Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chloe Pie

Another picture of our little Chloe Pie!!! Isn't she adorable!!! She comes a running when you say "Meow, Meow" I have never had a kitty to come to that when I called. Usually its "Kitty, kitty" Yep she is going to be one of a kind. I can already tell.
Ok, I have done nothing the last few days that I could actually consider productive. I went shopping yesterday with my MIL and then we all went for a hair cut. Boy did I get a hair cut. I cannot believe I got it so short. Its very cute. I got what they call the swing style. My DD got hers done the same way but a little shorter than mine even. I was really worried what my husband would say, but he actually likes it. WOW!!! He never likes short hair. I think its because its still long in the front and you really don't notice how short it is till I walk away. LOL!!!
I got home around 5:00 and then I cleaned up my scrapbook room a tad, and the rest of the evening I finished watching all the episodes of General Hospital Night Shift. I went to and downloaded and watched them for free from the start. which was in the mid summer. I am totally hooked now. Its a very good show and I think maybe a little better or at least equally as good as the daytime GH. The only downside is that it does not have Sonny in it. However, it has lots of Jason. I love Jason!!! The only other negative thing that I can think of is the character Spanelli a.ka. The Jackal or however you spell the kids name. He really gets on my nerves just a little bit. Or maybe even a lot. UGGG!!! I really could do without him. I think that is why I stopped watching the daytime show so much. I just really did not like him. Other than that, its very good.
Ok so today, I went shopping again without my MIL. I had to go back for the things I had no time to get or forgot cause I was thinking about her needs. Then came home for a brief moment and then headed to the grocery store for some much needed snacks for my PC party tomorrow night. Afterwards, we came home and had a quick dinner and then I put out my scarecrows on my porch. Not sure I like how I did them this year. Last year I had them spread out more across the front of my house. This time I put them all on my little porch, because I did not want them to get rained on. You never know when it might rain around here. One day its sunny and warm, the next its raining. So I wanted them to stay dry.

You can see in the photo that Nemo my big boy kitty is posing as well. He loves to have his picture taken. Silly cat!!! Ok as I am writing this, I am being attacked by my little bitty kitty. So I am going to get off and go clean my bathrooms. Must have clean bathrooms.

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