Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Book Challenge

I first have to say "Thank You" to my friend "E" for sending me the link to the Fall Reading Challenge I love to read, but mostly various kinds of magizines. I have never been much of a book reader, except for maybe diet books. Always looking for the perfect diet. Anyway, this summer I decided that I needed to make myself set down and read a real story/novel type book. I thought to myself that if I want my DD to grow up and be a reader, than she needs to see me reading more. I love to read about women and friendships, mostly poems, quotes, and short stories. So I decided to start with a series of books called the "Sister Chicks" by Robin Jones Gunn. I found this book while I was out thirfty shopping at our local thrift store and thought what the heck. I might as well start here. For 2.00, I really can't go wrong. The best part is, it so happened to be the first book of the series called "Sister Chicks on the Loose". Once I started reading, I could not put it down. I was sad to see the story end. I wanted to know more about these ladies and their friendship. Just a awesome book and the timing was perfect, because at that time in my life I was in a healing process from broken friendships. I really needed affirmation that best friend type friendships do really exist and are possible to have. God is so awesome!!! Anyway, since reading that book, my summer picked up speed and I became busy, busy and I have not had much time for reading. So that is why I am very thankful that my friend sent me the link to the book challenge. Now maybe I will have the chance to continue reading the series. So with all that said, here is my list of books that I would like to read for this fall challenge. I tried to put them in the order that I want to read them.

"Sister Chicks Do the Hula" Robin Jones Gunn

"Sister Chicks Ooh La La" Robin Jones Gunn

"Sister Chicks Down Under" Robin Jones Gunn

"Sister Chicks Gondolas" Robin Jones Gunn

"Gardinas for Breakfast" Robin Jones Gunn

That will probably be all that I will be able to handle reading for the fall, since I am such a slow reader and all, however as I was looking last night on the internet at all the books about women and friendship ect.... I found many more that I would love to fit into my reading time. This is definately setting my goals to the higher end of my book reading.

The entire series of "Shopaholic" books by Sophia Kinsella

"Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral" Kris Radish

"Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn" Kris Radish

"The Elegant Gathering of White Snow" Kris Radish

"Girlfriends Forever" Susan Branch

"Coffee Cup Friendship and Cheesecake Fun" Becky Freeman

"Help I'm turning into my Mother" Becky Freeman

"The future Homemakers of America" Laurie Graham

"Girl Time" Laura Jensen Walker

"The girlfriends getaway guide" Pam Grout

"Girlfriends Getaway 2nd! You go girl! and I'll go too" Pam Grout

"Girls Gotta Have Fun" Sue Buchanan
"Fat Flush Plan" Ann Louise Gittleman

I am sure there are many more, but perhaps this list will keep me going for quite a while. I cannot wait to see how my friend likes the series "Yada Yada Prayer Group" That sounds like a great series!!! I may have to add that into my wish list of reading. Ok, I see lots of library and Barnes and Nobile visits in my future. I am so excited!!! Really once you get to know me or perhaps know me already, you will find out or know that it does not take much to get me excited.

Did I say I was excited!!! LOL!!! I truly am!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fabulous Weekend

Oh what a fabulous weekend. It started out on Friday night with a very fun Pampered Chef party. We had the most delicious brownies ever and lots of talking and laughing. If you want a great Pampered Chef lady. I know the perfect one to send your way. She is so awesome!!!!

On Saturday morning I got up early and headed to my friends "E's" house for a wonderful breakfast. It was her, my other friend "D", and myself. Yum! Yum! A breakfast casserole
fruit, muffins and this very yummy peach tea. After we packed our bellies full of warm comfort food, we then headed to the bead show where we saw our other friend "G"
Aren't these the most gorgeous ladies you have ever seen. I just totally love them and very proud to call them my friends!!!

