Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Basic Grey weekend!!!

I have been a busy little scrapbook bee this past week and weekend. Thursday night, I stayed home from cake decorating class and finished some Christmas ornaments that I had started earlier in the week. I found this great blog that shared a really great ornament tutorial. I am making some of my ornaments this year for my tree so that my cat will not break my good ornaments. These were very fun and easy to make. I used my Cricut to cut them out. The rest is explained in the tutorial. I used Stickles and Basic Grey "FruitCake" paper to make them.

Friday I went over to my new friend Deanna's house to scrap. We had the best time talking about our family's and scrapbooking. What a awesome lady!!!! While I was there, I finished up on a Basic Grey Ornament kit I had purchased a few years ago. There were 3 small and 1 large ornament in the kit. What awesome ornaments these turned out to be. So much fun to do.

Deanna made a fabulous Christmas Tree out of curled papers and a Styrofoam cone. I just fell in love with it and knew I had to go to Hobby Lobby and purchase everything to make myself one. Here is the website where Deanna found the tree idea This lady has made some wonderful Christmas trees. I wish I had taken my camera with me so that I could have gotten pictures of Deanna's tree. I loved the paper she used. The paper defiantly makes a huge difference in how beautiful they look. So after a fun evening, I came home and did a little reading on the website she shared with me and planned out my shopping trip to Hobby Lobby. On Saturday after a work picnic, I headed to Hobby Lobby with a couple of my friends. My friend Glenda gave me the best gift ever. I was so surprised when she said she had something for me. I was even more surprised when I saw what it was.

I felt like a kid at Christmas opening this gift. I nearly fainted when I saw the word Hanna Stamps . What a awesome friend. I must say that I am the luckest girl ever to have such wonderful friends in my life. Everyone is so caring and giving to one another. Thank You Glenda for the awesome stamp set. I love you tons!!! I just could not possibly ask for better friends. Anyway, after a fun time shopping for our supplies, we all met at my friend Jimmie's house for a little scrapbook time together. I really have decided after this weekend that I do love scrapbooking at someones house better than at a store. Its just so much more personal and comfortable to me. You can just let your hair down and be more of yourself. Our awesome hostess ordered pizza and made us some oven baked chocolate chip cookies. YUM!!! YUM!!!! She is the hostess with the mostess that is for sure. During all this great hospitality, I created my tree. It took me till 2:00 in the morning to do it, but I think it turned out really cute. (giving myself pats on the back)

Again I used Basic Grey "Fruitcake" on my tree. I guess you can tell by now that I really do love this paper. So now for my tree, alls I need now is a topper. I plan to go back to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to find just the perfect star for my cute little curly tree.

Today, after sleeping very late, I went over to another one of my friends house and we worked on Christmas cards. She wanted to learn the prisma/mineral spirits technique. Together, we created a couple of fabulous Christmas cards for her to make for her sewing students. We had a great time Stamping and chatting the afternoon away!!!! I love weekends like this one. I cannot think of too many other things I like better than spending time with my friends.


scrappindede said...

Hey, Jeanie! Love your blog! And I had a great time scrapping Fri. night too. I saw the scalloped circle ornament you made and had to try it before I gave Lesley's Cricut back!! It turned out great and was lots of fun to make. Thanks for sharing the idea. Your tree turned out beautiful. It's so fun to have things turn out so cute!! Let's do it again sometime soon.

Kellie Fortin said...

I love your Tree!! Thanks for sharing my blog with your readers!!
Did you see my paper snowman and paper wreath?? Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!