Saturday, November 03, 2007

Alive and Kickin'

Yes I am still alive!!!!! Just in case you were wondering. Boy do I have a lot to say. So grab yourself a snack, and ready those scrolling fingers. You are going to be here for a while. The last couple of weeks I have been busy reorganizing my "Rubbah" I had a whole container of unmounted stamps and was feeling like it was a total waste of money, because I could never find the stamp I needed without extensive searching. So I made the decision to sit down and organize them. In order for this to get done, I had to totally obsess over it. When I started this, I had no idea it would actually take me 2 weeks. That was not 2 weeks of a few minutes here and there, but hours of sitting on the couch in front of the T.V. and removing easy mount off the back of each stamp and then applying Aleenes Tack-It-Over and Over back on each stamp, organizing them into categories, stamping the image on another sheet exactly the way they were on the opposite sheet and then putting them into a binder and then indexing each page. WOWSA!!!! It was hard work. However, I am so glad that I decided to do this. Now that its over, I now have my stamps so organized that all I have to do is flip a page and there they are. I love it!!!! I totally recommend this system if you are using unmounted stamps. I did not like the easy mount cushion on the back and it made it hard to store my stamps. I tried CD cases, putting them into individual ziplock baggies. Neither of those ideas worked for me. I was still having trouble storing them or finding them. I am not sure where I saw this idea, but it totally ROCKS!!!! Now I just take one off the transparency sheet that I used to stick them on, put it on my acrylic block and stamp away. Then return it back to the transparency sheet in the exact spot I took it out and back into the page protector and done!!!

What I used:

Aleenes Tack-It-Over and Over

transparency sheets

Pacific CardStock from Walmart for stamping image on and backing behind stamps for support. I used 3 sheets for each page of stamps to give it stability. One behind the stamps, One in the middle and then the back page for stamping image.

heavy duty page protectors

4 inch binder or smaller if you do not have as many stamps

index tabs
Totally awesome way to organize your unmounted stamps.

A more serious subject that I wanted to share with all of you, and one that maybe you might want to share with your youngsters. I first just want to say that I am totally thankful to God for my son. This past week God sent his Angels to protect my son from a really nasty fall out of the back of a pick-up truck. He fell backwards out of a moving pick-up. He is 6'1" and weighs around 270 pounds. He had just climbed into the back of a friends truck without the friend realizing (yea right) and when the friend took off, he went flying out of the truck. He had not had time to sit down yet. He landed on his rear first and then his head was the last to hit the pavement. Kind of a domino effect with his body. Rear, back, shoulder,neck and then head. The doctors could not believe he did not break his hip or back or even neck. All he received was a very nasty baseball size bump on the head. Of course when I saw that, I totally freaked. We spent the day at the hospital having xrays done and then he was off work for the next day. He only had headaches for a few days afterwards but now seems to be doing pretty good. At least he has not complained anyway. I actually think I received more trauma than he did. I did not sleep the first night at all and then still had thoughts of "What could have happen" for the next 2 days. It was very scary. I am not sure I have still gotten over the scare even now which is almost a week later. I just keep telling myself how lucky he was and how thankful I am that God spared him. He must have greater plans for my son. This is the second near death accident he has had in the last 2 months. The first was when a huge piece of asphalt fell from a backhoe onto his foot. A few more inches and it would have fell on his head. He works for our local street department and they were tearing up a street. He was under the cement, cutting rebar. Not realizing the wire he cut was the one holding the cement together. A huge piece fell right on top of his foot. If he had not had his steel toe boots on, it would have crushed his foot. Any closer and it would have fallen right on top of him. In the 20 years of his life, I don't recall ever having such close calls with him. He has always been so easy to take care of. I have been known to be somewhat over protected of him, maybe this is why he has never had these kinds of things happen. He is totally and only in Gods protection now. I just pray he keeps his Angels close to my son at all times.

Ok, on a better note.....

Lets talk hobbies. What have I been doing other than reorganizing my stamps. Sorry to say, but no scrapbooking or cardmaking. I have been working on my stamps and have not had no time. I know, the horror of it all!!! Anyhow, on my spare time during homeschool activities of pottery and bowling, I have been stealing minutes here and there and working on a gift project.

I really cannot tell a lot about this project since it is a gift, but lets just say that my embroidery skills are a bit rusty and I just hope to get this done before the child I am making it for enters college. LOL!!!! Mind you she is just a tiny baby right now.

