plan to share. So keep checking back.

This weekend was a most wonderful weekend. On Saturday I had almost ALL of my friends here at my house for a huge scrapbook crop. I think there was 10 of us here. I really did find out just how many people I could have at my house to crop at one time. I was really surprised to find out that I could have had even more than 10. My house is very small, but because it has such a open floor plan and because I have a pretty good size scrapbook room, I am able to fit lots of people here to scrapbook. That is so very exciting to know. That means we will be having lots of crops at my house this year and I will be able to invite EVERYONE!!!! YIPPY!!!!

I have to brag just a little bit. My BFF Elizabeth, whom was one of the ones that I missed this weekend, was in a 5K race, in which she FINISHED!!!! YOU GO ELIZABETH!!!! You can read about it on her blog She is our very own ROCKY BALBOA!!! and we (her friends) are so proud of her!!!!! We will just call her ROCKETTE BALBOA!!!! Cause she really does ROCK!!! This is for you Elizabeth.....

Risin up,
back on the street,
did my time,
took my chances.
Went the distance,
now I'm back on my feet,
just a woman and her will to survive.
So many times
it happens too fast,
you trade your passion for glory.
don't lose your grip

on the dreams of the past,
you must fight
just to keep them alive.
It's the eye of the tiger,
its the cream of the fight.
Risin up to the challenge
of our rivals.
And the last known survivor,
stalks her prey in the night and
she's watching us all with
the eye of the tiger.
Face to face, out
in the heat , hanging
tough, stayin hungry.
The stack, the odds,
still we take to the street
for the kill,
with the skill to survive...
It's the eye of the tiger,
its the cream of the fight,
risin up to the challenge
of our rivals.
And the last known survivor,
stalks her prey
in the night and
she's watching us
all with the
eye of the tiger.
Risin up
straight to the top,
had the guts,
got the glory.
Went the distance,
now I'm not gonna stop,
just a woman and her will to survive.
It's the eye of the tiger,
its the cream of the fight,
risin up to the challenge of our rivals.
And the last known survivor, stalks her prey

in the night, and
she's watching us all
with the eye of the tiger.
The eye of the tiger......The eye of the tiger......The eye of the tiger......

Love ya girl!!!

Lastly, I wanted to say that I am still working on my rag quilt. I am ALMOST done. SHWWWWW!!!! I am in the snipping process now and boy are my fingers, wrist and arm tired. However, the pain will be worth it. I will have a finished project done this week. I am so proud of that fact. I actually went out and bought stuff to make a rag quilt and I actually made the quilt. That is sooooooo huge for me!!!!! Now I am not sure its going to be worthy enough for a craft show though. My squares did not meet up on every corner. I tried hard to make that happen, but sewing through all the layers was very difficult. So I guess I will have to do better on the next one. This one may be a gift or I may just have to keep it since it is my very first quilt EVER!!!! I will take pictures just as soon as I am done and share. Oh and its a 11x12 size. I ended up with a few extra squares and it was enough for another row. It is really going to be the perfect size for a nice cozy nap on the couch. I can't wait!!! Everyone have a great Monday!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I finally got my squares cut out for my rag quilt. I am so excited. After all fabric was cut, it gave me enough squares for a 10x11 quilt. I have no clue how big that is, but I guess I will be finding out very soon. Since I am making this quilt for a craft show, I tried to pick colors that I thought most people would like and would purchase. What do you think? The price for the fabric was a great bargin and hopefully it will give me enough room to actually make a few dollars for my time. Its a mixture of cotten and flannel with a flannel lining. I have no idea of what to expect from this quilt, but we shall see very soon.

Its now time to start sewing. I am so excited!!!!! OOPS!!! I think I already said that!!!!

I just had a very funny moment that I had to share. I have never hit the spell check and actually spelled all my words correct. I thought for a second my spell check was broken. WOW!!! Homeschooling is starting to pay off. (wink, wink) T.T.F.N.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I am a LOOSER!!!

