Monday, June 11, 2007

Time to Scraplift

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Cricut? Well then, let me tell you. I do love my Cricut (aka OODLES!!!) I love my Cricut, I love my Cricut, love, love, love my Cricut. Ok that should do for a while. (giggle) Seriously though, I love my Cricut. I am having the best time playing with it. Today I went shopping with my MIL to Walmart and she bought me another Cartiridge for it. They have them on clearance and so we thought I needed to take advantage of it. I have been helping her a lot lately with taking her to doctor and ect.... So she likes to reward me with lunch out and toys and I like to let her. (wink,wink) I got the Mini Monogram Font. It looks really cool. Like several different fonts in one. What I am thinking I am going to like most about it, is the scalloped circles and squares. That seems to be a big thing these days in the card making world. So I cannot wait to have some time to get it all out and play with it and make some cards. Now lets see, where did I see some ideas on that. I think its time for a little bit of scraplifting. Tune in later to see what I come up with. THINKING...............(scratching my chin and trying to remember which blog I saw a card using a scalloped circle. Hmmmm!!!!)

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