Monday, June 25, 2007

Crash! Bam! Boom! LOOK OUT FOR THAT Treeeeeeee!!!!

Oh my! Oh my! Down come a limb, out went the lights, pitter patter went the feet, (that's my feet running through the house to see what the heck happen). Kelvin and I nearly collided in the hallway trying to get to baby girls room. We were not sure where the loud crash came from but we both had the same idea to head to her room to make sure she was safe. Then once we both figured out it did not come from her room or have any effect on her, we both ran out the back door. A main branch from my neighbors (my in-laws) tree, broke off and fell in between our house and on our power and telephone lines. Lucky it did not hit our roof. The fork of the tree went on either side of our house. Half went on top of the tree close by and the other half lay across our electric and telephone lines. The power to half our house was out. It broke a line away from the main pole and sparks and light lit up the sky. I think that was most of the loud boom that we heard that caused our feet to hit the floor so fast. This all happen at 4:30 this morning. My neighbor in the back came out to see what was going on. He said it was so loud and bright outside. He called the electric company and they came out about 30 minutes later. The electric guy said we were very lucky to have a ground rod because if we had not, than it would have shorted out our entire house. Air Condition, TV's, Computers, all appliances would have been fried!!! Praise God for watching over us!!! The wooden fence between our houses was really the only main damage, other than the power lines. So now it is 7:30 and I need to go get dressed cause Kadie and I are heading to Scrapbook Camp at our local scrapbook store. We have it all this week from 10:00 to 2:00. What a fun week. Hope it only gets better from this point.

Oh and my weekend was excellent. I spent all day Saturday with my friends and we had such a great time shopping, cropping, eating and laughing. I truly do have the best friends ever!!

Sunday, I slept in and then went for lunch and then home again, home again, jiggity jig!!! I worked on my friends birthday gift which now I am late giving to her. I had no clue what I was going to do for her this year and finally a idea hit and I got busy yesturday and got most of it done. I just lack the finishing touches and I will be done. Only a few days late. Lucky I will be seeing her every day this week for Scrapbook Camp. I will post photos when I am done!!! Everybody have a awesome day!!!

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