Hello Friends, I am thinking this past week just flew by. That's because it was our last week before school started back. We homeschool and so we had a extra week longer than the public schools. Its our way of being just a little bit different. We like to take longer vacations. I love having that freedom. Anyway, the week did go fast, cause here it is Monday and I have not posted since Wednesday of last week. Friday night, I invited my girlfriends over for some crop/craft time. I fixed them my special dinner and dessert. We had the most wonderful time together and the best part of the evening was to look around the room and see all the different hobbies going on at the same table. One friend was knitting, one was quilting, I was beading. It was a great and interesting night with great conversations around the table. Time just went so fast. Before we knew it, it was midnight and then 1:00 and then 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. Most left at 2:00, but one of my friends spent the night and so we were up till 4:00. We just talked and talked and talked mostly about how fun the night was. Here is a recipe for the dessert that I prepared them. It is Applebee's Copy Cat Raspberry Chocolate Cake on the WW menu.
Raspberry Chocolate Cake

2 cups flour

1 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1 stick of butter

1 cup of splenda

1 cup of sugar

2/3 cup of unsweetened cocoa

1/2 cup of egg substitute

2 tsp vanilla

1 cup of FF milk

1 cup of sugar-free Red Raspberry preserves

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray 2 8 1/2 round cake pan with baking spray and then lightly flour pan.

Sift flour, baking powder and baking soda and set aside

Beat together next 5 ingredients until smooth.

Alternating milk and flour mixture, beat until well blended. Pour batter evenly into pans and bake till toothpick comes out clean. About 30 minutes.
After cakes have cooled completely, cut cakes in half using wire cake cutter. Spread raspberry preserves on each layer evenly.

Cream Cheese Icing

2 bars of cream cheese

1 cup of splenda

2 teaspoon of clear vanilla extract (Wiltons)

1 teaspoon of almond extract

1 teaspoon of butter extract

2 tablespoon of FF milk

1/2 cup of Sugar-Free Raspberry Preserves

1/8 cup of water

Mix ingredients together. Divide mixture in half and spread half of the icing over cake and cover completely. Take the other half and put into decorator bag. Use the large star tip and decorate top and sides. Then mix preserves into water and drizzle over cake icing. It really does make a beautiful cake and it taste wonderful.

Approximately 6 points per serving

About 12 servings

Saturday after only 3 hours of sleep my friend and I got up to go to my WW meeting to meet another friend and then later to meet yet another friend to go to the stamp convention. I just have to brag a little about my WW meeting. My first week loss was 2.6 pounds. I was so excited. I had not felt like I had lost any weight, but apparently I did. It was a very exciting moment. So anyways, we had the best time at the Stamp Convention. Only, because we were together and we could have fun at a Seniors Checker Tournament. It does not matter what we do, we have fun. The Convention was very small, and we were a little bummed that they charged 8.00 a person to get in, but we did find a few bargains and the best part was we signed up to go to a Stampin Up party. I have been looking for me a good Stampin Up rep, and so that was really our highlight for the day. We later went to eat lunch, and had a wonderful time talking. Lots of good ole Sistah conversations going back and forth. I think we were there like 2 hours. That night, I was in bed by 8:30. I was beat. That is the earliest I have ever gone to bed on a Saturday night. I slept like a log.

Sunday we went to church, and then met a couple of our friends and their family for lunch. That was a fun time also. I really love going to church. I am in constant prayer about this church we are going to now. This is our old church that we left for 4 years, but remained members. We decided to go back for my son. He is dating a girl from this church, and he wanted to be there with her, and we wanted to be there with him. So I am hoping this is where we are suppose to return. It seems right one minute and not so right the next. I am hoping soon that God will give us peace about this situation. In the mean while we will keep going and just wait and see what happens.

Today we started back to our homeschool enrichment classes, and all went well today. We were at a new facility, in a different town, and I was not sure I would like the drive. It proved to be a quick drive and the facility is well worth going. God has really blessed us with this place for our classes. We must really be doing something good to deserve it. We had so much space and it was so clean compared to the last place. My DD loves her enrichment class and now she is even more excited. To see her so excited, really excites me. We are truly, truly blessed to have such a great homeschool family and place to learn.

Tonight I got a burst of energy and decided to clean my scrapbook room. I have a big party this weekend, and I thought I better get in there and make some room for people to crop. We plan to spend the entire day scrapbooking. Here is my nice clean room. I think I could fit at least 5 people in there now that I have cleaned, and still not be too cramped. It would be fun to see.

I just want to end this by saying that I started my rag quilt. Yes its true. It has finally happened. I will take pictures tomorrow, and show you my color selection and my already cut squares. Yes I have squares cut. Its a miracle. Hopefully by the end of the week, I will actually have a quilt to show you. TTFN

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hump Day Weekly Update!!!

