Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Never say Never

Ok, just a quick post to let you know that some DJ Hamsters in fact "BITE". Snowball is a cute little guy, but holding him was like holding a hot potato. He constantly nips your fingers and hand. He did not do that when we first brought him home. He started doing that last night. It does not hurt of course, but it was very annoying. So today I took him back to the pet store and the guy was very shocked to hear that he was doing that. I told him that not only does he bite, but he never sleeps. He was on the wheel in his cage from sun up to sun down. Very hyper little guy. He also hogged up a entire bowl of food. Most of it in his mouth. So he let us exchange him for a different hamster. Funny thing was that when he put him back in the cage, he was beating everyone else up. So I do believe he was just a tad bit aggressive. So this time we went with one that looked like Hank. DD wanted one exactly like Hank and so she did. She named this one Henry. The only difference that I can see is that Hank is darker in color than Henry. Lets hope they stay that way. Otherwise we just want know who is who if their fur changes. Henry is above and Hank is below

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Paula said...

I have never seen such tiny hampster before. I didn't know you could dwarf ones. They look so cute!!