Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This, That and Another!!!!

What a busy summer I have had. Its not been so busy running about or anything, but just doing things around my house. Things that I did not have time to do during the school year. I have been cleaning, cleaning and cleaning some more. For some reason it just never feels clean enough though. Have you ever felt that way? Last 2 weeks I have just about wore myself to a bone vacuuming, dusting, doing laundry, organizing ect..... I never saw so much dust in my life. LOL!!!! This week I am just trying to maintain, so that I do not get behind again. I never want to have to clean that hard ever. To reward myself for all my hard work, I went out and bought myself a new comforter, curtains and rugs for my bedroom. I moved all my Boyd's Bears into my room and so I decided I needed a brown comforter. I found the most beautiful brown velvet comforter and curtains. I just love it. So besides cleaning my house, I have been doing my usual scrapbooking/cardmaking. Never to busy to fit the fun stuff into my life. I have been obsessed with making flip flop books. They are so darn cute. Here is my most recent one. I just adore it. I think its the colors I used. I used my favorite papers to make it. I also did the front and back this time. I truly do love them. I cannot wait to get photos in it and display it in my scrapbook room.

When my friends and I recently cropped at the Scrap bucket, I saw the cutest card idea. I just had to make it for our next card swap. So I bought all the stuff and here is the resultsMy husband the poker fanatic just loved them. I used my Cricut to make the scalloped edging and just printed my little title. Ribbon, stickles, dice pattern paper and my little card embellishment that I bought at the Scrap bucket. If you would like to make this card, you could just use a real playing card and just make them long rather than round.

I have been making some other things, but they are gifts and so I cannot post about them till I get them finished. In due time I will tell you all about them.

Oh and we have a new member to our family.

His name is Mr. Nibbles. He is "Oh hairless One" Yes that's right, a hairless rat. My little girl just had to have him. Well actually she wanted a hamster, but all the hamsters were sickly acting and so we decided on getting Mr. Nibbles. He is really a fun little critter. She has really enjoyed playing with him. Rats make very good caged pets. Very clean and easy to care for. They will eat just about anything you give them. He resides in my scrapbook room right now. That way he can be around the family and become more social with us. He is just a baby, so he will still nibble your finger if you stick it in his cage. Yes Mr. Nibbles will nibble!!!!

What else did we do this past week? We went to the Water Park and Kadie had a grand time with her friends Daisy and Rocket. Of course looking at this first picture you would not think so. Rocket was mad that his sister Daisy whom insisted in putting her arms on his shoulder and as you can see his insisting she did not and her insisting she did, made for a unhappy photo. Of course Kadie was just happy go lucky in the middle. Nothing could make her frown!!!
We also went to see our nephew and his 12 year old son be baptized this weekend. It was a very heart felt moment to see father and son surrender their lives to Jesus at the same time. My nephew has suffered for many years with a drinking problem and now he is free from that burden. I cried (actually blubbered) in joy for his freedom and new found love in Christ. I cannot think of anything better in this life than someone being born and then reborn again. What a joyous day.
Our family really did need this good thing to happen. We are all going through some family difficulties right now, so this was a very good day for all of us.
God is so Awesome!!!

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