Ok, just a quick mid week post to let you know that all seems to be ok with WW. I am having a little problem getting all my points in for the day though. I never thought it would be hard to do, cause I love to eat. Anyways, when you are eating 1 and 2 point foods, its hard to get them all in. I think it will just take me a little time to get in the swing of eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually only eat 1 or 2 big meals and snack the rest of the day. Now I am not snacking as much and still not eating all 3 meals. My other problem is with water. I just cannot seem to get enough water in for the day. I really do not like drinking just plain water and every since I had my kidney surgery, I am not able to drink anything with Citric Acid. All the yummy diet drink mixes have Citric Acid. So its really hard for me to get my water in every day. I love Tea, but then there is the lovely caffeine that I am not suppose to have. So whats a girl to do??? Must find a way to drink water. That is my challenge.
Exercise has been going good. I have done Richard S. on Sunday, which nearly killed me. I have been so sore all week. I have walked 1 1/2 miles on Monday, took a break on Tuesday, and walked again tonight. Mostly uphill. It took us 45 minutes to do the 1 1/2 mile. I was shocked. It felt like we were walking fast, but obviously if it took us 45 minutes, we are moving like turtles. My husband says its because of all the hills. Perhaps it does slow us down a bit, but we really do need to get moving if we want to do any good. I guess I will not worry so much right now since it is our first week. Probably good to take it slow. If I move any faster, I really will get sore and then I want, want to do it at all. After all, the turtle did win the race!!!

Ok. so here is what I have been eating this week. Its been one of those weeks where I have not felt like doing a lot of cooking. Breakfast and lunches have mostly been yogurt smoothies,waffles and peanut butter sandwiches with soy milk. Most people that know me, know I hate peanut butter. But I am trying really hard to eat it for the nutrition value. I use the 35 calorie bread and I only do about 1 tablespoon of the peanut butter and spread it on very thin. So it only equals to 3 1/2 points. My soy milk is 2 points, so together I have 5 point lunch. Its really filling too. Dinner on Tuesday night, we had South Beach pizza and salad. With my low fat Catalina dressing it was a total of 9 points. I love these pizzas. They are made with whole grain breading. The veggie one is my favorite and probably the better out of the 3 they have, for nutrition.

For dinner tonight I had 3 hotdogs. I bet you are thinking 3 hotdogs is a lot. Well I was hungry and because they were only 3 points each, I indulged. I used the fat free hotdogs which are only 1 point each and are really good if you split them open and then cook them in a pan with cooking spray. I like to burn them. I used the 35 calorie bread which is only 1 point for 2 slices. My light mayo and mustard and light cheese were only 1 point, because I only used them sparingly and stayed way under serving size. So with them only being 3 points each, I decided to have 3 hotdogs. So that was a total of 9 points. I also had a hand full of potato chips. That was a extra 4 points. I had some extra points left over and so I thought it would help me use some of them.
For my sweet tooth and snacks, I have been eating jello fruit cups, fresh strawberries, peaches and cereal bars. All are no more than 2 points per serving. I try to eat at least 3 of these a day. No problem getting those foods down. I look forward to my snacks. I add just a little bit of whip cream to the fruit. It just makes it seem more special when you doll it up a bit with the whip cream. My favorite is the Jello Fruit Passions. There are only 2 in a package, but they are sooooo yummy and they are only 1 point for the little container that really is pretty big serving. I did realize tonight though that I am going to have to eat these in moderation, cause they do have citric acid. Darnit!!! They are sooo good though.
So that's it. That is what I have been eating this week so far. Tomorrow I plan to cook a roast in the crock pot and have baked potato and salad for dinner. I have already figured my points on the WW website and its 9 points for the total meal if you stay within serving size. I really do love their build a meal they have on the site. You can put in your ingredients and it tells you exactly what the points will be. I love that. cause then I can use food I already have in the house and make a meal. That is probably my favorite part of the website so far.

As for my hobbies, I have been putting in lots of thinking about it, but still have not started anything. I am feeling very overwhelmed this week for some reason. I will get it together though and amaze you with my talents. LOL!!!! Just keep checking back. TTFN

Monday, January 07, 2008

WW or BUST!!!

