Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And Baby makes 3

OK, before we talk scrapbooking or anything else, here is the best news of all. We have a new baby in our little friendship circle. Her name is Brooklyn and she is soooooo adorable. She belongs to one of my best sistahfriends, Elizabeth This is her first grandchild and we are all thrilled to be able to share this experience with her. What could be better than a new baby in your life. Just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

I am soooo sorry for being a lame blogger the last 2 weeks. It was brought to my attention that I have not posted since the 10th of July. I was a little shocked that time has flown by so quickly. The summer is almost gone. This past 2 weeks I have been shopping, going to stamp convention, anticipating and celebrating the arrival of a new baby girl, going on a scrapbook road trip, and being without my camera. My parents went on vacation and borrowed my camera and I have felt absolutely lost without it. I have gotten very spoilt being able to express myself through photos. It was worth them taking the camera though. They now have some really great photos of their trip to New Mexico. They got to be a part of a weekend PowWow with real Indians. I thought that was awesome. Here is a picture of my nephews watching the ceremonies. It was really great to see all the photos they were able to take using my camera. It really made it worth me being without it for all that time. Here is a few more beautiful scenery's they took.

My nephews Kyle and Kole. They are such cutie pies!!! They loved going on vacation with granny and paw paw.

Ok, now lets talk about scrapbooking. While out shopping with friends I ran across a flip flop book. I knew I had to make one so I went out and bought all the stuff to make it. Here is what I did.

Is this not the cutest book idea ever. I of course had to get 3 more pairs of flip flops, so that I could make some gifts. They are so much fun to make. I will write up the directions and put them in my next post just for you. I think everyone should have a flip flop book. So please come back later for directions.

My other scrapbook project was a 2 page layout of my children. I used a couple of sketches to make this layout.s I think it turned out pretty cute. I just need to think of a title for it and do some journaling to complete it. That is always the hardest part for me. Not sure why I think every page needs a title. I think I am stuck in ole school scrapbooking.

Ok last but surely not least is that I wanted to share that I am now a true blue Bella. I now have 4 awesome bella stamps that I cannot wait to use.

I went to stamp convention this past weekend. It was a blast mostly because of the friends I went with. We had the best time shopping together. I did not find a whole lot at the convention, but we left there and went to the scrapbook store where I purchased some Bella Stamps. This is my collection thus far. I have a wish list started and hope to get some more added to my collection very soon. You can now call me JeanieBeanieBella!!!!

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