I am also working on a couple of other things at the same time. I switch back and forth so I don't get tired of one thing.

Both of these projects I started last year. I love doing cross-stitch and embroidery, but mostly in the winter time. So who knows when I might get them finished. Lets hope for a long winter!!!!

I am about to start my Rag doll making. I have already got my fabric ready and all of my supplies purchased. Today I bought some more yarn for hair. I found this yarn at Hobby Lobby on clearance for .97 each. It was regularly 4.99. So naturally I had to buy all they had left.

I also picked up these while I was there. I love the colors and texture. I think they will make the perfect hair for my dolls. Now I just need to get busy.

One of my SistahChicks ask me the other day if I wanted to go in with her on a booth at a local craft show. I said "YES" I have not done a craft show in years. I use to do them way back when and finally got burned out. I have my own craft business called "Kuntry Klutter" but have not done anything with it in 3 years. I think I am finally ready again to give it a go. This time I want to specialize in Ragdolls. I am going to be making some little extras for the craft show though. These are little mini stone bread pans. I got them for 1.25. I thought how cute these would be to make some strawberry or pumpkin bread in them and sell them. I also got these cookie cutters to make tree ornaments with. I will show you the results once I get them done. I plan to spend all of this month coming up with craft items to sell since I do not have any dolls yet. I do hope to have time to finish a couple of the dolls for the sell as well. If I really obsess over it, I will be able to get them done. So if I do not post a lot this month, you will know exactly why.

How is my book reading going???? Well not as well as I had hoped. To many things on my plate. I managed to get 1 book read and have started another. I do hope to get it done. I would like to at least have 2 books read before the challenge is up in December. Even though I have not read as many books as I had hoped, I am still very happy with reading the 2 I have read or reading. That really is a huge accomplishment for me.

How is my Weight Watchers going??? Its going ok. I have lost about 5 pounds since I started. That's about 1 pound a week. Its not a lot, but hey, its better than nothing. I am happy if I continue to loose 1 pound a week.

Halloween was fun. Here is a picture of my little Good Witch.

I cannot wait to scrapbook these pictures. She was such a cute little Witch. We had a great time trick-treating. She got quite a stash of candy. Lots of chocolate for "ME" LOL!!!!

Here is the last cake I decorated for Cake decorating Class 1. We have now started Class 2. In this class, we will learn how to make lots of different flowers. It will be a fun class, cause we only have to make one cake to put all the flowers on. Making the cakes is a little stressful for me, cause I worry too much on how the cake is going to come out. So I like the idea of just taking icing to make flowers. I am not sure I will take Class 3. It does not start until January. So I have some time to think about it. Its a Fondant class and Wedding cakes and I am not sure I really need to get that fancy in my cake decorating. I think clowns, flowers and swirls are good enough.

Last night I went to the movies with my B.F.F and my D.D. It was B.F.F's Birthday today (Happy Birthday B.F.F.) and so we went out to celebrate. We went to the Movie Grill, awesome theater, to see the movie Marcian Child. Excellent movie. LOVED IT!!!! I tried the Black Bean Burger they had on the menu. YUM!!!! I loved it. A great way to have your burger without all the red meat.
As you can tell from the pictures, we had a very fun time making memories by being silly together.
Today, I went to our local craft show and this was the treasures I found for myself. Did I tell you how much I love Raggedy dolls? Did I say that my entire kitchen and dinning room is done in Raggedies? I especially love when I find Raggedies that have something to do with the kitchen. I also am very fond of dangly legs.

I just wanted to share one last thing before I close this incredibly long post (sorry about that) These are my Ivy's that I had put out in the beginning of Summer. I thought I better bring them in before we had a unexpected frost. They just blossomed over the summer with all the rain that we had. I just totally think they are gorgeous. I really will hate to see them stress from being indoors for the winter. They loose a lot of their green leaves because they are light lovers and I have a dark house. Anyway, just wanted to share pictures of them while they are in their most beautiful stage. I really do not have a green thumb at all. I did not inherit any of that from my Mother. However, it does not take much to keep these plants alive. Lucky for them!!!!

Thats it!!! I think I completely caught you up on the lastest happenings of my life!!!

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Susan said...

Oh my Gosh, we could be twins with our similar interests! Love the rag dolls. I'm trying to carve out the time to make heavy babies (similar in weight to preemies), love to watch movies, stamp, scrap (but not as much as stamping), sew, shop, cook little breads. And get this, I work at a bowling alley! Scary or what? I enjoyed your blog! I'll be back!