Ok, I am officially a Weight Watchers member. I met a friend at our local WW center and we both signed up together. I have several other friends on WW and its really working for them. So she and I decided we needed to give it our full attention. We have dabbled with it for the last few months trying to do it without the meetings. The word dabble is the keyword here. Not sure how well the home version has worked for my friend, but as for me, I lost 5 pounds while dabbling and then quickly found it again over the holidays. Its so much easier to gain than to loose. Anyway, I thought its time to get serious and stop the yo yo stuff. So I am proud to say that I have now set my #1 resolution in motion. I have several goals lined up for my weight loss adventure. My first goal is to loose 23 pounds. That is my 10% marker and I think I receive a key ring or something cute and fun. My second goal which I am sad and embarrassed to have to admit, but it is to get under 200 pounds. I have not seen my weight under 200 pounds since I had my kidney surgery 4 years ago. Long story, but I was sick for a entire year with my left kidney. I had a infection caused by 3 kidney stones that would not pass. No amount of antibotics or steroids would cure the infection. So they had to remove it before it caused more problems with my other kidney and bladder. So with all that, I went over the 200 mark and have been on a gain and loose battle every since. Never to get under 200. Close a few times, but no luck. So when that day comes, you will be able to hear me shout across the Internet that I am finally under 200. LOL!!!! So I will keep you updated throughout the weeks to come of my success. I hope you do not mind me sharing. I think being able to share my experience with my blog friends will help me reach my goals better and faster. Just knowing you are out there reading and praying for me will be such a inspiration for me to keep doing it. I weigh in on Saturdays, so this coming Saturday I am hoping to have lost at least my first pound. I know it does not seem like much, but it will be my start. My start to a new "ME". Oh and I want to mention also that my DH and DD are both going to do this with me. They are not actually going to join WW, because we could never afford for all 3 of us to go, however, they are going to count points and eat what I eat and we are going to exercise together. I am using Richard Simmons as my exercise teacher. I could not think of another person to inspire me more than him. I love his website I love, love all of his videos and own almost all of them. I even have some of his motivational videos. They are easy on the body and fun to do, but yet you get a great work out. His motivational videos are awesome to listen too. He has such great advice to share. I just think to myself if he can help the most obese person out there loose 100s of pounds, than he can help me loose 1 pound a week. So with all that I have mentioned above, I ask you this question "Is that not the best support team ever?" My Family, Supportive Friends, Prayers, and Richard. How could a girl not succeed!!! F.F.P.R.

So to go along with that, I want to share with you some recipes along the way. I will be having to cook more at home and so I will be making lots of new stuff. For Sunday night we had the best Cheeseburger with Fries. I know you are thinking Cheeseburger and Fries are not diet foods. Well I am here to tell you with Weight Watchers they are. That's what makes me so excited. I still get to eat the things I love. I just have to prepare them a little different and eat a little less. So here is the skinny!!!

Cheeseburger with Fries

2 medium potatoes about 3/4 pound
1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp of kosher salt
6 oz of raw extra lean ground beef
1 small red onion finely chopped
1 medium garlic clove crushed
2 tbsp of parsley
3 tbsp of dried bread crumbs
1 medium egg white beaten lightly
2 high fiber buns
4 piece of lettuce
1 medium tomato sliced
1/8 cup of low fat shredded chedder cheese

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray.

Cut potatoes into wedges, boil, steam or microwave until tender. Place wedges skin side down on prepared baking sheet. Sprinkle with combined cayenne pepper and salt. Bake until lightly browned and crispy. About 30 minutes.

While potatoes are cooking, combine beef, onion, garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs, and egg in a small bowl. Shape into 2 patties.

Cook patties in a nonstick pan over medium heat, turning once until browned and cooked through. Top each patty with 1 tablespoon cheese and place on baking sheet and bake in already preheated oven until cheese is melted.

Place patties on rolls and top with lettuce and tomato. Serve with potato wedges.

Points: 9 for both burger and fries
Servings: 2

My only changes were that I added some Mrs Dash and black pepper to my salt mixture for my fries. I like them to have a little more spice.
Also I sprayed my buns with spray butter and toasted them slightly. I like crispy buns.

Tonight for dinner I made Chicken Fajitas and beans. This is a very low point meal and very satisfying.

Chicken Fajitas and Beans

1 package of Chicken Tenders
1 can of pinto beans drained
1 can of black beans drained
2 garlic cloves
1/2 purple onion
dash of salt
Chili pepper
sprinkle of Chicken Fajita seasoning
4 Mission Carb Balance Fajita Size tortillas
2 tablespoons of light or fat free sour cream

Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to pan. Place onion, garlic and chicken in pan. As chicken cooks add in salt and Fajita season with about 1/4 cup of water. Let simmer until chicken is tender and completely cooked.

In a food processor, place 1 can of drained pinto beans and 1 can of drained black beans together. Mix beans until they are well blended. They should have a refried bean consistency. Place beans in a sauce pan and add in a few sprinkles of salt and chili pepper. Let simmer until thoroughly heated.

Place tortillas in a cover dish and microwave for just a few seconds until heated.

Serve 2 tortillas with beans, cheese and chicken with 1/2 tablespoon of sour cream on each fajita. Roll and enjoy!!!

