Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend full of Fun!!!

Well my newest adventure this week is, that I am starting Weight Watchers. I am not actually joining Weight Watchers, but I am following the eating plan and point system that they offer. Several of my friends, which a couple of them have joined, are doing this with me. With their help and all the info available on the Internet about Weight Watchers, who needs to join. There are tons of recipes, point calculators, restaurant point list, food point list, tips ect..... Everything at your finger tips. All you have to do is make the commitment to yourself, and you are on the road to a new way of eating and hopefully some really great weight loss. I know for myself and my friends, we are all ready to make some changes in our weight, and so what better way to do it than together. And what better time I may add. The fall just seems like a great time to start new things and make some much needed changes.

I have been on somewhat of a nutritional eating plan for a long time, in order to get my cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar down or under control. So this eating plan will really be kind of easy for me and not much different than what I am already use to doing. I am hoping what will help me the most, is staying within the points I am allowed. I think that portion size is my biggest trouble area when it comes to eating. I tend to eat way to much of even a good thing. So I am hoping with the points that are allowed, that will help me cut my portions. The really hard part for me though is the exercise. I really do not like to exercise. Not even a tiny little bit. I would much rather sit on my bottom and do one of my many hobbies that I love. For a long time I would walk and sometimes as much as 2 miles a day. However, that became very boring after a while. But ,I know that if I do not find a exercise that I can enjoy, than I am not going to loose weight very fast. That's just how my body works. I can cut calories and still not loose weight. So my goal is to find a exercise that I can enjoy while doing this new eating plan. Together, I should be a much thinner person in no time at all. (he, he)

This past weekend was a really fun weekend. It started on Friday when 4 of my friends and myself went out for dinner to eat crab legs at our local Chinese restaurant. We decided that we needed at least one last high calorie, high fat meal before we started our new eating plan. We had the best time together. I took my camera to get some photos, but my battery was dead. Whats new!!!! However, I did get a picture of our new dinner Mascot. You will recognize him as soon as you see him. His name is Sebastian (Little Mermaid) and he is the cutest little crab ever. I found him in a Home School freebie box at bowling and I knew the second I saw him, he would be perfect for our crab eating get together. We set him right dab in the middle of our table. Well really, I think he was more closer to the end where my friend Debbie, whom is our biggest Crab lover, set. Her crab eating partner was not able to join us for dinner and so he kept her company while she ate her crabs. He and she became best friends by the end of the night. I really don't think she wanted to part with him at the end. LOL!!!!
On Saturday a small group of us from our COTC scrapbook group went to a "All day Church Crop" What a nice relaxing day it was. I have been to this crop 2 other times and this is the first time I truly enjoyed the crop. There was wonderful food and a lot of it, wonderful drawings and prizes, free gifts, a scrapbook garage sale, lots of scrapbook supplies for sale, a couple of foot massage chairs, which was awesome, and more wonderful food. Here is a picture of some of the stuff that I won in the drawings or received for free for signing up for the crop.
We also had some really great Make-n-Takes during the day as well. Here are a few of the things we made.
I did manage to complete my page and card challenge while I was there. If you see the post before last, you will see the challenge I offered on my blog. It was a sketch challenge and it was so much fun. I loved using the bright colors and using all the scraps to make the card, It really made for very little waste by doing that. In fact, I had no scraps left at all. Of course there was a few boo boo's and a little more paper needed for those, but still no scraps left. Just a few stickers was all.

What a great day it was. I always question myself when it comes to this crop, because I often ask myself is it really worth the 20.00 I spend to go. This time I can actually say that it really was worth the 20.00 and maybe plus more. Will I go back again??? In the past I would say absolutely not, which meant very little, since I always went the next time around anyway. However this time I will say that it all depends on the company I keep and where I sit. One of the things I loved most about this time around, was that we were way over in the corner opposite from those that make my life uncomfortable and crowded. We were able to laugh and be our self without disturbing those around us. So yes, I would go again if the circumstances were the same as they were this time around. It was a completely fun day from the beginning to the very end and the thought of going again is not near as negative as it has been in the past.

Sunday I spent most of the day running errands. I went over to see my parents to pick up some pears that my dad picked from a pear tree. YUM, YUM!!! My favorite, favorite fruit. Then we went and had lunch, then to the Barnes and Noble to do a little reading on a diet book "The Fat Flush Plan" that I have been most interested in reading. No I did not purchase it just yet. I just stayed for a bit and did some speed reading over the important areas and grabbed a few recipes from the book. Then off to Michael's to purchase some more cake decorating supplies for my upcoming cake decorating class. Then we made our usual weekly trip to Wal-mart and then to the grocery store for much needed groceries. Back home to unload the grocery's and then back over to my moms for some "Your Favorite Chocolate Cake" Yes that was the name of the cake recipe and YES it was my favorite chocolate cake. I only let myself have 2 bites. I needed one for taste and then the next bite to savor the flavor. She made a divinity icing for the cake, so you can only imagine what it taste like. Let me just say "OH MY GOSH" I wish I had my camera so that I could have taken a photo. It was a most beautiful cake. I jotted down the recipe, but who knows if I will ever make it. I think it is a cake that should be left for the cake making experts. My mom being one of the best southern bakers and cakes being her specialty, that I have ever met. I have never tasted anything bad, that she has ever baked. Even her Bran bread is wonderful.

The last thing I want to add before I close this post is, that I am posting this weeks page and card sketch challenge. This is from I selected 2 different pages, because I have so many of those 2 and 3 picture events. Not enough to do a 2 page spread. So I will actually be doing 2 different pages with 2 different events. However, I do believe these sketches will do very nicely with a 2 page spread of 1 event. So my challenge to you is to use these sketches this week with your pictures. You can do like me and do them for separate events or use them together for 1 event. Then I challenge you to use the scraps from your page to create a card using the card sketch below. I would love, love to see what you do with these sketches. So please leave me the link in my comments to your blog or photo album where you will have it uploaded. Have fun!!!

That's it for today. Hope all is good in your world!!! Talk with ya very soon!!!

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