Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Scrapbooking!!!

Here we are!!! My family!! I love all the kids we have now. They just make the holiday seem more like a holiday. In the picture bottom right is my DD, my hope to be future Nieces, my Nephew and my hope to be future Nephew, middle right is my Daddy, my hope to be future SIL, my Brother and my other Nephew. Top right is Myself, my DH, my Momma and my Son. What a fun family. We had the best time eating and laughing the day away. The guys spent most of the time watching the football game, while the ladies went through Black Friday coupons. The kiddos played on the computer most of the day and had fun spending time with one another. They do not get to see each other very often. Everyone seemed very relaxed and very full from eating. My mom made a huge meal that was soooooo good. She is the best cook!!! I can only hope to fill her shoes some day. I told her she needed to start a recipe blog. If she ever does, I will post her link to my blog. She has some wonderful Southern recipes that you would just love to try.

I waited till around 9:00 in hopes of dodging the early morning shoppers and met my friend Dawn at Hobby Lobby to take advantage of the 50% off on Christmas decorations. My shopping list consist of new Christmas stockings for my kids, a tree skirt, and some ornaments for my red, green and gold tree. Husband and I decided this year we wanted to go with something different than our usual Christmas , so we went with Red, Gold and Green. We also decided that since we have this adorable kitten in our home, we better go with plastic. Luckily, they made some beautiful ornaments in those colors. I found everything I needed, except a tree skirt. I guess I will have to shop around for that. After Hobby Lobby, Dawn and I came to my house for some all day scrapbooking. We were joined a little later in the morning by our friend Debbie. After a few hours of us working on different projects, we decided it was time for another trip to Hobby Lobby. Dawn and Debbie both wanted to make Christmas trees. They just loved mine and so we headed to the store for all the supplies. These trees are very addictive. They are sooo darn cute. I shared what paper I had left from my Christmas tree, so all they needed was a cone, ornaments, a topper and pins. Once we found what we needed, we stopped at the grocery store for some snacks and a much needed Frappicinos to carry us through the night. Back to scrapbooking we shall go!!!!
For the trees I thought I would let you know how I made mine in case you want to make one for yourself. My tree has 8 rows of 1/2"x6" strips of different double sided cardstock paper curled with a pencil, a box of extra long dressmaker pins, Styrofoam cone, tree topper, mini ornaments. Starting at the bottom going up, you will need 22 strips, 2nd row from bottom, 21 strips, 3rd row from bottom 17 strips, 4th row 17 strips, 5th row 15 strips, 6th row 12 strips, 7th row 10 strips, 8th row ,top row, 8 strips. After you cut and curl your strips of paper, using 2 pins for each strip, pin to cone at the top of the strip and towards the middle right before the curl. This way your paper will show on both sides. Start the next row about a inch from the top pin of the previous row. Your second pin should be pinned right above the 1st pin of the row below. Hopefully that makes sense. Here are a couple of pictures to hopefully explain what I am saying. For better instructions on making these trees and more gogous ideas, please refer to the blog "Polished to Perfection" Kellie is the lady from whom the original idea was inspired.

We cropped till almost midnight. Dawn I think won the most "Productive Award" for the day. She made 2 notebooks, 17 Bella Christmas cards, and a tree. I was so amazed at how much she got done. We never get that much done at a store crop. To many distractions I guess. Anyway, Debbie finished her tree and worked on her swap cards, while I tried to figure out the memory cube for the 2nd time. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!! I usually never have problems figuring out things, but this project has whooped my behind twice now. I cannot decide whether or not I should throw in the towel, or keep trying. I hate to admit defeat. Its such a darn cute project. Anyways, we had such a fun day together. Love my friends and scrapbooking!!!! Here are photos below of our completed projects.
Above is my tree with topper and orniments.
Dawn's Projects above, and Debbie's projects below! Love those tree toppers girlfriends. They just make the tree complete!!!

This is my poor memory block. As you can see, it just did not come together very good. It has such cute potential though. Maybe after the frustration of spending the entire day making this has passed, I will try again!!!!

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