We had so much fun running from table to table looking and touching all the wonderful, shiny beautiful beads. There was lots of OOOO's and AWWWWWW's. I don't think any of us broke the bank, well except for maybe "G". She did mention she only had to go back to the ATM one time. LOL!!! I bought 3 tiny strands to make myself a bracelet. I did not go there with a plan to purchase anything in particular. I mostly went for fun and just to look, but there was no way I was going to leave without buying myself some sort of beads. So I looked and touched and ooooo'd and awwwww'd and finally found some that I just loved. I know it does not look like much and really it is not much, but I love the tiny beads and sometimes its hard to find them in the stores. I thought these would make a wonderful bracelet for myself. I also picked up this really neat jewelry polishing cloth with coconut oil. Wowsa, does it clean your jewelry. I was hooked right away and knew I must own one. I also picked up a couple of nifty little plastic water bottle holders that hook to your waste. Not sure how that is related to beads, but they were very cool. We looked around for some silver but could not find any that we thought was affordable. So we left the bead show and headed to our nearby Silver Shop. We only got there to find that we needed a tax ID number to be able to purchase from them. Oh well. We decided what the heck. Lets check out the nearby stores. We just had a great time being silly together. We found some really cool sunglasses and purses. We left with our goods and were happy little campers. I really hated when it was time to part ways. I always have so much fun with these ladies. HO! HUM!!!!

Later I went by myself and did some shopping at my local Hobby Lobby, Walmart and Michael's. Sometimes its just nice to go by yourself. That way you can just look at everything. I think I was at Hobby Lobby for 2 hours. I used my coupons to buy some cake decorating tools I need for a upcoming class I will be taking with my friend E. I am looking very forward to this class. I have always wanted to learn how to make those fancy little flowers on the cakes.

Today after cleaning my little girls closet out and then sweeping the kitchen, I spent the rest of the day scrapbooking. I offered up at the last minute, a 2 page layout sketch challenge for the group of ladies I scrapbook with and even though I believe I was the only one that actually took the challenge, I was so glad I decided to do it. It turned out to be a very nice and very fun challenge to do. I know I have said this before, but I am saying it again. I love the sketches. If you are not using them to do your pages, then you should give them a try. It truly makes scrapbooking your pictures so much easier and fun. Here is the sketch I used for my pages.

Here are my pages.
I also did a card challenge sketch that was sent in by another friend. She sent us several to choose from and this is the sketch I used for my card.
and here is my card. This was great fun. I love the challenges because it really motivates me to do something. I loved how both turned out and now I cannot wait to start my next page or card. I plan to try and offer a page and card challenge each week to help myself because I am so far behind on my scrapbooking. If any of you out there would like to take the challenge, feel free to do so. They are so much fun and you will love doing them. I would also love to see what you create. So if you do take the challenge, please email me pictures at jcpryor@verizon.net or leave in my comments your address link to your blog, photo album or wherever you may post your pictures so that I can see your layouts or cards. It would be fun to see them. I will even do a prize drawing for those that take the time to comment or email.

Here is the sketch challenge for this week, which is due Sunday Sept. 30th. Have fun and hope to see your pages or cards!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chloe Pie

Another picture of our little Chloe Pie!!! Isn't she adorable!!! She comes a running when you say "Meow, Meow" I have never had a kitty to come to that when I called. Usually its "Kitty, kitty" Yep she is going to be one of a kind. I can already tell.
Ok, I have done nothing the last few days that I could actually consider productive. I went shopping yesterday with my MIL and then we all went for a hair cut. Boy did I get a hair cut. I cannot believe I got it so short. Its very cute. I got what they call the swing style. My DD got hers done the same way but a little shorter than mine even. I was really worried what my husband would say, but he actually likes it. WOW!!! He never likes short hair. I think its because its still long in the front and you really don't notice how short it is till I walk away. LOL!!!
I got home around 5:00 and then I cleaned up my scrapbook room a tad, and the rest of the evening I finished watching all the episodes of General Hospital Night Shift. I went to ABC.com and downloaded and watched them for free from the start. which was in the mid summer. I am totally hooked now. Its a very good show and I think maybe a little better or at least equally as good as the daytime GH. The only downside is that it does not have Sonny in it. However, it has lots of Jason. I love Jason!!! The only other negative thing that I can think of is the character Spanelli a.ka. The Jackal or however you spell the kids name. He really gets on my nerves just a little bit. Or maybe even a lot. UGGG!!! I really could do without him. I think that is why I stopped watching the daytime show so much. I just really did not like him. Other than that, its very good.
Ok so today, I went shopping again without my MIL. I had to go back for the things I had no time to get or forgot cause I was thinking about her needs. Then came home for a brief moment and then headed to the grocery store for some much needed snacks for my PC party tomorrow night. Afterwards, we came home and had a quick dinner and then I put out my scarecrows on my porch. Not sure I like how I did them this year. Last year I had them spread out more across the front of my house. This time I put them all on my little porch, because I did not want them to get rained on. You never know when it might rain around here. One day its sunny and warm, the next its raining. So I wanted them to stay dry.

