Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Book Challenge

I first have to say "Thank You" to my friend "E" for sending me the link to the Fall Reading Challenge I love to read, but mostly various kinds of magizines. I have never been much of a book reader, except for maybe diet books. Always looking for the perfect diet. Anyway, this summer I decided that I needed to make myself set down and read a real story/novel type book. I thought to myself that if I want my DD to grow up and be a reader, than she needs to see me reading more. I love to read about women and friendships, mostly poems, quotes, and short stories. So I decided to start with a series of books called the "Sister Chicks" by Robin Jones Gunn. I found this book while I was out thirfty shopping at our local thrift store and thought what the heck. I might as well start here. For 2.00, I really can't go wrong. The best part is, it so happened to be the first book of the series called "Sister Chicks on the Loose". Once I started reading, I could not put it down. I was sad to see the story end. I wanted to know more about these ladies and their friendship. Just a awesome book and the timing was perfect, because at that time in my life I was in a healing process from broken friendships. I really needed affirmation that best friend type friendships do really exist and are possible to have. God is so awesome!!! Anyway, since reading that book, my summer picked up speed and I became busy, busy and I have not had much time for reading. So that is why I am very thankful that my friend sent me the link to the book challenge. Now maybe I will have the chance to continue reading the series. So with all that said, here is my list of books that I would like to read for this fall challenge. I tried to put them in the order that I want to read them.

"Sister Chicks Do the Hula" Robin Jones Gunn

"Sister Chicks Ooh La La" Robin Jones Gunn

"Sister Chicks Down Under" Robin Jones Gunn

"Sister Chicks Gondolas" Robin Jones Gunn

"Gardinas for Breakfast" Robin Jones Gunn

That will probably be all that I will be able to handle reading for the fall, since I am such a slow reader and all, however as I was looking last night on the internet at all the books about women and friendship ect.... I found many more that I would love to fit into my reading time. This is definately setting my goals to the higher end of my book reading.

The entire series of "Shopaholic" books by Sophia Kinsella

"Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral" Kris Radish

"Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn" Kris Radish

"The Elegant Gathering of White Snow" Kris Radish

"Girlfriends Forever" Susan Branch

"Coffee Cup Friendship and Cheesecake Fun" Becky Freeman

"Help I'm turning into my Mother" Becky Freeman

"The future Homemakers of America" Laurie Graham

"Girl Time" Laura Jensen Walker

"The girlfriends getaway guide" Pam Grout

"Girlfriends Getaway 2nd! You go girl! and I'll go too" Pam Grout

"Girls Gotta Have Fun" Sue Buchanan
"Fat Flush Plan" Ann Louise Gittleman

I am sure there are many more, but perhaps this list will keep me going for quite a while. I cannot wait to see how my friend likes the series "Yada Yada Prayer Group" That sounds like a great series!!! I may have to add that into my wish list of reading. Ok, I see lots of library and Barnes and Nobile visits in my future. I am so excited!!! Really once you get to know me or perhaps know me already, you will find out or know that it does not take much to get me excited.

Did I say I was excited!!! LOL!!! I truly am!!!


elizabeth said...

WooHoo - you go girl! I loved the Sisterchicks books so much and I know you will too.

Deborah said...

I loved the sisterchicks books too! Robin Jones Gunn is such an awesome writer

Shauna said...

I interviewed Robin Jones Gunn for my blog and am a fan of the Sisterchicks books too!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I love hearing your excitement, and I also loved reading the story of how you got into reading this summer! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being part of Fall into Reading 2007!