Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Annie's Stuff,Stuffing and other Stuff

Ok, I think I may have almost all my supplies gathered up for my Annie doll making adventure. I have my turning tools, my doll needles, my fabric, my pattern from, my threads, yarn for hair, my hemostats, stuffing, not seen in the picture is my paint and paint brush. I am very excited about this. Now I know what Geppetto felt like when he was creating Pinocchio. I wanted to get started on it this week, but I have been feeling under the weather. I think I ate to much food over the labor day weekend. My stomach is a mess and my upper right side of my back hurts. When I feel this way, I always say its my Gallbladder acting up. I read somewhere once that its not a matter of "IF" but a matter of "WHEN" that your Gallbladder goes bad. They base this opinion on the fact that we Americans have to much fat in our diets. Well I don't know about all Americans, but this American sure ate her share this weekend. I am usually very good about watching my fat content, because I have had this feeling before and promised myself I would not over indulge again if I could just get to feeling better. Well after this past weekend of eating whatever, I am making a deal with myself once again. If I can get to feeling better, I will stay far away from the fat. I have been eating toast and oatmeal for the last few days and drinking shots of Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes its a rough remedy, but I am just about willing to drink anything that promises to help me feel better. I take it straight up and chase it with a glass of water. Its the fastest way to get it down. It definitely has helped me feel better.,  and are great sites to read about Apple Cider Vinegar in case you are interested. Anyway, back to the good stuff. I am so hoping that I will be feeling better by Friday. That is my scrapbook night with my friends and one night of the week that I would hate missing. So come on vinegar and do your thing cause this girls got Annie's to make and scrapbooking to do.

Speaking of scrapbooking. Well my mind has been mostly on my Annie's, so no scrapbooking this week. However, I did manage to make a card so that my CosmoBella had a home.
Its not exactly what I had planned, but sometimes I have no control of my creative side. It just takes over like Jekyll and Hyde. Its very simple and I guess sometimes that is just ok. I really wanted to stamp her on a Scalloped Oval circle rather than a plain Oval circle, but to my disappointment, I do not have that cartridge on my Cricut. I am sure there is one out there, but I do not own it if there is. So I decided to go with this Oval circle and add the ribbon slots on the side. I thought that was pretty cool. I truly do love my Cricut, however it stinks when you have limitations of not owning the right Cartridge. That is where I can see the advantages of having a Wishblade. Maybe some day Cricut will allow you to have the freedom to cut whatever your hearts desire, just like Wishblade. Anyway, its my first Bella and I am sure I will make lots and lots more and get more creative as I go.

What else have I been doing. Last week we started redecorating my DD's bedroom. She wanted the bright colors of lime green, orange and pink. So we painted the walls and now we are waiting for border and bedding to arrive from UPS. While I have been waiting to finish her room, I decided to do a few embellishments for her room. I found these cute little DIVA'S below at JoAnn's. They were in the dollar section. They were just plain wood and I used my prisma pencils, mineral spirits and stickles to "Doll" them up. What a fun project this was. It was like playing paperdolls. I had the best time coloring and glittering them. Not sure yet what we are going to do with them, but I am sure whatever we decide, they will look fabulous. I will post a picture of her room later when we get done. Its a masterpiece in progress. LOL!!!!

Here is a picture of some of the swap cards I received from my COTC group. We always have the best time making cards and swapping. I have so many awesome cards from these ladies. So much talent. Well I better run. Hubby is waiting for me to get done with this, so I can watch a movie with him. So everyone have a great and blessed week.

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