You can see in the photo that Nemo my big boy kitty is posing as well. He loves to have his picture taken. Silly cat!!! Ok as I am writing this, I am being attacked by my little bitty kitty. So I am going to get off and go clean my bathrooms. Must have clean bathrooms.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Trash to Treasures

Ok, I am back with the living. The last 2 weeks I have been very sick. In my last post I told you that I thought my gallbladder was giving me problems. Well by the end of that week, I was in full blown attack. I either had a massive intestinal attack or it was my gallbladder. Either way, I was sick. I did a liver/gallbladder cleanse/flush because I figured what the heck. If I did not try something I was going to end up in the hospital. So I just went for it. I also took lots of Gas X and Prev acid which my SIL, which is a Nurse, recommended me to do. Today, almost 2 weeks, I am here to declare I am now feeling great and getting back to my old self again. It was ruff though. My back was hurting so bad and on top of it all, my hip was giving me problems too. So I was hurting on my entire right back side and all under my right front side. It felt as though someone had their fist in my stomach and pressing really hard all the way to my back. After the cleanse/flush and some of the OTC meds and 3 days of switching from a heating pad to a cold pack and constantly rubbing BioFreeze pain reliever on my back, the pain finally started to subside and is now almost completely gone. Now I am on a low fat healing diet with soups, oils and veggies and I am 10 pounds lighter in weight from all of this experience. Its not the easiest way to loose a few pounds, but hey at least something good came out of a really bad situation. I am also still taking my Apple Cider Vinegar. I think that I will never be without that. I truly believe that it has helped me more than anything and in more ways than I can even know yet.

Ok, so enough about sickness. Lets talk about a few other things that have been going on this past 2 weeks.
Back to school for starters. We started back to homeschool last week. Even though I was sick, we still had a pretty good start. We are taking a All day Enrichment class on Mondays from 9:30-3:00 which my DD really enjoys for the most part. She has a Rainforest, Five in a Row, Fun Math and Wacky Games. She loves them all, except for the Fun Math. She said she does not care for her teacher. I say, well its only been week 2 and you need to get to know her better and at least its for only 1 hour and 1 day a week rather than 8 hours, 5 days a week. Nothing worse than not liking a teacher and have to spend that much time with her. I think we can muddle through and perhaps she will eventually like her better. Other than that one little issue, she enjoys the day very much. Every other Tuesday we are taking a pottery class. She will be learning to work with clay and molding it into different things like bowls, animals ect.... I think she will really enjoy it once we get going. Our first class was mostly a introduction class and she found that to be a bit boring. So next time we should really get our hands dirty and then she will like it better. We are also taking Bowling on Fridays. Thats always a fun time for both of us. While she bowls on a team/league with 2 other little girls as her team mates, I bowl with mothers of the other children in the league, which now have become my friends. This is our 3rd season to bowl with this same group and one of our favorite days of the week. The rest of the week we spend going to the library and doing our studies together. Our main study this 6 weeks is Texas. We are doing lots of reading and learning about Texas. My hopes were to do a new state each week and eventually cover the entire U.S., but I think now, I will stick with Texas for a little bit. I want her to know as much as possible about our great state. We are learning about the Alamo this week. As far as her other studies, she is really zooming through them. We are finishing up some of her 2nd grade workbooks which I am calling her review time. Math, Spelling, Reading, and Literature. Once we are done with these, we will start 3rd grade books, mulitplication ect.... I think she has finally caught on to the idea of getting her work done early in the morning and having fun time left in the afternoon to do whatever. I am glad, cause fun time for her, means fun time for me. Last year being our first time to homeschool, we just really took on to many activities. We were busy all day, almost every day. I guess I wanted to prove to everyone that she would get plenty of time for social fun since that seem to be most everyone concern. We just seemed to rush through our days and by end week, we were worn out and dreading Monday. So we are really going to enjoy not having so many activities and taking things a bit slower. Its going to be a great fall!!!
Oh Fall!!! Oh how I love Fall!!! Its my happiest time of the year!!! I plan to dig out all of my decorations this week and decorate my porch. The official day is Sept. 23rd, however, I have a PC party this Friday and thought it would be nice to have all my decorations out for my guest. It would only be a couple of days early. I love my fall decorations, which consist mostly of scarecrows and pumpkins. Its the one thing I look forward to doing every fall. They make me very happy to see their sweet little fall faces when I drive up in my driveway!!!
We now have a new family member. She is a 7 weeks old, adorable baby girl kitty. We named her Chloe, which means blooming. I thought this was appropriate name for her because

