Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Bag/Purse

I just had to share one more thing today. I went shopping at Michael's this evening and bought myself a new purse. Yes you heard me right, a new purse. Now I bet you did not know they sold purses. Well actually they do not sell purses, but as I was strolling the knitting isle, I saw these beautiful new knit bags and just had to have one. I decided it would make the perfect fall purse for me. I love the colors and I love the plastic covering that it has over the fabric. Will be very easy to clean. I also love how spacious it is inside. Its the perfect purse to carry my camera, my crochet or cross-stitch or whatever crafty project I might be working on. Its a multi-purpose bag perfect for everything. The best part is with my 50%off coupon, I only paid 12.50 for it. Now you just cannot beat that. Anyway, just wanted to share my great find for the day and perhaps enable a few of you to go buy yourself this fabulous bag/purse.
Love those bright fall colors of reds, browns, greens, beige's and golds. Great shoulder straps!!!
Nice shiny vinyl cover for easy clean up.
Cool Knitpickers emblem!!!
beauty supplies in one pocket, cell phone, keys and sunglasses in the other. Very deep pockets that snap magnetically closed.

2 open pockets on the inside and a zipper pocket, which is where I put all my change. Give me a week and it will not be near this roomy inside!!! My family believes that the Mom should carry everything in her purse. One reason why I need a bag as a purse.
Did you notice the great Knitpickers emblem on the back. It will be interesting to see just how many people notice that emblem and ask me if I knit. What a great conversational piece I have acquired for myself.

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