Tuesday, August 28, 2007

End of Summer Blues

Oh my goodness its been forever since I blogged. I am so sorry for that. This summer is passing so quickly. I am trying to fit as many things into it as I can. Sadly though its about to come to a end. Its been a fantastic summer. I have had lots of scrapbook time with my friends which I truly have enjoyed. I have gotten my house cleaned and somewhat organized, we have done some home improvments, and I have had a great summer doing fun things with my family, like swimming, picnics, movies in the park, movies in the theater. It is for sure one that will be remembered well. School will be starting very soon and the lazy days of Summer will soon be no more. (boohoo) Hey, but Fall is around the corner and that is one of my most favorite seasons. I just love the fall. All the fall activities and fun decorating. I will soon be digging out my scarecrows and doodding up my porch.

What have I been doing scrapbook wise. Well I have been working on cards and I have managed to make a few pages. I also have been shopping. What have I been buying? Well Bella's of course. What else!!! I am slowly building my collection and loving it. I actually started a card using Cosmo Bella. She is so cute. I have not finished the card yet, but Bella is done and ready for her place. I stamped her twice. Once on pattern paper and once on white cardstock. I then cut her pants out of the pattern paper and glued them back in place on the white cardstock.
I got this great idea from one of my favorite blogs http://inkinitupwithkendra.blogspot.com/
You must go visit this blog. This girl, Kendra, is super talented. I love her cards. Thanks Kendra for the wonderful idea. Ok so back to Bella, I put stickles on her shirt, belt and shoes. She has lots of bling. I will upload the card later when I get it finished. I just had to show you Cosmo Bella.

I also managed to get a few layouts done. I took all of my DD bath photos and decided to get those completed. Here are the results

I used sketches that I found on http://www.scrap-maps.com/ to make these layouts. I really do love using the sketches for my layouts now. It was not something I liked doing in the past, but now I cannot seem to do one without a sketch.

I also did a special layout of one of my friends. I have not had the chance to do many layouts outside of my children because I am so far behind on their books, that rarely do I get to work on anything else. However, these pictures were so awesome that I felt like they deserved priority attention. So here is my friend all dressed up in her Geisha outfit. This layout was also done using a sketch. I am waiting for her to journal about the pictures, because they were taken on her vacation and I absolutely no nothing about them, other than they are the coolest ever. Remember a few blogs back when I told you that I have been working on some gifts for friends. At the time I could not share pictures with you. Well I have finally given all the gifts out and so now I can share photos. The gift was a Starbook. I found the instructions on this video. This was a very fun book to make.

Here are photos of the books I have made for my friends. They were so much fun and my friends really enjoyed recieving them!!!!

Now this last one I did a little bit different than the video. I made it larger by changing the size to 6x6. This made it easier to work with embellishments, plus it kept paper from wasting away. I totally recommend doing it in this size.
So that is it for scrapbooking thus far. I am still working on my flip flop books. Hopefully I will get those all finished very soon.

Now on to what I am up too this week. Some of you know that I am a totally Raggedy doll freakazoid. I just love, love them. I love to buy and collect them and I love to make them. My entire kitchen and dining room are devoted to my Raggedies. Most of them I have bought from other crafter's, however I have actually made a few myself. . Here is one of my last creations. Her name is Gracie.

I made several of her, to give to my friends for Christmas a few years ago. I just absolutely loved making her. I found the pattern online at http://www.raggedyhollow.com/. Anyway, its time for me to make another. I am now online looking again for that perfect pattern. This week I have surfed and surfed the Internet,and now I think I have found what I have been looking for.
This lady has the cutest Raggedy patterns I have come across yet. http://www.bowls-n-annies.com/ I am not sure, which one I plan to purchase, but you can bet one of these little darlings on this website, will be my next creation. While you are on the website looking, take a look at the fabulous bowls that this ladies husband makes. What a wonderful craftsman he is. He shows you the complete process of making the bowls. I am so amazed at this mans work. Just fantastic!!!
Anyway, I will be talking a lot about my Raggedies in future blogs and sharing pictures, because I plan to get busy making my next doll for Christmas gifts. I really do hope my friends like Raggedies, cause that's what they are getting. SHHHHH!!!!! Its a surprise. (wink,wink)

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