we were told she was a calico, before I got her, but after seeing her, I am not so sure she is. She has white, orange and dark gray color, which having 3 colors supposively means calico, but I am not sure she will keep all 3 colors. They are faint and mingled and not real distinct colors like most calico. She is more of a marbled color. I guess we will have to wait till after she blooms to see what color she ends up being. I know that some animals are born one color, but change after a while. So we shall see. No matter, she is so very sweet, adorable and although we have only had her since Sunday, we are totally in love with her. I love to hear her purr. She just purrs up a storm. I think female kittys purr more than male kittys. My boy kitty hardly ever purrs. He snores more than he purrs. I really did not want any more pets, but my husbands friend Harry, found a stray prego kitty and so they felt sorry for her and took her in. Well she gave birth to 4 precious little kittens. One black and white, 2 gray tabbies and our little Chloe. So what was I to do. but help out. LOL!!!! I really think it was just that he caught me in such a good mood. I actually think I surprised him when I said yes. I actually surprised myself when I said yes. Anyway, so here she is. I know she made a certain little girl very happy.

We have been in the process for several weeks redecorating my little girls room. We painted all the walls, furniture and have added some little extra embellishments. We still have some things we want to do, but just do it a little at a time. The one thing we were needing really badly was a chest or dresser. The child has way to many clothes for even her closet. We looked at a few of the thrift stores and checked out a few of the local furniture stores, but either could not find anything in our budget or interest our taste. So we just kind of let it go for now and folded her clothes on a shelf in her closet. Well to our good luck, and some of you who know me well will laugh with what I am about to tell you. See I kind of have this thing about finding furniture at very good deals. I mean like really good deals. I mean like really FREE most of the time. I am a curb shopper. Yes you heard me right. I am proud to admit that, cause I have saved mega bucks by turning someone else's trash into a treasure. Trash day happens to be one of my favorite days of the week. So many treasures on the curbs. A whole lot of my furniture, is furniture I have either found on the curb or took from someone who was throwing it away or bought it very cheap at a garage sale, estate sale or thrift store. My husband and I love, love to refurbish old furniture. There is nothing better than a piece of old furniture. We love to turn someone else's trash into our treasures. I have never gone to a furniture store in teh 24 years of my married life and bought all brand new matching furniture. I have no desire to spend that kind of money on funiture. Oh yes I do agree it is gorgous to see all that furniture in the store and yes I have thought how nice it would be to own a particular piece or one of those fancy couches with recliners built in, but I just cannot allow myself to pay 1000's of dollars for something like that. What I do love though is finding those same pieces a few years down the road when someone has grown tired or something minor breaks and they are ready to sell it cheap or give it away just to get rid of it. Thats when I am there to help them out. You can pick up pieces here and there at garage sales, estate sales for really cheap or sometimes you get very lucky and find exactly what you are looking for right on the curb. Thats a happy moment for a thrifty girl like myself. I have now learned the technique of painting everything to match too. I love the way it turns out after you paint it. I use to love all wood color furniture in my house, but hated that it was different colors of wood. So I started reading a lot of the decorating magizines and watching HGTV and realized that everything does not have to be wood So with a little paint and a brush, my entire dinning room of mismatch pieces, now all match. Now I am all about the color and painting my furniture. Give me a piece of furniture and you can be sure I will be painting it. Unless of course its a antique. I don't paint antiques. They are perfect just the way they are. I only own 1 antique chest and night stand. They are about 80 years old and I would never paint them, cause it was my grandmothers when she was a young girl. I love every scratch on them. Here is our latest treasures from the curb.

Can you believe someone threw these fine pieces away. Even worse, can you believe someone would let there children graffiti all over a great piece of furniture like this. I just could never imagine letting my children ruin their furniture like this. If they did, their hind end would be in some serious pain. This is solid wood. Not fake or particle board. Solid wood chest and night stand. Probably a few hundred or more dollars for this when it was new. A little sanding and painting, and they will be back to new in no time. So what they decided was trash, has now become my little girls new chest and night stand. Perfect pieces for her redecorated room. Now that is decorating on a dime right thare!!!! I will post pictures later after they have been refinished. You will be so shocked and pleased. I will also share pictures of her room once we are done. It is so bright and cheerful now. So the lesson here is never pass up a curb which contains a piece of furniture. People will throw away just about anything to keep from having to deal with it. You never know what you might really have once you get home. Just pick it up, throw it in the car/truck and once you get it home, you can inspect it, if its not good or cannot be repaired, you can always set it back on your curb for the next fellow or trash man. I have never found anything we could not repair. Some things need no repairs at all.

