Sunday, November 11, 2007

A very Inspiring Weekend!!!

What a awesome weekend. I spent it going to craft shows on Friday. This is what I bought myself. I just love this Annie, because she reminds me of me. She has a apron on that says I love Raggedie's and she is holding her very own Raggedie. So if I were a Raggedie, I would defiantly be her. I realized that the lady I bought her from is the same lady I purchased my last one from and also the same lady I bought one from last year at Christmas. It took me 3 dolls to realize it was the same lady. That's just how observative I am about these things. We had a long and pleasant talk this time and I am sure to never forget her the next time I see her. She told me she will be at another area craft show in November and she would have more dolls. So guess where I plan to be in December. I also bought this cute little dangly leg rooster. I have a thing for dangly leg characters. They are just so cute sitting on the shelf. I have several different ones now. They just make me smile to look at them. Sometimes its just the little things that make you the happiest!!!! Also while at the craft show, a very nice lady whom had gorgous rag quilts, shared with me how she makes them. I have always wanted to know how, but could never afford to take a class. My interest in them started a few years ago when my friends and I decided to take up quilting. Once I learned how much time you have to put in quilting and how expensive it was to put the backs on to the quilts once you got the tops done, I thought there has to be a easier and faster way to quilt. Then I saw the rag quilt and thought to myself, this is the quilt for me. A quilt that you put the back on as you quilt. It would save time and money and the out come would be just as pleasing to the soul. I have read many books and seen many quilts and have just fallen in love with the whole idea. I knew it was something I wanted to do. After talking to this lady, it sounds very easy and very fun and I have now gotten excited over the idea enough that I went straight to JoAnn's and purchased me a 6 1/2x6 1/2 inch template for cutting out my squares. She said I could make one in a weekend. Well I am not sure about that, but I do hope to get started soon and at least get one finished in the next few weeks. Bahhhahhahha, I really do crack myself up when I say things like that. You would think I was the the little Ant with High Hopes. We shall see!!! She gave me her name and number in case I need to call for more help. What a nice lady. That's what craft shows should be about. Sharing, helping and enabling others to learn new crafts. So many crafters I meet, get offended when they think you are only looking for ideas for making your own. They either want you to purchase or get on your way. They don't even want you to take pictures or anything. Not me, I want to share with you the excitement I have from making the stuff I make. If you were to come to my booth, you would leave with a supply list of everything you need to make the project of interest. That's just how I am. That's how I would love all crafters to be. Just share, share and share those ideas.

Anyway, I came home with much inspiration and excitement and even though I did not whip up a new rag quilt or a rag doll right away, I did make another card for this months card swap. This one turned out very pretty.

The inspiration come from several different cards that I have seen on some of my favorite blogs. The one I used for my main idea was from Julie's blog at I have just recently started reading her blog and I love her ideas and designs. I am now her newest blog fan.

As for the rest of the weekend, I went to see the movie Fred Clause. Here is my review of the movie:

I absolutely loved, loved this movie. I was a little skeptical with it having Vince Vaughn in it. In my opinion, he usually plays a obnoxious, sorta rude character that I would not want to personally know and has many times left me with the feeling that perhaps he might be like this in real life. However in this movie, he proved that he can be a sentimental caring character and perhaps maybe someone that I would love to know in real life. I guess I would have to say he is a pretty good Actor, since everytime I see one of his movies, I leave the theater with these thoughts in my mind about him. That has to mean something!!! Also if you do not believe in Santa, you might believe after you leave this movie. Just leaves you filled with good feelings and the excitement of the Christmas Season to come!!!! Go see it for a "FEEL GOOD MOVIE GOOD TIME"

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