Friday, June 08, 2007

And the winner is.....

Well one may never know who the winner is. I am not sure what this years theme was for the Great American Scrapbook Convention, but I think it should have been "She who dies with the most scrapbook supplies, wins" I went to the Convention yesterday "Thursday". I got up very early and dressed and packed my lunch and headed off for a day of shopping with friends. I really was not sure what the day was going to bring, but I was going to get there early for parking and no lines. The Convention opened at 9:00 so I figured if I arrived at least 30 minutes early, I would get decent parking and maybe not to long of line. Well was I wrong. I got there at 8:30 a.m. sharp. I could not believe how many cars were already in the parking lot. I still had to park in North Forty. Well maybe not North Forty. Maybe more like North 30. It was still a good walk to the entrance door. I was ok with that. It was early and my feet were still fresh. So I get in and the first thing I do is get a ticket cause the ticket line was very short. Then I raced towards the bathrooms. When I started towards the bathrooms I see this line of people. I could not see where the line ended. I just went to the bathroom and gathered myself, figured I better take some Tylenol and hooked up my IPOD. Thank goodness for IPOD's. Armed with my IPOD, my telephone, my rolling cart, I headed out of the restroom to face the crowd. OH MY GOSH!!!! It got even longer while i was in the bathroom. So I decided rather than go to the back of the line, I would go stand close to the door and wait for the line to end. Several other ladies joined me and we formed our own new line. LOL!!! The lady standing next to me giggled with me as we watched people trying to sneak in (cut in line). Well it did not work for them all that well cause there was a "Line Police". If he caught you, you had to go to the back of the line. LOL!!!! One lady did manage to sneak by him when he was distracted by another lady. Anyway, it took about 15 minutes for the first line of ladies to get in the doors. The line police finally let us go in. People were running everywhere. Here and there and there and here. It was like a flock of birds scattering after being spooked. You could not help but laugh at the site. As for me, I calmly entered in the door and just started over on the far left side and worked row after row. I knew that I was just scanning the booths and not really going to make any purchases till I saw it all and found the best deals. So I just bebopped in and out listening to my music. It was great. After I completed all the booths and roamed the room probably twice, which took about 2 hours, I was ready for some lunch. So I made another potty break and then off to find a nice comfy spot to eat. I ended up out on the patio at a shaded table. It was a bit windy, but it was very nice. I was later joined by some other ladies seeking refuge from the crowd and a somewhat quieter place to have their lunch. We all set around the table, no one talking to the other at first, and then I finally could not stand it any longer, and started a conversation about how expensive the food was and how I learned to pack a lunch. That was all it took. Everyone chimed in and we were talking as if we all knew each other forever. It was great conversation. After lunch, we all departed ways and wished each other a fun day. I then met up with a friend whom I knew was not coming until ll:00ish. We strolled around to different booths and discussed and oooo awwwed. Met up with a few other ladies, and then departed ways for them to go to lunch. Since I had already had lunch, I took the opportunity to seek out my other group of friends and hang out with them a bit. I had bumped into them earlier and knew they had also arrived. So I went on my adventure to find them. While searching, I stopped at a booth and purchased myself a scrapbook T-shirt. It had been a long time since I had bought one, and thought it was time. After looking for my friends for about 10 minutes going up and down each isle, I finally bumped into them. They had gotten there around noonish I am guessing and I had to laugh when I had found them only a few rows over from the beginning. It was 1:ish. LOL!!! They were just strolling along. I walked the entire building in the same amount of time it had taken them to do a few isles. I remember my first time at convention and it was so exciting to see all of my favorite stuff under one big roof. I remember it being somewhat overwhelming and not knowing exactly which way to go or what to look at. So it was good that I found them early on, cause then I was able to help them through the booths faster by pointing out all the bargains and not so bargains. We spent the next few hours or so going in and out of the booths and just having the best time together. It was a lot of fun just watching their excitement. Anyway, I did manage to find a few bargains for myself. I ended up with a bag full of different colored stickles for 1.75 each, a t-shirt and some shrink plastic. They had the most fabulous colors of stickles. I just had to have them all. Well almost all of them. I had to leave some behind, cause you know there is this thing called money "Limited amount" Yes I had to stay within my budget. I just could not allow myself to go crazy. So no, I was not the winner of "She who dies with the most" But I did manage to contribute a fair share I think. After my shopping adventure with these ladies and saying goodbye, I went about my way to find my other group of friends, which I had made attentive plans to have dinner with. We ended the afternoon with a wonderful back and foot massage. The best part of it was that it was "FREE" They had a demo booth set up with about 5 chairs and were selling these awesome foot and back massage rs. They were letting people try it out. Since it was the end of the day, we got to stay extra long. All I can say is "OH MY GOSH" what a way to end a shopping day. If I had the money, I would have bought both items on the spot.
So off to dinner we went. We all met at "On the Border" For a nice relaxing dinner. I was so pooped that I could barely eat. I mostly drank Tea. Lots and lots of Tea. We stayed and talked and talked and talked some more. It was around 9:00 when we decided to give the poor waiter a break. LOL!!! We all said our goodbye's, which was kind of sad, cause we all knew it would be a while before some of us would meet up again. I was very glad it was a long drive home, cause it gave me lots of time to reflect on the day. It certainly was a more wonderful day than I ever anticipated it to be. I had a great time shopping, and I loved being able to spend time with all of my friends. I am very thankful for the varity of friends I have in my life right now. Each of them bring something different and exciting to my life. Each of them are very, very special to me and I love them all. This past year God closed 2 major doors in my life. It was hard for me to accept and I handled it all very poorly, but then as he closed each one, he opened another. It has been a true blessing for me. It has made me appreciate my friendships more, has taught me that I can have a varity of friendships and enjoy each of them differently, has helped me open myself to new friendships which was something I have not done in a long time. It has made me realize just how much he is in control of our lives and knows what is best for us even when we do not understand. We just have to trust in him. My cup runnith over!!!

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