Well I guess that is it for now. Sorry I do not have any scrapbooking, cardmaking, crafting or sewing to share. Between starting our homeschool back and being sick, I really have not been able to do any of that this past 2 weeks. I have been a total couch potato for sure.

However, I am back in the saddle, so I should be cranking out some stuff really soon. So please come back for my latest and greatest creations!!! Later Taters!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Annie's Stuff,Stuffing and other Stuff

Ok, I think I may have almost all my supplies gathered up for my Annie doll making adventure. I have my turning tools, my doll needles, my fabric, my pattern from http://www.bowls-n-annies.com/, my threads, yarn for hair, my hemostats, stuffing, not seen in the picture is my paint and paint brush. I am very excited about this. Now I know what Geppetto felt like when he was creating Pinocchio. I wanted to get started on it this week, but I have been feeling under the weather. I think I ate to much food over the labor day weekend. My stomach is a mess and my upper right side of my back hurts. When I feel this way, I always say its my Gallbladder acting up. I read somewhere once that its not a matter of "IF" but a matter of "WHEN" that your Gallbladder goes bad. They base this opinion on the fact that we Americans have to much fat in our diets. Well I don't know about all Americans, but this American sure ate her share this weekend. I am usually very good about watching my fat content, because I have had this feeling before and promised myself I would not over indulge again if I could just get to feeling better. Well after this past weekend of eating whatever, I am making a deal with myself once again. If I can get to feeling better, I will stay far away from the fat. I have been eating toast and oatmeal for the last few days and drinking shots of Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes its a rough remedy, but I am just about willing to drink anything that promises to help me feel better. I take it straight up and chase it with a glass of water. Its the fastest way to get it down. It definitely has helped me feel better. http://www.anyvitamins.com/apple-cider-vinegar-info.htm#Gallstones,  and http://www.care2.com/c2c/groups/disc.html?gpp=10544&pst=699782 are great sites to read about Apple Cider Vinegar in case you are interested. Anyway, back to the good stuff. I am so hoping that I will be feeling better by Friday. That is my scrapbook night with my friends and one night of the week that I would hate missing. So come on vinegar and do your thing cause this girls got Annie's to make and scrapbooking to do.

Speaking of scrapbooking. Well my mind has been mostly on my Annie's, so no scrapbooking this week. However, I did manage to make a card so that my CosmoBella had a home.
Its not exactly what I had planned, but sometimes I have no control of my creative side. It just takes over like Jekyll and Hyde. Its very simple and I guess sometimes that is just ok. I really wanted to stamp her on a Scalloped Oval circle rather than a plain Oval circle, but to my disappointment, I do not have that cartridge on my Cricut. I am sure there is one out there, but I do not own it if there is. So I decided to go with this Oval circle and add the ribbon slots on the side. I thought that was pretty cool. I truly do love my Cricut, however it stinks when you have limitations of not owning the right Cartridge. That is where I can see the advantages of having a Wishblade. Maybe some day Cricut will allow you to have the freedom to cut whatever your hearts desire, just like Wishblade. Anyway, its my first Bella and I am sure I will make lots and lots more and get more creative as I go.

What else have I been doing. Last week we started redecorating my DD's bedroom. She wanted the bright colors of lime green, orange and pink. So we painted the walls and now we are waiting for border and bedding to arrive from UPS. While I have been waiting to finish her room, I decided to do a few embellishments for her room. I found these cute little DIVA'S below at JoAnn's. They were in the dollar section. They were just plain wood and I used my prisma pencils, mineral spirits and stickles to "Doll" them up. What a fun project this was. It was like playing paperdolls. I had the best time coloring and glittering them. Not sure yet what we are going to do with them, but I am sure whatever we decide, they will look fabulous. I will post a picture of her room later when we get done. Its a masterpiece in progress. LOL!!!!

Here is a picture of some of the swap cards I received from my COTC group. We always have the best time making cards and swapping. I have so many awesome cards from these ladies. So much talent. Well I better run. Hubby is waiting for me to get done with this, so I can watch a movie with him. So everyone have a great and blessed week.