Points: 5 points for 2 fajitas
Servings: 4

I do promise to post some of my hobby going ons this week. I just have not had time to work on anything this last few weeks. I am in the process of starting a Rag Quilt. I cannot wait to share that with you. I plan to enter a craft show in March and so I am hoping to have a few of those made to sell. I also plan to start my Rag dolls so I have a couple of those to sell as well. So its going to be a Raggedy week around here.
I have several cards in the making for my monthly card swap and I plan to finish those up in the next few days. Then I plan to do a few scrapbook pages. So check back later this week and see what I am up too. Hopefully if all goes well, I will have lots to share. TTFN

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Me oh My, I love Green Pie

Happy New Year!!! Ok, so I am a few days late, but I have a great excuse. My laptop caught a virus and I had to reformat. YUK..POO... that was not fun. I nearly lost all of my photos and files. Here's the story, I got the virus and then when I tried to run the virus protector to clear it, I could not fix or put it in the chest. Alls I could do was delete. Well I managed to delete a windows file which totally messed up my windows. I was able to get to my desktop, but was not able to see anything on my desktop or click on any links or toolbar. I panicked, cause I was not sure how to get to my pictures and files. I finally figured out that I could pull up the windows task manager. Through that, I was able to get to my help and support and then through that I was able to pull up my computer and then through that, I was able to get to my windows explorer. I started downloading files immediately. After it shutting down 3 times, I managed to get back on and finally get all of my pictures and files on disk. It took a total of 2 days to get it done. I was back up and running by Wednesday from which I spent most of the day adding back my emails, favorites ect.... What a mess. So do you wonder where I picked up my virus. On a website. All I did was click on the site and Bam!!! my virus protector started going nuts. I think I would have been ok if I had none exactly how to get rid of the virus. Instead I just hit delete and that was a big NO, NO!!! So anyway, I am back up and going and very thankful that I was able to save all my pictures and files. I guess its good to start out fresh anyway. I just would have liked it to be my choice so that I could have done all the saving ect... without panic.

I wanted to share a recipe with you that I made for New Years Eve. We went to a church watch night which is where we go and play games and eat and then at 11:45 we pray in the New Year. Its really awesome and I love entering the New Year in that manner. Anyways I took a Key Lime pie as my dessert and it was so funny to watch everyone as they questioned what kind of pie it was. Most everyone thought it was Key Lime, but they were not sure until they actually took the first bite. The reason for this unsurity, well just let me show you a picture.

I was mixing the pie and accidentally put too much green icing color in the mix. OOPS!!! Its really a beautiful color. I knew the second I did this, it would start a lot of chin scratching. Ok, now when I took the pie up to the church, no one knew exactly what the pie really was. It was hilarious when one of the ladies cut into it and there was a discussion on what they thought it might be. LOL!!!! I never once admitted to making the pie. I had put it on the table when no one was looking and so they had no clue at who actually brought the pie. Later when I decided to have some dessert, of course I had to taste my pie, one of the men there came by and said "That sure is some good pie" Also I saw several people going back for seconds towards the end of the night. I thought, well then it must be good enough to share the recipe. I was just not sure, cause you really cannot go by the fact that half of the pie was gone, because they could have taken a piece and then when no one was lookng, throw it in the trash. I thought the pie taste pretty darn good. I was just not certain what others thought.

Anyway, to cover my nice green pie, I took out my cake decorating tips and covered it with yummy coolwhip. I loved how pretty it turned out. I put a little lime zest on top and it was just gorgeous. So here is the recipe.

Very Green Key Lime Pie

1 extra serving 9 inch graham cracker crust

3 eggs

2 cans of eagles brand sweetened condensed milk

1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lime juice

1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 very large toothpick scoop of Wilton's Leaf Green icing color or just one tiny little toothpick dip if you want it to look more like Key Lime Pie, rather than Green Pie. LOL!!! (Its best not to be talking on the phone when you put in your coloring.)

Ok, so first beat your eggs and then add them to your eagles brand milk. Slowly pour in your juices and whisk together thoroughly. Pour immediately into the pie crust and bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Just long enough to cook the eggs and set the pie. Take it out of the oven and let cool on a rack for about 30 minutes. Then place in the refrig for a couple of hours. If you need it to cool faster, than place in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Take it out and put your cool whip on the top and then your lime zest. Place back in the freezer for a little longer. ENJOY!!!! Its sweet,but tart!!!

Today, Kadie made some brownies. Ok, these are just your plain ole box brownies, but I was so proud of her. The only thing I did to help her was pour the mix into the pan. She was having a hard time holding the big bowl and scrapping it. So after struggling for a minute, I decided to help her get it into the pan rather than on the counter. She did all the reading of directions, measuring and mixing. Here she is with her baked brownies. They were the best brownies I ever tasted and even better with a big glass of milk.