Monday, December 10, 2007

Newest family members

I would like to introduce you to the newest members of our family.

SNOWBALL...... My DD's little friend!!!


HANK... my little friend!!!

These are called DJungarian Dwarf Hamsters or short, DJ Hamsters. They are so very tiny and adorable and very sweet and friendly. No nibbles on the fingers this time. Mr. Nibbles our rat was more than we could handle. So we thought we better go with something a little less nibbly!!! We kind of like our fingers and ears. These little guys never bite. They are very quick on their feet and kind of slippery little dickens. We first saw them at our local Shopping Mall. The man had 4 of them and you could not purchase them without purchasing the cage. He begin to tell us how rare they were to find in the pet stores and that these were the only 4 he had left for the Christmas season . Well I thought, rare or not, I am not paying 75.00 for 2 hamsters and a cage that I do not need. So with many tears shedding, we left the mall with the promise to go straight over to the pet store and see what they had available. We were so excited to see those same cute little, rare, hamsters just across the street. Kind of makes you wonder where his rare hamsters may have come from. Anyways, we fell instantly in love with SnowBall and Hank and knew we both had to each have one. Besides they work better in pairs. When my husband and I first met, he bought me a Chinese hamster which is of the same family as these little guys. I called him Heidi, cause I thought Heidi was a girl, until she grew these rather large tumor looking things on her hind end. We then discovered she was actually a he and those were not tumors at all. LOL!!! I still loved him all the same. He brought me such joy for 2 years. I have never forgotten him and that was 24 years ago. So when I saw these little guys, I knew I just had to have one. My husband said we needed to call him Hank after a favorite TV show we watch every week "Corner Gas" So mine is Hank and my DD's is Snowball. which is rather easy to see where her name came from.

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